Gator EFX vs Gator FX

Gator EFX exhibits a black powder-coated finishing only meanwhile Gator FX also has this same finishing but with an extra UV resistant layer. Both these tonneau covers are made up of similar materials and provide identical easy installations.

The Gator EFX is developed from aircraft-grade lower weight aluminum panels with black powder-coated along with matte finishing. This cover is tri-folded and can be opened up to 2/3 times allowing decent accessibility.

On the other side, the Gator FX panels manufacturing material is also powerful, less weighted aircraft-grade aluminum metal with a durable and sleek design.

In comparison to Gator EFX, the Gator FX provides slightly better overall performances, has a fully accessible bed, and experiences lower UV rays deterioration. But this product is available at a much higher price and provides a shorter warranty duration as compared to its counterpart.

Side By Side Comparison:

SpecificationsGator EFXGator FX
StyleManually operatedManually operated
SecurityLock keyLock key
Weight-Bearing Capacity300 lbs300 lbs
Remote PoweredNoNo
Warranty3 years2 years
Price700 to 730 $800 to 930 $


The installing procedure of both these tonneau covers does not involve any drilling. They can be installed in a similar manner by following the given steps:

  • The first step is removing the screws and shipping material.
  • Side rails are then connected with the canister.
  • With the help of screws connect the front panel with the side rail.
  • The remaining panels and rails are then placed on the truck.
  • After that, fixing of front and rear clamps are done.
  • Notice any gap between rails. If there is any gap, fix it.
  • Lastly, drain tubes are attached for finishing up the installation procedure.


The overall design of these covers is almost alike. Both these tonneau covers are made up of low weighted aluminum metal with matte finishing. The black powder is coated on these covers with an additional UV-resistant layer on Gator FX.

The low-profile design provides these covers with a streamlined appearance. These are hard tri-folded covers with Gator EFX giving 2/3 meanwhile Gator FX provides full bed accessibility.

Buckle straps are provided with them for secure open cover driving. The building material is also durable and lightweight.

Draining tubes and EPDM rubber allow quick removal of water. Rubber hinges are available on both these covers.

The overall dimensions of Gator FX are lower compared to its twin. So, these covers are better fitted for larger trucks.

On the contrary, the weight of Gator EFX is lower besides having greater dimensions making it ahead in terms of handling.

Physical PropertiesGator EFX Gator FX
Length (inches)34.568
Width (inches)80.523
Height (inches)6.58
Weight (lbs)56.970.9


In terms of performance, Gator EFX is behind compared to its counterpart.

The weight capacity of Gator EFX is similar to its peer however only 2/3 of panels can be opened up providing lower accessibility.

The black powder coating provides decent protection against abrasions. Storage straps are present for driving without cover at a higher speed.

Gator FX is also a retractable device with an identical weight capacity as that of its twin.

However, unlike its competitor, the prop rods’ presence in these covers allows full bed access.

A familiar black powder-type material is coated on this cover as well with an additional resistant layer from UV rays protecting them from deterioration.

Likewise, it has straps that allow secure fast-speed driving without any cover.


In terms of security, both these covers are completely safe and secure. These covers have a key latch system, allowing their locking anywhere above rails.

There is no tailgate sealing present in these covers. The covering or uncovering of the truck bed can be done whether the tailgate is opened or closed.

The location of the lock and key is the same in both these tonneau covers.

Thus, both these covers provide excellent security for luggage due to the presence of a key lock system so once locked they can only be accessed with the key. 


Both these covers provide a certain period of warranty. Gator EFX however provides a longer duration compared to its peer. The manufacturer of this cover gives a three-year warranty.

On the other hand, Gator FX is second to its rival in terms of warranty interval.

This product comes in with a two long years warranty. That makes Gator EFX ahead in this regard.


Gator FX is more extravagant compared to its counterpart.

This product is available at a price between 800 to 930 US Dollars. This high price is counterbalanced by its slightly more dominant performance.

Conversely, the lower pricing of Gator EFX makes it a more economical choice.

The cost of this cover is between 700 to 730 US Dollars.

The greater warranty duration and high security at such a cheap price make this product more affordable.

(Please note that prices may vary in the future).

So to conclude:

  • The manufacturing material of both these tonneau covers is aluminum with matte finishing.
  • The installation procedure of both these covers is similar.
  • The lower weight of EFX provides better handling compared to its rival.
  • FX provides full bed access meanwhile its counterpart lacks this facility.
  • Lock and key system availability in these products provide enhance luggage security.
  • EFX is ahead in terms of warranty as it provides a longer duration.
  • FX has a higher price tag because of its more compelling performance.