Truxedo Edge vs Gator SR2

If you don’t need too much protection on your truck and also of course want to save a few bucks, both of these soft roll ups definitely come on top on my list. But which is better for you?

Although both of these covers are in a same price range (almost), have the same weight (of packed box) and are in the premium category of roll ups. They both are the same weight bearing capacity of 175 pounds (which is considered a rain/snow load) and have 5 years of warranty.

Let’s check out both of them in details.

Starting with their design:

Truxedo is known for it’s variety of bed covers and accessories and with it comes to Truxedo Edge, its one of their premium covers which weighs very light (only 30 lbs in a packed box), and features a first rate leather grain fiber with the vinyl coating on its top.

It’s a plastic coating of thin layer that makes a protective barrier to UV rays, heat, abrasions and so on.

When the cover is fully installed, it sits flushed and gives a neat design with its glossy look. (It sits almost 1.5 inches above the bed).

To fold the cover you have to open your tail gate first. And to unlock the cover, there is a single trigger latch on the driver side.

Note: The latch is only on the driver side, and it should have been on both sides. But you can still get another latch installed on the other end and it’s going to cost you almost 50 bucks.

So once the cover is unlocked you can fold it up easily.

Truxedo claims you can do it one finger, signifying how easy it is (haven’t tried it yet).

The cover features velcro on both sides and it un-sticks on it when opening. (If you want to know a fancier way, you can say it has a Industrial hook and loop system, as Truxedo calls it).

It also features cross bars which are exposed while opening the cover. These bars support the flexible covering and they roll with the rolling cover.

Other than this the tonneau does not cover the stake pockets which is nice, as you can install rails if you like, on top.

The cover also comes with tension controllers, so you can tighten the cover sideways.

Now if we talk about the cons, besides not having latches on both sides, the cover sits very tight, and for that you really need dual latching system.

You’ll also note that it’s corner are a little stiffer in comparison as well, and they stick out a little bit.

So these factors really demand you to align these covers very properly in order to make them more weather proof.

If we talk about the Gator SR2, this premium glossy cover is also made in a same way of leather material but has a different composition of coating.

The cover has 2 layers of vinyl grade coating instead of just single layer in it’s competitor.

Also…With this cover you are also going to get a little well built frame and better quality cross bar/velcro, as they stick in the cover in a slightly better way.

But still, you are getting same type of one sided latching system here as well.

Speaking of other similarities, the cover also comes with same type of tension controlling knobs on each side (exposed when opened).

And in a similar way this cover also does not cover your truck’s stake pockets.


Both of these covers are sealed lengthwise through Velcro straps and they provide a good deal of restriction against water leakage and keeps the soft cover properly extended without any creases. And if they do, you have tension knobs which are well-built at the end of the cover.

Other than this, the basic material composition is same for both these products including a Vinyl tarp, metallic frame, and Velcro straps.

And both of them make a good water tight seals and provide almost equal protection to water leakage, given that they are soft roll ups.

In terms of durability, both covers are strong enough and can carry some weather load of 175 lbs (evenly distributed). (Of course don’t expect them to be as durable as the other hard folding covers out there).

But besides having the same weight bearing capacity, the Gator SR2 still feels a little bit more sturdy. It’s metallic frame seems to have more rigidity in it and it would endure a little more weather damages compared to Truxedo Edge.

Other than this, the Gator SR2 also provides you with better UV and cut resistant composition, as the cover has double commercial grade vinyl coating which offers an optimized protection from water, dust, and harmful rays.

The coating also makes the cover more cut-resistant and further adds to its longevity.

But there are other factors when it comes to weather protection with these covers, and wind is a significant one.

So here the Truxedo Edge provides you with stiffer design that is more aerodynamic so it’s less likely to get damage from a stormy weather in comparison.

Other than this both covers have buckle straps to secure them in fully open position and they both are firm enough to keep the cover in place even when you are doing above 40 mph.

Installation of these covers:

Both covers can be installed in an easy and similar way. And it takes about half an hour for both.

Steps to install them:

  1. Attach the bulkhead seal over the bed cap.
  2. Fix the side rails with the help of clamps.
  3. The covers have header rails provided with two bolts which slide into the holes on the front ends of the side rails. Fix the header rail with the side rails by nut tightening the bolts passed through the holes on the side rails.
  4. Roll the cover towards the tailgate where it locks with side rails with a slight push.

So what’s the verdict?

Well both covers provide you a very similar design and protection but there is a still bit of difference on a closer look.

Although both covers have the same weight bearing capacity, the Gator SR2 provides a little bit better durability, with it’s sturdier frame.

The cover also provides more protection against UV, dust, dirt… with its dual vinyl coating.

The Truxedo Edge has a single layer of this coating but the cover still provides you with better wind resistance as it sits more stiff on the bed caps.