Bakflip F1 vs Bakflip MX4

When it comes to BAK Industries, both the MX4 and F1 are their top of the line covers. And although both of them may look same, there are still a few differences that you need to know.

BTW when it comes to F1, there are two variants, where other one, the BAKflip Contractor Series F1 is slightly superior in terms of durability and protection. It comes with racks as well, and of course costs a little more.

But in case of BAKflip F1, the cover gives you almost similar durability as the MX4, and comes with the same 3 years warranty. But then how come it’s slightly higher priced? Let’s find out.

Design of these covers:

When it comes to Bakflip MX4, the cover is made out of exclusive aluminum panels, I’m saying this, because there are other variants, (for example the Bakflip Fibermax), that provide with a composite material covered with aluminum.

These MX4 all aluminum panels are then coated with a matte finish on top which gives it a nice semi glossy look.

BAKflip MX4

On the other side, the Bakflip F1 is also all aluminum, but the cover shows a slightly higher quality that lasts longer.

Why longer? Because the cover is coated with a more durable coating of FRP (Fiber Glass Reinforced Polymer), which protects the cover from fading quickly in comparison.

But then again the cover also costs a little more.

Side Note: I personally like the smooth texture of MX4 a little better over the rough coating F1, brings. Also on MX4, I like the fact that its end caps and hinges are coated with the same color, and they look really great (but looks are subjective).

Both these covers from BAK Industries although are made out of aircraft grade material, the Bakflip F1 weighs 20 pounds lighter compared to MX4.

Other than this both covers come with EPDM rubber seals and a similar drainage systems with 2 drain tubes, which you may have to install by drilling.

If we talk about other similarities, both covers provide you partial and full bed access.

BAKflip f1 ease of use

On the partial position both covers can be secured using buckle straps, and when fully opened the prop rods in both prevent them from falling back down.

One thing to note here is that, both the buckle straps and prop rods seem to have better quality on Bakflip F1.

When fully opened, they lean against the rear of your truck with the soft rubber shoes underneath.

BAKflip f1 open

And so in this way, these covers are able to protect your truck by taking the impact of any heavy cargo that may fall on your truck without them.

And, although they block the rear view like all other trifolds, these two still don’t block the 3rd brake light.

But what’s weird to note that with Bakflip F1 you don’t get dual tail gate sealing. You have to close the cover first and then close the tail gate on it in order to lock the cover, that’s not the case with MX4.

And even besides this common feature missing in Bakflip F1, there are others that I barely see in any cover despite their heavy price tags.

Like these covers don’t have any carpeting or cushioning underneath, which really helps with the ride quality.

And also there is no LED light, where it can really help in the dark.

BAKflip f1 closed
BAKflip F1

And yes worth reminding, the texture of BAKflip F1 really invites the dirt/dust to settle in and the cover is very hard to clean.

Other than this, the cover is also susceptible of absorbing in water and this makes the cover heavier with time which damages the hinges.

Protection / Durability of these covers?

In a line, both covers are durable and protecting.

Here the powdered coating of matte black polymer makes the BAKflip MX4 UV resistant. And this layering also ensures that there is no fading or buckling for a long time. This integration also makes these panel less likely to have corrosion and at the same time resistant to dents.

BAKflip MX4
BAKflip MX4

But its coating is more prone to scratches, if we compare it with BAKFLIP F1.

For protection against weather, the MX4 has EPDM rubber seals and a drain tube which directs water out of your truck bed, keeping your gear dry.

You have to install the rails, that collects the water where at the same time these seals protect from leakage. And then with the installed drain tubes (where you have to drill holes), the accumulated water gets out nicely.

The BAKFlip F1 has the same mechanism. And initially both of them provide you with great sealing. But with time, MX4 would be better at it.

As the BAKFlip F1 absorbs water in its panels over time. And it starts getting heavier and heavier to the point where the hinges of the panels and the lateral seals between panels start to suffer.

But at the same time, its FRP coating provide you with better UV rays protection in comparison and the material is less scratch proof as well.

Overall both covers are equally durable, and both have the same 400 lbs weight bearing capacity (distributed evenly). But the BAKflip still takes the lead here with its dual tail gate seals.

Because of this, the cover also closes properly even when the tail gate is open. And this enhances its security.


The Bakflip MX4 comes in a box (almost 55 to 60 lbs in weight) and with clamps (made of aluminum) rails, drain tubes, hand tightened clamps for covering rails and weather stripping.

The cover is slightly heavier then the BAKFlip F1 cover which weighs about 50 to 60 lbs (in a box).

Both of these covers can be installed in about 40 minutes (instructions are not so great by the way, I’d recommend you watching a video for installation).

Both of them use turn knob bolts that can be quickly tightened by hands. They have mounting rails which sit inside of the bed cap, so the cover mounts inside of bed rails and provides a low profile.

They offer you complete and partial bed access. They have pull cable latches, which open the cover. The cover has rubber shoes (so they don’t rub against other covers while opening).

You can secure the cover in 2/3rd position with the help of buckle and straps.

And you can have full bed access by folding all panels and propping them up with the help of rods.

Now as mentioned earlier, they don’t lean against your truck and stand exactly at the right angle.

If we talk about the differences…

The MX4 is better with it’s dual tail gate sealing, where on BAKflip F1, you can not close the cover over closed tail gate.

And although they both have latching panels, BAKflip F1 provides you with a more firm latching and they feel slightly premium.

So What’s the verdict?

Well, both covers are great, and provide good protection, and the best customer service.

Here, both covers are almost equally durable but with FRP coating on F1, the cover is less prone to UV rays damage and scratches.

But the cover is also susceptible of absorbing water in it’s panels and it gets heavier with time.

And there’s also no dual tail gate sealing as well.

So considering these, MX4 starts looking a little better.