Gator EFX vs BAKFlip MX4

Both covers possess three foldable aluminum panels. They can be installed handily by bolting and clamping within 20 – 30 minutes. Moreover, they illustrate a streamlined low-profile appearance and their security is dependent on the tailgate lock.

Gator EFX is composed of aircraft-grade aluminum with a powder-coated semi-gloss tonneau finish which awards it a slick, streamlined and durable design.

Its sturdy composition enables it to bear 300 pounds of uniformly dispersed load.

For weather protection, it is equipped with hinges and seals made up of EPDM rubber and for water drainage an internal drain tube is present. It is equipped with storage straps and secure rods for partial and entire bed access.

Moreover, it offers automated slam latches which promote its performance. However, its standard size is comparatively lighter in weight.

The BakFlip MX4 is also made up of commercial-grade aluminum panels with a durable matte-black tonneau finish which grants it a tough infrastructure with a patented low-profile appearance.

It is comparatively heavier and thicker which allows it to carry 500 lbs of evenly loaded weight. Its water draining system includes a drain tube, water-repelling side rails and EPDM rubber hinges and seals.

Like its competitor, it also offers cable latches and instinctive slam latches which makes it quite easy to fold and unfold.

In competition with EFX, MX4 stands victorious. It is thicker, heavier and sturdier in composition and offers a more fascinating outlook. It is more durable and offers a longer warranty duration, which results in its greater cost.

CompositionAluminum PanelsAluminum Panels
InstallationRequire bolts and clampsRequire bolts and clamps
DesignUltra Low-ProfilePatented Low-Profile
Compared Size6’7”6’7”
Product Weight65 lbs71 lbs
Weight Rating300 lbs400 lbs
SecurityTailgate lockTailgate lock
WarrantyLimited 3-yearLimited 5-year
Price720 – 800$1080 – 1140$

Sizes, Dimensions and Weight


SizesDimensions (L x W x H)Weight
5 Feet 7 Inch67” x 34.5” x 6”53.6 lbs
6 Feet 7 Inch79” x 34.5” x 6.5”65 lbs


SizesDimensions (L x W x H)Weight
5 Feet 7 Inch67” x 23” x 8.5”63 lbs
6 Feet 7 Inch67” x 23” x 8.5”71 lbs

Outlook Comparison

EFX is an ultra-low-profile truck bed cover which highlights a streamlined aerodynamic appearance. Its mounting rails settle inside the bed caps which adds to its patented design. However, its exterior is painted black and its powder coat awards it with a semi-gloss outlook.

MX4 is also mounted with the bed caps for a patented low-profile appearance. Its exterior may be chromed, polished or painted which enhances its outlook. Its matte-black powder coat gives it a stunning streamlined appearance. Moreover, its elevator bolts and clamps, corner caps, and rail caps are also matte-black coated which adds to its glamour.

ExteriorPaintedPolished, Chromed, Painted

The matte-black finishing of MX4 with a chromed, painted or polished top grant it a better outlook. Moreover, its matte-coated corner caps, rail caps, elevator clamps and clips add to its supremacy.

Composition Comparison

EFX, being composed of aircraft-grade aluminum panels is quite hard and sturdy to be broken by violent strokes. Its powder coat finish is efficient in protecting these panels from bruises, scratches and ultraviolet rays. Moreover, its hinges and seals feature EPDM rubber which is highly protective against harsh weather.

Whereas MX4 is composed of industrial-grade aluminum panels which are equally rigid as that of its counterpart. It is finished with a durable matte-black coating which efficiently prevents scrapes, dents and UV rays, thus adding to its strength and vitality. It also offers EPDM rubber hinges and seals which are excellent for coping with extreme weather conditions.

Tonneau MaterialAircraft-Grade AluminumIndustrial-Strength  Aluminum
Tonneau FinishSemi-GlossMatte-Black
Seal and HingesEPDM RubberEPDM Rubber

MX4 is comparatively thicker and is more durable due to its matte-black coating. It offers a sturdier composition as compared to its opponent.

Performance Comparison

Both tonneau covers lack remote powering and are operated in the same way. They can be easily locked, unlocked, folded and unfolded as follows:

To Uncover the Truck Bed:

  1. Unlock the tailgate first.
  2. Reach the latching cable on either side beneath the rear panel.
  3. Pull the cables one after another beneath each panel to unfold your cover.
  4. Your cover can be secured in a 2/3 position with the help of storage straps.
  5. To have full access to your truck bed the panels can be secured in a vertical position by using prop rods.

To Cover the Truck Bed:

  1. Start folding your panels towards the tailgate and they spontaneously latch at each folding point.
  2. The rear seal of both covers work two ways; you can either cover your truck bed completely before closing the tailgate or the tailgate can be closed before entirely covering the bed.
Operating StyleFoldingFolding
Number of Folds33
Bed Access1/3, 2/3, 100%1/3, 2/3, 100%
Tailgate SealFlapDual-Action
Latching SystemsCable Latches (Unfolding) Automatic Slam Latches (Folding)Cable Latches (Unfolding) Automatic Slam Latches (Folding) 
Remote PoweringNoNo

However, both covers are operated in the same way but EFX can be removed from the bed easily by loosening the four retaining clamps. This fact gives this cover an edge over its rival.

Resistance and Durability Comparison

Let’s compare the resistance of both covers against water, dents, scrapes, corrosion and UV rays.

  • Water Resistance

EFX is equipped with seals and hinges made up of EPDM rubber which acts as a watertight seal to prevent the water from coming into the truck bed. On the inside of the side rails, it features a weather strip for the ultimate safety of your elements. Moreover, its drain tube directly channels the water out of the truck bed, keeping the gear dry.

Whereas, MX4 is provided with enhanced side rails which are specialized to flush water towards the drain tube. The drain tube directly funnels the water to the outside, keeping your cargo safe. Moreover, it also features EPDM rubber hinges and seals which resist the water from pricking into the truck bed.

MX4 provides better resistance against water as it is equipped with water drainage side rails which are absent in its opponent.

  • Dent and Scratch Resistance

EFX due to its strong aluminum construction is less likely to have dents but its semi-gloss finish is not much protective against scrapes which reduces its durability. However, it is provided with rubber bumpers which prevents abrasions when the cover is folded against the cab.

MX4 is also equipped with a tough aluminum composition which is capable of bearing indentations caused by violent strokes. Moreover, its durable matte-black tonneau finish is proved highly defensive against scrapes. It has pre-moulded and die-cut rubber bumpers which are comparatively more protective when the panels are folded.

Therefore, both covers are almost equally resistant against dents but matte-finishing of MX4 is comparatively protective against scratches, blotches and abrasions which improves its durability.

  • Corrosion and UV Resistance

EFX, being equipped with corrosion and UV-resistant powder-coated aluminum panels is highly durable but its painted alumimum may be corroded or damaged more rapidly by the UV rays.

MX4 also has sturdy aluminum panels which are corrosion and UV-resistant but the fact which makes it superior to its peer, in this case, is its rust and UV-resistant matte-coating with a polished or chromed exterior which promotes its life.

  • Warranty

EFX is comparatively less durable and offers a manufacturer’s warranty of 3 years. Also, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

MX4 takes the lead in durability and is backed up by a warranty of 5 years. However, its money-back guarantee is limited to 30 days.



  • Can be installed and removed more easily.
  • Is comparatively economical.


  • Offers a comparatively attractive design.
  • Is thicker, heavier and sturdier.
  • Is comparatively durable.
  • Has a higher weight rating.
  • Offers an extended warranty period.