Gator FX vs Undercover Armor Flex

Gator FX and Undercover Armor Flex are probably two of the best tonneau covers that you can come across in the market. But what sets them apart?

Gator FX is known widely for its toughness and its affordable price, whereas Undercover Armor Flex does beat the FX’s convenience. Its style and durability have always complemented the look of the vehicle. Here’s more:

Side By Side Comparison:

The Gator FX hard folding tonneau cover is designed to provide solid protection for the truck bed and cargo from elements as simple as a water drop to extreme weather conditions.

Gator fx on my truck
Gator fx

We know that no folding cover is 100% waterproof as it has some gaps and areas that allow water intrusion, so the minimal water cannot be kept out.

However, the Gator FXis water-resistant and manufactured specifically to keep your bed dry and secure as best as it can with its heavy-duty aluminium panels, creating a tough layer that automatically locks into place as you close the cover, keeping your truck bed protected from snow and rain in harsh weather, and the black powder coating on it provides resistance against UV rays in summer.

The cover is also lined with an EPDM rubber seal and hinges that keep the water out and your cargo dry.

Undercover armor flex
Armor Flex

On the other hand…When it comes to coating, Armor flex stands out from the crowd: its heavy-duty aluminium panels are coated with LINE-X specialty automotive matte coating, which protects the vehicles and aluminium panels from dents, scuffs, UV rays, and the harshest elements.

The panels are secured with a leak-proof rubber seal and have integrated channels on the side that keep the water out by directing it to the drain tubes and out of the truck bed.

Undercover Armor flex proves to be an effective weather protector and element-resistant due to its special coating, rubber seals, and integrated channels as compared to Gator FX.

Durability comparison:

The FX cover is made of heavy-duty aluminium panels, which are sturdy, secure, and corrosion resistant, making covers less likely to be damaged and assuring years of trouble-free use.

Gator fx on my truck 2
Gator fx

The cover can hold up to 300 lbs.of weight when evenly distributed.

The aluminum panels are coated with a semi-gloss black powder finish that provides resistance against scuffs and scratches.

One downside might be that some of the fastenings are made of hard plastic, which is less robust than aluminum and can shatter if overstressed.

Overall, it still has greater durability as the layer is solid and tough.

The Armor flex comprises sturdy, aluminum side rails, rigid folding panels and easy-to-use latch mechanism.

Undercover armor flex installed
Armor Flex durability

Its weight capacity is that of the snow and rain load.

This hard folding cover has a durable, matte-finished aircraft-grade aluminum panel with a patented LINE-X coating to help prevent dents, dings, and scratches for better protection in extreme environments.

Ease of use:

Whether you have to load items or access them, Gator FX With its hinged and folding design, provides easy access to your full truck bed by folding the panels one over the other all the way up to the rear window of the cab and then fixing them with prop rods.

Gator fx
Gator fx installation

Once it is fixed, you can also easily drive it.

The buckle straps secure the cover at 2/3while driving, which is the maximum limit while driving.

If you need to completely remove the cover, it will take no more than a few minutes.

And that too, without any tools.

You can drive with the ArmorFlex Cover in three secure positions: closed, partially closed, and completely open.

Armor Flex ease of use
Armor Flex ease of use

With two prop rods, the cover folds into an upright position without resting on the rear of the cab.

You can load and unload items from your truck quickly and easily.

The panels of the cover can be safely positioned and adjusted according to one’s needs. so, it is better in terms of ease of usage as compared to Gator FX.

Security comparison:

Gator is a class of its own when it comes to security.

BAKflip g2
BAKflip g2

It provides enhanced security with its heavy-duty auto-lock aluminum panels that automatically lock in place when the cover is closed.

This system makes your bed more secure than your cab.

This auto-locking feature also prevents the panels from suddenly flying off if you leave one or more up while driving at high speeds.

On the other side, the UnderCover Armor Flex is no less when it comes to strict security.

Undercover armor flex installation
Undercover armor flex before installation

It keeps your cargo safe and secure with the help of a tailgate lock. It can be accessed only when you pull the cord underneath that opens up the cover.

So, as long as the tailgate is locked, the cover is locked as well.

So, both Armor Flex and Gator FX offer advanced security systems that secures your truck and its components from being stolen.

Cost comparison:

The prices vary for each type and model. Generally, the soft covers will cost you less as compared to the hard shells. So, both of these being hard folds will surely cost you some extra bucks.

Gator fx on white truck
Gator fx

The Gator FX starts above $800 and is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Undercover Armor Flex hard folding is a little pricey and starts at above $1k and carries a 5-year warranty. However, the price varies (for both).

So, Armor Flex is quite expensive than FX, but the features do justice to the price.


  • Undercover Armor Flex is more preferred in terms of protection than Gator FX.
  • FX is more durable and tough than Armor Flex.
  • Undercover Armor Flex is convenient to use than Gator FX.
  • Both covers provide strict security with their specific locking system.
  • Armor Flex is more expensive as compared to the FX.