BakFlip FiberMaX vs UnderCover Armor Flex

Tonneau covers not only protect the load but also improve the aerodynamics of your truck, so it means you are going to less air resistance and more fuel money saved.

The Fibermax inside the bed rails due to its low profile design with dual latches. 3 FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polymer) panels make up the Fibermax, which is intended to be lightweight and highly resilient to scratches and dents.

On the other side, the Armor Flex shows a rugged design and also has a low profile outlook. Its panels are made out of aluminum and then are coated with Line X matte black color (for additional protection). It also offer dent-less and scratch-less material.

Let’s check them out in more detail.

Starting with their Design:

With low profile aluminum panels the the Armor Flex gives out amazing appearance. The cover with a low-profile design which will not obstruct the driver’s view.It’s available in 3 sizes and not that heavy (less than 85 pounds). Besides having drain tubes and EPDM rubber seals, it offers slam latches provided on both sides and a dual-action tailgate latch on the rearmost panel. Its panels are dent, scratch and UV resistant and for water drainage, a drain tube is provided which funnels water directly out of your truck bed. Water-resistance is further promoted by its EPDM rubber seals.

On the other hand, the FiberMax flush-mounted low-profile design is simply beautiful. It’s low profile and its the perfect combination of toughness and aesthetics. The Bakflip Fibber Max comes complete with powder-coated aluminum panels, which add elegance and make sure all parts stay connected seamlessly no matter what happens during transport. One thing I really like about it its its opening mechanism. The users don’t need to remove the cover for full bed access. Instead, they can roll up on edge, buckle system included! It includes three-position locks, which allow you to secure it closed or open, as well as a partial opening where needed – perfect when loading items onto flatbeds without having anything blocking their way in case of emergencies like rainstorms (or children).

Other than this it has rubber bumpers so they can take a little impact, (making them durable). Their panels are topped with FRP which give a glossy look and keep the cover cooler in hotter environments. But due to the presence of FRP in its composition, it is slightly thicker than its counterpart.

Furthermore, it also has rubber seals which keep the rain out, and a cutting-edge hitch-and-latch system offers excellent security and weather resistance for your goods.

Protection comparison:

The Matt coating of the Armor Flex protects the vehicles and aluminum panels from dents, scuffs, UV rays, and the harshest elements. With rubber integrated within (that comes with the cover) the cover provides you with leak proof channels on the sides, the water doesn’t accumulates and runs out of its channels very efficiently.

On the other hand, the Bakflip FiberMax also offers a great innovative latch system that prevents leaks, even when it’s snowing or of course raining or snowing.

And one thing to note here is that…hardly any other cover (of any specific company, not gonna name here) come with this feature!

The core panels which are very solid simply provide you with great security and protects you with heavy bad weather.

Other than all of this its also heat resistive (with its UV resistant material as well). As they are made out of fiberglass material.

Which has the better Performance?

Armor Flex being hard tri-folding truck bed cover gives full as well as partial bed access. It offers automatic latching panels and they lock automatically every time you fold them.

If you need full access than you can very easily as all 3 panels can be secured in an upright position with the help of prop rods.

One thing I liked a lot about this cover is that it contains a skid-resistant surface for improved traction when loading or unloading heavy cargo.

Other than this, it has dual action tailgate seal.. that efficiently secures your cargo when the tailgate is locked. To unfold the panels, the tailgate is to be opened first.

One think I really miss in this cover is its lack of remote monitoring but still you can operate it as it has slam latches which are to be pulled slightly to unfold the panels. Its dual-action tailgate seal efficiently secures your cargo when the tailgate is locked. (To unfold the panels, the tailgate is to be opened first).

On the other hand, we have another tri-fold tonneau cover the Fibermax. But here it provides you with 2 folding positions for partial and a single for total access to the bed.

Each panel automatically locks when folded up against the cab due to its automated latching technology.

Additionally, it contains strut rods and buckle straps that hold the panels in folded positions.

It also has buckle straps and rods (strut) which protect/secure the panels in 2/3 and full folded positions respectively.

Its automatic latching system spontaneously latches each panel when folded against the cab.

Moreover, this cover has a flap tailgate seal with an aluminum latching system which requires you to slightly lift the rearmost panel to shut the tailgate. So, it cannot be closed when the tailgate is shut.

Durability comparison:

Armor Flex is a tough truck bed cover. It aluminum cover doesn’t corrode or rust too easily.

The cover can withstand severe weather conditions and is immune to scratches, dents, and dings. Its weight capacity is that of the snow and rain load.

In addition, the truck bed cover is easy to install. It is used with an Undercover Tonneau toolbox system for extra storage space. The panels chew up the abuse from the sun and through a hail storm. The Undercover has the power to handle the most challenging jobs with its rugged dependability.

has the power to handle the most challenging jobs with its rugged dependability.

The BAKFLIP Fibermax, on the other hand, composed of industrial-grade aluminum which is blended with comparatively weaker fiberglass and plastic. But its still very durable.

It has weather-protective hinges and seals of EPDM rubber. And its enhanced water drainage side rails are comparatively better in propelling water towards the drain tube which funnels it out of the truck bed.

It’s FRP covering also allows this cover to take the lead in providing resistance against UV radiations.

Other than this BAKFLIP Fibermax also offers modular latches that protect the rear window from shifting cargo and keep the third brake light visible. This feature of (automatic) locking makes sure that your load stays safe, while an option for better safety is a tailgate lock!

Overall both of these covers are effective at avoiding dents and scratches, but Fibermax with its gloss finishing falls just a little bit shorter of its competition in this area.

But with excellent water resistance (including hinges which efficiently function in keeping your gear dry even in extreme rain and sleet). Its still a great pick.

Ease of use:

You can drive with the ArmorFlex Cover in three secure positions: closed, partially closed, and completely open.

With two prop rods, the cover folds into an upright position without resting on the rear of the cab. You can load and unload items from your truck quickly and easily. The panels of the cover can be safely positioned and adjusted according to one’s needs.

For operating this truck bed cover, your single hand is enough. You just have to pull the operational cable and cover will begin to roll.

On the other hand, the BAKFLIP FiberMax automatic latching system ensures that the panels are securely held in place, with no manual effort required.

You can release the latches (which are on the both sides) and easily open up the cover.

The struts simply hold it up as well properly,so even when driving feels like an accomplishment without lifting one finger.

A series of magnets make sure that the lid is locked rigidly in its place and it also holds its durable construction together to withstand harsh road conditions.