UnderCover Ultra Flex vs Extang Trifecta 2.0

One of the first accessories that people think about when it comes to their truck is something to cover up the bed. Because let’s be honest, with it the truck looks in complete. But not every cover is created equally. And with that in mind. Both of these are tri-fold covers may look very similar, but there are few things worth noting about them.

So Extang has been there since 1980s and they have been trying to perfect their covers, especially soft ones. And now they are here with the updated version of Trifecta, the 2.0.

This bad boy gives the truck killer looks and at the same time protects against all sorts of constantly changing weather conditions such as storms, rain, and dirt, etc.

In case of the Undercover Ultra Flex this cover gives you the classic 3 fold design with a matte/glossy finish protecting your truck and at the same time giving it a very decent style, as this cover sits low and more flushed in comparison.

What they offer in their Designs?

If we check out their designs, the Extang Trifecta 2.0 is a combination of toughness and softness at the same time. It appears very soft and smooth and at the same time its thick enough to sit 1 inch above in your truck.

The leather grain fiber cover (that sits on the rustproof aluminum) offers a matte finish. And the stylish clamps of the cover look good and offer great features as well.

These covers are designed in such a manner that they link directly with the truck’s bed flanges.

In this way, these puppies provide you with the safety you need. May it be against critical weather conditions or thieves…

It also includes double-pivot MAX Hinges and exclusive Snap-On seals to eliminate adhesive and stay in place.

On the other hand, we have a beast of a cover, the Undercover Ultra Flex which may look very wise with its low profiled design and glossy finish. But this bad boy is tough.

It can take up to 400 lbs of weight.. (and that’s only what the company says, I’m sure, it can take much more…)

This cover has 3 aluminum carpeted panels topped with matte-black powder which grants it an attractive aerodynamic look combined with the durability a truck deserves.

Note: These aerodynamic covers actually improves the fuel economy of your truck. Installing these covers actually stops the air creating resistance against the truck, and so less fuel is consumed.

And the thing about Undercover is (as a company) they really take care of little nice things, you know…

For example, the Ultra flex has LED lights pre-installed (with a triggering button). Why other covers don’t have this? They cost about a grand and can’t give a LED light?

Other than this you’d appreciate the quality of prop rods (that is used to open up the cover all the way), its button is very well made and the place where rod sits is also very firm and solid. Otherwise they just rattle back there and its annoying.

Of all the truck covers I’ve had, this is the only one which does not rattle in the back you know….

Also speaking of rattling, all covers have side to side flex, but in terms of this cover, its very less comparatively.but when it comes to Ultra Flex, its lower than its competitor

Other than this, I love the seals on these bad boys… they are pretty thick and really help you out in the rain.

They are called EPDM rubber seals and they are quite thick and wide.

The cover can be used at three secure positions and has a dual action tailgate seal.

Still the Trifecta offers you with triple fin seal system that still protects you against rain. And yes note that no cover is 100% water/rain proof.. they all leak.

And yes worth reminding, the Ultra Flex also offers you with cushioning under their panels, so they also protect the cover from underneath as well. It feels “premium” too.

Installation and Ease of Use:

The Trifecta 2.0 offers the fastest installation process. Its common with almost all Extang covers…Its simply effortless to install them.

This sophisticated cover comes fully gathered, which means that there aren’t any complex rails or tools.

And all you need to accomplish is alleviate the cover with your truck and secure up the associated cab lamps to the bed wall, and you’re done.

However, we can say that it is longer to separate the cover from the box than to put it together.

In case of Ultra Flex, the cover has more weight.. so its gonna be great for burning calories.. take care of your back though…

Don’t worry, its not too much… its 80 lbs total weight.. (compared to Trifecta’s 30 lbs), so divided by 3, it comes out less than 30 lbs per panel I guess.

But this allows it to withstand a top-load of up to 400 pounds evenly balanced on the closed cover.

Ultra Flex also highlights three hard folding panels which can be secured in an upright position with the help of strut rods for 100% bed access.

Its deadbolt latching rails allow you to secure your cover at each fold for partial bed access.

Security Comparison

If you’re spending money on a bed cover, you obviously want something that is compatible with your vehicle’s security requirements.

And Extang Trifecta 2.0 not only features a sleek, smooth, and folding design but also comes with the same enhanced security features as its bigger brother.

This makes it a fantastic pick for people who feel tired of getting their belongings stolen by thieves.

The bed cover comes with Jaw Grip and EZ lock clamps that are engineered and patented in such a manner that they require minimal physical strength to operate. Furthermore, to provide added security, it also supports a self-locking system when attached to the bed flange.

On the other side, you woldn’t worry too much about security if you get Ultra Flex. I mean sure, its not key enabled.. but if you properly install them, you don’t need that. Nobody can open them easily (given your tail gate lock is good enough).

It has slam latches and a “pull the string” opening system.

And the lock can be opened from either side of the cover, just pull the latch string and fold the cover in the backward direction to access the truck bed.

One interesting thing to note about this cover is that it stands 90° angle when fully opened/folded. Meaning it just stands staright and does not touch the cab behind.

So What’s the verdict?

Well the thing is, yes, the Extang Trifecta 2.0 does offer you with less durability. But they are still pretty solid. And they protect you against all sorts of things.

And the main thing is the price difference is almost half. That makes this cover very budget friendly.

But at the same time, Ultra Flex being more tough and full of features justify being the more expensive one.