Bakflip MX4 Review

BAKflip MX4 has aluminum panels with matte black finishing which are UV resistant.

You can have nearly total bed access by folding all three aluminum panels.

Moreover, its dual-action tailgate seal makes it one of the best choices, as you can cover the bed with, opened or closed tailgate.

Protection Comparison

BAKflip MX4
BAKflip MX4

The aircraft-grade aluminum-coated panels of MX4 are layered with UV-resistant matte black powder.

This powdered layering is also proved highly effective in protecting the cover against dents and scrapes. Its EPDM rubber seals and caps make it waterproof to some extent.

Moreover, it offers channels merged with the rails that direct the water into the drain tubes from where it is flushed out.

This cover also offers rubber bumpers that effectively absorb shocks and provide lubrication when the panels are folded against the cab. 

Durability Comparison

BAKflip MX4

MX4 also offers durable matte black powder-coated aluminum panels which are UV resistant and provide good protection against dents and scrapes.

The panels are light but contain aircraft-grade aluminum which promotes its durability. It also offers enhanced injection-molded bolt housing components that add to its durability.

In the case of carrying weight, this cover is slightly less efficient and can carry approximately 400 lbs of weight.

It also lags behind its counterpart in the case of its warranty as it is limited to only 5 years.

Ease of Use

MX4 also offers a drilling-free process for its installation and you just have to fix and tight the clamps at different sites.

For using it you have to open the tailgate first and then you can pile the panels towards the back window. It offers pull strings beneath each panel that are to be pulled to unfold the desirable panel.

All three panels are piled one by one from the tailgate side towards the rear window.

For total bed access, the prop rods are provided which supports your piled bed covers at an angle of 90° just behind the rear window. Moreover, its dual-action tailgate seal makes it easy to use up to some extent as you can shut your bed cover with opened or closed tailgate.

Also, you don’t have to lift your cover to close the tailgate.

However, a bit more effort is required in piling/unpiling it as compared to its competitor, which is slideable and easier to use.

Security Comparison

BAKflip lacks a key lock and its security depends totally upon the tailgate seal.

Pull strings are installed beneath each panel which are to be pulled to unfold the particular panel.

Moreover, the manufacturing of this truck bed cover is not as strong as its counterpart. It can be perforated with violent strokes and your luggage is at greater risk of being stolen.

Also, this product does not have a key lock which makes it less efficient in terms of security.