Gator FX3 vs UnderCover Ultra Flex

Both of these covers are durable and tri-folding. Let’s see which out of them is more suitable for you.

In case of the Undercover Ultra Flex you get hard panels which sits flush with the truck. They look great and give a very unique glossy/matte look.

On the other side, the Gator FX3 is a also a durable cover, which is reinforced with a polymer. It looks very similar to its competitor here and from a distance, you won’t be able to tell a difference… but there are few things to note about their designs:

Durability Comparison:

In case of the Undercover Ultra Flex which has aluminum sheets in its panel core and an aluminum skin on the top (air-craft grade), the cover is more durable overall.

It’s outer layer is further coated with UV resistant matte black polymer. This layering makes it resilient to high-temperature damages, fading and buckling.

Besides that, its panels are carpeted from underneath which creates a cushioning effect and save the tonneau from scratches, chips and cuts.

For protection against weather, it has EPDM rubber seals and a drain tube which directs water out of your truck bed, keeping your gear dry. This cover can handle 400 lbs if evenly distributed.

On the other side, if we talk about the Gator FX3, this cover is still pretty durable as it is also strengthened by air-craft grade aluminum panels with a FRP coating which keeps its surface cool in hot conditions.

Its fiber coating also prevents dents and scraps and makes it UV resistant.

The dual-material mixture does put some weight as compared to its competitor leading to its decrease in mileage potential. This cover can handle 300 lbs if evenly distributed.

It is also equipped with EPDM rubber seals and hinges for excellent water resistance.

It also has drain tubes which are efficient in directing water out of your truck bed.

Designs of these covers:

The Undercover Ultra Flex gives out a more premium design on a closer look. They really took care of small things. For example the prop rods (to open up the cover all the way) feel very premium. The button on it shows quality and even the point where these rods sit, they are firm and don’t rattle on high speeds. It’s these tiny things that make a lot of difference.

The inside of the panels have a nice felt covering on them which shows quality and protects the cover from inside as well. And although both covers come with seals, the one on Ultra Flex are thicker and more resistant to leakage.

Other than this, Ultra Flex comes with a LED light integrated on its rails along with a button to turn it on. This really helps during night time in low lighting conditions.

Other than this, both covers look very same. Both have fiberglass reinforced polymers on aluminum panels and they give out a semi-gloss top surface which gives a classy look.

Note: All covers have side to side flex, but when it comes to Ultra Flex, its lower than its competitor

Other things to Note:

The Gator FX3 utilizes a good EPDM seals with hinges that protect your stuff from different weather conditions, but it is more prone to leakage compared to Ultra Flex. But it still has the same feature of integrated water drainage tube for water to channel through them.

Other than this, the matte finishing design constructed from fiberglass reinforced polymer plays a great role in protecting against ultraviolet rays, and in comparison provide better resistance to scratches. Ultra Flex on the other side is more susceptible to scratches.

Both have side rails that have channels that direct the water towards the drain tubes from where it is seeped out.

Moreover, both covers have pre-molded, rubber bumpers that are shock absorbent and add lubrication when the panels are folded against the cab. But here the Ultra Flex does not sit/touch the area of truck with rear window. And if we compare, bumpers of Ultra Flex have relatively less shock absorptive quality. But this cover stands at 90° when fully folded and does not touch the surface of the cab. Thus, there is no chance of scratches due to surface rubbing.

Both covers don’t come with key lock facility but they are secure as they employ dual action tail gate seals

Hence, you can lock the tonneau in place both with an opened or closed tailgate.

In a similar fashion, both tonneau covers have slam latches and a “pull the string” system in their operation.

Their locks may be opened from either side of the cover by simply pulling the latch string and folding the cover. You can fold all these panels and lock them in any position.

So what’s the verdict?

If we consider all the features and the price, both covers provide equal value to money overall. The Undercover UltraFlex costs about $100-250 more (depending on the size) but it does provide with better quality overall with thicker rubber seals and underneath cushioning and features like the LED lights preinstalled.

Other than this, keep in mind that this cover is more susceptible to scratches in comparison.