Extang Solid Fold vs Rough Country Low Profile

Where gas prices are going up, a tonneau cover can really help you out with fuel. Their aerodynamic design makes your truck more fuel efficient, and they pay for themselves in the long run. But which out of these two trifolds to get?

In the business since 1975, the Rough Country’s one of the latest cover, the “Low Profile” gives you a very flushed design (as in its name), so the cover is for the guys who want a stealthy look out of their truck’s bed.

While on the other hand, the spacious design of the Extang’s new Solid Fold “2.0” is for people like me, who don’t mind the less flushed look, as long as it provides with a good protection.

Let’s check out if they are up to the mark.

Let’s check out their designs:

With such a bulkier design, the Solid Fold 2.0 really gives out a unique look and I don’t think any other cover comes which such a similar design.

And its fat panels may seem heavier, but they are actually very light weight. The fully packed box of this cover weighs only 50 pounds. Which is less than the average tri fold cover’s weight.

So why is this cover so thick? And how come it’s still so light weighing? Well, its all because of its inner composition.

This panels is made of polypropylene core, which takes up about 80 to 90% of that 1 inch panel thickness. The rest is thermo-plastic. So you can say the core is sandwiched between these automotive grade plastic layers.

The cover is then layered with a powder coating on the top, giving it amazing texture with a matte black finish.

The cool thing about its color/finish is that it matches the OEM bed caps of the truck, so it looks very nice.

If we talk about the Rough Country “Low Profile”, sure the cover sits very flushed, (but if the company solely focused on its being flush design, then there’s still a better option in my personal opinion, Lomax Stance).

But yes you can say no cover “in this price range” sits more flushed than this one.

So this cover is definitely considered a budget pick.

And still, the cover is built tough with aircraft grade aluminum panels having a matte black semi glossy finish giving it extra layer for protection.

And its accessories (like hinges and the end caps) are also coated with matte color which really brings up its looks.

Other than this, it has rubber seals (not EPDM) which get installed on rails, and they along with the drain tubes work along pretty great against weather.

But you may have to install the drain tubes by drilling (on some trucks).

The cover also does not have sealing on the side of tailgate (which does 2 things, one, it saves your cover/tail gate from bumping together even time you close, and second, is of course sealing/water proofing).

Other than this, each panel has a rubber bumper underneath so you won’t damage the cover while opening the cover in each position, but with time they get damaged and then they further damage the cover but they are very cheap to replace, so I won’t consider it as a con.

Opening/closing of the cover is easy and there’s a pull release cable underneath (each panel) when you open the tail gate.

But note that the cover can’t be “propped” up to the last position where you get the full access to the bed. So that’s definitely a con, as it eats your truck space by 1 feet (and 10 inches).

Extang’s boy here also can’t give you full bed access but then again, they can be removed with in minutes (under 5 minutes literally).

Speaking of cons, this the RC Low Profile cover is always dirty. It’s textured design really welcomes the dirt to settle in.

But still, again, given the price tag, its a compromise that can be made.

What about Protection & Durability?

The Extang Solid Fold 2.0 is a master piece (not just saying), it panels are engineered with a great organic material which is able to withstand all sorts of heavy damages.

No need to go after aluminum when you can have this nice polypropylene core built cover. It’s lightweight, provides you with best weight bearing capacity out of all the trifolds out there (600 lbs). And protects you against UV and sun, so the cover lasts longer and keeps your stuff/cargo cooler (in summers).

Other than this the cover also has nice sealing with multiple lip seals on all its panels.

Its panels are also caged with solid polymer rubber corners, hinge caps and snap on seals, so they provide extra sealing needed.

Out of two, this cover also provides better resistance to water leakage.

But still no cover is 100% waterproof. (If you find any, contact me). Also I’d not recommend you putting any rain sensitive cargo in your truck.

So, overall, protection and durability is better with the Extang cover here. It has a good overall sealing and its think panels can bear weight up to 600 pounds. Where most high end covers come with up to 400 lbs.

If we talk about the Rough Country Low Profile, this cover offers you with 300 lbs weight bearing capacity. So half the weight bearing capacity, making this cover less durable comparatively.

In terms of protection against weather, this lacks a little, as it has no seals against the tail gate (and water leaks from there). Its lateral seals between each panels are also prone to leakage in comparison.

But the difference is not too much. And also I’d want to add that no cover is 100 % water proof. They are all just water “resistant”.

But the good thing about the RC Low Profile panels, is that their FRP composition on the top is really good at keeping the UV rays at the bay.

So in summers these panels are less heated and things underneath also stays comparatively cooler.

Performance/ Working:

Rough Country Tonneau cover is easy to install and it takes about 30 minutes (which is still a good time, considering others in the market).

The cover is okay, but you may not like the quality of clamps that come with it.

It has dual tail gate action locks, so you can close the cover over open tail gate.

But the cover can’t be held up on the last position (that others do with prop rods), so the cover eats up a little space. And you can’t remove it easily too.

Especially if you compare it with Extang’s Solid Fold which can be installed and removed with in minutes.

This cover also has dual tail gate action cover and in a same way does not give you complete bed access, but you can just remove it if you wish to.

So Whats the verdict?

Both of these covers are a great pick. Their opening closing mechanism is very similar but they sure are very different in terms of looks and durability as well as protection.

Here the Extang Solid Fold, sure is solid. The cover provides you with better overall durability and protection.

On the other hand, the RC Low Profile, also gets the job done but it also makes more sense when you look at its price tag. So with low budget, its a good investment as well.

But if you are someone who needs whole bed access frequently, this cover is not for you.