BAKflip Fibermax vs BAKflip F1 Tonneau Cover

BakFlip’s tonneau covers are known for their sleek design and durability, while rivals offer only basic features like protection against water damage or rain gutters that can easily get clogged due to the downpour occasions; these types of coverage would not be ideal if you plan on using your truck often in inclement weather conditions since they’re not built for rugged Use cases.

Let’s compare them in detail.

Bakflip Fibermax vs. F1 Tonneau Cover Comparison


Bakflip fibermax design

The FiberMax flush-mounted low-profile design is beautiful and does make your truck look excessively bulky. The users don’t need to remove the cover for full bed access. Instead, they can roll up on edge, buckle system included! It includes three-position locks, which allow you to secure it closed or open, as well as a partial opening where needed – perfect when loading items onto flatbeds without having anything blocking their way in case of emergencies like rainstorms (or children). It also has rubber bumpers so that even if there’s an impact, nothing will hit hard enough against these durable panels unless wanted very specifically by its driver.

BAKflip f1 closed
BAKflip f1

F1 tonneau covers are the best way to keep your truck looking fresh and new. Not only does it offer a sleek, low-profile design that will complement any style, but also an upgraded no-profile design for maximum protection against UV rays or rainwater seeping into materials underneath like fiberglass can be prone to. Lining up perfectly in all areas without sacrificing comfort when driving through inclement weather conditions is what makes this product stand out from others on the market today.


Bakflip fibermax

Bakflip FiberMax offers a revolutionary latch system that prevents leaks, even when it’s raining or snowing. Hardly any other tonneau cover models come with this feature! The solid core panels provide high-end security against bad weather. The fiberglass material is highly resistant to heat and UV rays, making BakFlip perfect for your vehicle year-round.

The perimeter EPDM seal of the OE quality is tight enough to prevent any leakage and because it’s designed with channels that direct water collected inside bed rails away from its corners where they can drain appropriately through drainage tubes.

BAKflip f1
BAKflip f1

The F1 Series is the ultimate weather protection, with every possible feature to keep you safe from harmful conditions. The tonneau cover offers a tight seal to prevent any water or dust from entering your truck bed. It’s made with high-quality materials that are guaranteed not only last but also to look great after years of use!

The textured surface on top helps keep things cool inside while preventing spills by keeping you informed about what’s happening in the cargo area through LED lighting strips integrated into each side. There is no need for an extra aftermarket sensor when it does all its job perfectly fine without them.


Bakflip fibermax

Bakflip FiberMax is a high-quality product that will last you for years. It is durable and can withstand even the harshest scratches and dents without damaging its exterior finish! The textured surface gives off an elegant look in your truck bed while also providing extra protection against outside elements like dirt or moisture since they cannot easily penetrate this material’s tough skin, thanks mainly to its superior durability. The Bakflip Fibber Max comes complete with powder-coated aluminum panels, which add elegance and make sure all parts stay connected seamlessly no matter what happens during transport.

BAKflip f1 open
BAKflip f1 open

The Bakflip F1 is a top-loading tonneau cover that has been created with durability in mind. The aluminum rods provide sturdy support for your truck, and their rustproof design makes sure it lasts three years without any hassle! You can carry up to 300 lbs while driving on top of this cover, too, because they’re incredibly safe. Thanks for waiting until you needed them most – making these products worth every penny spent.

The structure improves the G2 series with a lightweight but durable and robust core. The EPS material makes for a highly rigid structure that can hold up to 400 lbs of weight when distributed properly without fail! It’s also designed so you don’t need any tools other than your hands to get started building it yourself, which will save money from buying pre-made kits. The F1 has been developed by choosing FRP instead of resin using fiberglass-reinforced polymer. These materials have improved performance under pressure while maintaining good affordability thanks to essentially downright cheap cost per unit area.

Ease Of Use

FiberMax automatic latching system ensures that the panels are securely held in place, with no manual effort required. Users can release latches located on both sides, and there is a fully open cover ready for you! Some struts hold it up properly, so even when driving feels like an accomplishment without lifting one finger. A series of magnets keep this handy pop-up lid locked tightly into place while also holding its sturdy construction together to withstand harsh road conditions.

BAKflip f1 ease of use
Bakflip f1 opened

The F1 cover has struts to help keep it in place while driving safely, and the latch system makes rolling effortless. There’s also a drainage hole, so you don’t worry about removing water manually! As this bed can be accessed fully–the large-size cargo items will fit inside, too-it’s an excellent choice for any truck driver or family who needs extra space when loading their car. The front-end features air intake grilles that allow airflow under your vehicle during high speeds without creating a drag on top CV joint covers, which could cause driveline vibration if not adequately fitted duchy.

Lock Mechanism and Security

FiberMax offers modular latches that protect the rear window from shifting cargo and keep the third brake light visible. The automatic locking feature ensures your load stays safe, while an option for better safety is a tailgate lock!

BAKflip f1

The F1 features many safety options, but the extendable third brake light gets you safely to your destination. When folded inwards at 90 degrees with tailgate locked down and secured by an Allen wrench or key alike — this little invention ensures no wind flow through vulnerable parts while driving on highways!


FiberMax and F1 have the same installation options. Both can be installed with a wrench in just one hour. This is an easy process that doesn’t require any extra hands, making it more convenient for buyers like you who may not always find themselves at home when installing new hardware onto their homes.


  • If you need something to keep your cargo safe while driving at high speeds without creating any drag or vibration that could cause damage to CV joints, then go with the G2 series of covers-they can withstand up to 400 lbs When appropriately distributed.
  • If cost is an issue for you and wants more control over how much weight it holds, choose FRP instead of resin using fiberglass-reinforced polymer materials because they’ll hold up well under pressure while still being affordable.

 The installation process for both covers is easy and can be done by anyone in just one hour with a wrench. So, if you’re looking for an affordable, durable, and easy-to-install tonneau cover, the Bakflip Fibermax or F series will do the trick!