BakFlip FiberMaX vs Rough Country Low Profile

Both these tri-folds are pretty tough and provide you all the features needed. But still lets dig deeper and find out a better fit for you.

On first look, both these covers look very similar, in both design as well as working mechanism, but on a closer look at things, you find that there are some very solid points that sets these cover apart.

So, let’s get to it, starting with their design.

Design of these covers:

Covering your trucks since 1975, the Rough Country with its one of the latest covers, the “Low Profile” brings a great look for your truck.

As the name suggest they focused on the cover’s design, it seems.

And sure the cover sits very flushed and “Low Profiled”, (but in my personal opinion, nothing beats the Lomax Stance tonneau cover in “how low can you go?”)

But yes you can say no cover “in this price range” sits more flushed than this one. As this cover is a very nice budget pick. In fact, its their main selling point.

The cover is also very tough with aluminum panels (which are of aircraft grade). These panels have an extra layer for protection of matte finish. So the cover looks great with its semi glossy look.

Its hinges and end caps are also coated with the same color and they also enhance the covers looks further.

The cover comes with a draining system, with seals and 2 drain tubes, where the seals are just made of rubber and not EPDM.

And for drain tubes, you may have to drill in to your truck.

The cover also does not the sealing along with the tailgate (and this area is always very prone to water leakage).

Other than this, each panel has a rubber bumpers (which rest on other panels), so the panels/plates don’t rub against each other and remain protected.

Note: With time these rubber feet get damaged and then they further damage the cover if they are not replace. But they are very cheap and you can easily get one and stick it on, so I wouldn’t consider it as a “Con”.

I do however, consider this a con: With RC Low Profile, you won’t be able to access 100% of your bed. As the cover can not be propped up and so it takes about 1 feet and 10 inches of your trucks space.

And speaking of cons, the cover really invites the dirt to settle in its texture. And it always seem dirty.

On the other side, the BAKflip Fibermax may seem same but shows a slightly higher quality that lasts longer.

But then again its also way more expensive too. And has the same weight bearing capacity of 300 lbs.

The cover is also made in a same way with aluminum panels of aircraft grade, coated with matte black finish.

But here the coating provides you with extra protection against dirt/moisture and UV rays.

As its name suggest. This cover has the FRP (“Fiber” Glass Reinforced Polymer) coating which makes this cover very resistant to fading and so it lasts longer.

The cover also has better sealing with EPDM seals and drain tubes (which again, you may have to install by drilling).

The good things about FiberMax:

Unlike, Rough Country Low Profile, with FiberMax, you can have full bed access with this cover, as its panels can be propped up vertically in the last position.

They lean against your cabin and have rubber bumpers.

And they protect your truck from any heavy cargo by taking the impact instead.

And, although they block the rear view like all other trifolds, they still don’t block the 3rd brake light.

Cons of both covers:

Both covers don’t have covering/carpeting from inside (which dampens the rattling noise and protects the cover from inside).

Both covers also don’t offer you with any extra features like LED lights which really helps in the dark.

Protection Comparison – Which Is Better?

Both of these covers cover coexists with the bed rails for a constant and weather-resistant seal.

And they both provide you with a similar protection.

Both covers have weight bearing capacity of 300 lbs.

The FiberMax has EPDM seals, where the RC Low Profile has simple rubber.

Both covers have almost identical draining system with drain tubes and rails. But the Rough Country Low Profile is a little more prone to water leakage as its lateral seals (b/w the panels are weaker in comparison).

The cover also does not provide great sealing against the tail gate (which is very vulnerable to water leakage).

But the difference is still very low (especially if you consider the price difference first).

Also no cover can provide you with 100% water proofing. There’s always some sort of leakage. That’s why these covers are always marketed as water “resistant”.

But sure, out of the two, Fibermax is better. This cover also provides you with FRP and this also helps with the UV rays and makes the cover a good insulator to heat.

So in summers these panels are less heated and things underneath also stays comparatively cooler.

The BAKflip FiberMax also offers you with flush hinges between each panel. And because of this the cover does not bow in the middle and water is not pooled.

Working of these covers?

Both of these covers can be installed easily and quickly. They comes with bed rails with draining system and 3 clamp system and hard panels with easy installation (where you have to drill holes for drain tubes).

Rough Country Tonneau cover is easy to install and it takes about 30 minutes (which is still a good time, if you look at the others, and how hard it’s to get them install).

The cover is okay, but you may not like the quality of clamps that come with it. (You may also won’t like the instructions manual, but then again installing them is straight forward).

Both covers have automatic latching systems and they close and lock on each folding. They also have dual tail gate action latches, so you can close the cover on an open tail gate (many covers don’t offer this, and you have to close the gate first before you can lock the cover over it).

So What’s the Verdict?

Coming in at about a grand, Fibermax is at the higher price end (when it comes to hard trifolds) , and the cover justifies its price as well.

But there’s isn’t too much difference between the two. Well, expect for bed accessing (where Fibermax offer s you with complete bed).

But other than this, the Rough Country Low Profile is a great catch with its durable enough panels that provide you a decent weather protection.

So if space is not a big issue, you can go for them.