Both of these covers are essential to protect your cargo and maintain the glamour of your truck. They are foldable and offer bolt-on installation. Both are made up of high-quality aluminum and can support up to 400 lbs of uniformly distributed load.

Stance is a low-key tonneau cover which is flushed with the bed caps and made up of stalwart aluminum alloy. Two finishes are available for this cover; either utherane-black or diamond-mist black. It is equipped with a weather-proof design which includes vinyl-covered hinges with continuous end seals. Its RigidLink™ locking system and moulded storage brackets are significant for full and partial (1/3) bed usage. It is provided with a ten-point latching system which improves its performance efficacy. Moreover, it is backed up by a limited warranty of 3 years.

Whereas BAKflip MX4 exhibits a low-profile, aerodynamic appearance. It features a hard-wearing, all-aluminum construction coated with durable matte-black powder. Its weather-proofing mechanisms include water propelling rails and EPDM rubber hinges and seals. It is equipped with prop rods and storage straps for total and partial (1/3) bed access. It offers slam and cable latches with an injection moulded latching system. It is backed up by a 5-year warranty.

Upon comparison of both these tonneau covers, Stance comes out to be dominant as it is provided with a well-distinguished and more attractive outlook. It offers a lustier construction and is sturdier to resist dents and scrapes which leads to its higher cost.

Quick Contrasting Table

Folding OperationFolding Operation
Low-Profile DesignLow-Profile Design
Aluminum Alloy ConstructionAluminum Construction
Black Utherane / Black Diamond MistMatted-Black Finish
Bolt-on InstallationBolt-on Installation
Compared Size 6’Compared Size 6’7”
400lbs of Weight Capacity400lbs of Weight Capacity
Tailgate Lock SecurityTailgate Lock Security  
3-Year Limited Warranty5-Year Limited Warranty
Ranges from $1090 – $1190Ranges from $1080 – $1140

Sizes, Weights and Dimensions


SizeDimension (L x W x H)Weight (lbs)
6 Feet72”x 36” x 7”80


SizesDimensions (L x W x H)Weight (lbs)
5 Feet 7 Inch67” x 23” x 8.5”63
6 Feet 7 Inch79” x 23” x 8.5”71

Design Comparison

Stance is well-known for its unique appearance and low-profile design.  It is provided with either black utherane finishing which gives it an adorable, rugged outlook or with black diamond-mist finishing that creates an aggressive, brick-like appearance. It rests about 1/2 inches above the bed and is comparatively thinner which grants it a more flushed appearance.

MX4 is not a design-oriented product, but it covers some essential categories of design. It is finished with matte-black powder for an illustrious, shiny appearance. Its accessories like end caps and hinges are also matte-coated which endorses its outlook. In a textured design, its painted, polished or chromed exterior looks very appealing. However, it is comparatively thicker and mounts at a greater height over rails as compared to its peer.

DesignStance MX4
AppearanceLow-Profile  Low-Profile
ToppingMatte-BlackUtherane-Black / Diamond-Mist Black
ExteriorRuggedPolished/ Painted/ Chromed

If we just consider the design, Stance wins. Because it is more exquisite in looks and offers variety in its finishing. Also, its more flushed appearance induces its glam.

Composition Comparison

Stance uses the best quality aluminum alloy as the construction material. This aluminum alloy is lightweight, durable and extremely strong to resist accidental damage. Its utherane or diamond-haze finishing not only illustrates its appearance but also enhances its durability by resisting scars and scrapes. This cover is provided with aluminum channels, weather-tight seals and vinyl-coated hinges. Moreover, its latching components are coated with heavy-duty reinforced nylon which promotes its longevity.

The interior and exterior of MX4 are also made of solid aluminum, which is a combination of outside protection and inside strength. This combination ensures that cargo protection is unaffected by any damage. Its exterior and accessory components are coated with durable matte powder which is highly scratch-proof. The bottom of the powered coated aluminum is rustproof and extremely durable. Moreover, its hinges and seals are composed of EPDM rubber which maintains its efficiency in harsh environments. 

Tonneau Material Aluminum AlloyAluminum
Tonneau FinishUtherane-Black / Diamond-Mist BlackMatte-Black
Seals and HingesVinyl-Coated RubberMatte-Coated EPDM Rubber
Density121.7 for 6’127.0 for 6’7”

The unit surface density of Stance is comparatively higher than its counterpart and it offers a much sturdier aluminum alloy construction which places it superior to its peer.

Performance Comparison

Stance is a tri-fold tonneau cover which can be smoothly folded towards or against the cab without any hindrance. To uncover your truck bed, its each panel is provided with automated dual-locking cords. These cords are to be tugged gently to unlock the panel from the rails. To secure your cover in a 2/3 folded position, you are provided with chords on both sides of the panel which are to be attached to the moulded storage bungees provided at the front border of its utmost panel. For full bed access, it is equipped with rigid links which are to be fixed in the magnetic hooks installed over the roof of your cab, on both sides. It secures your panels vertically at approximately 90° and prevents them to make contact with the truck’s rear window. To cover your bed, fold each panel towards the cab and they automatically lock at each folding point due to its ten-point locking system. Moreover, its multi-fold tailgate seal allows you to shut the cover efficiently, regardless of the tailgate being opened or closed.

MX4 is also given a foldable operating style. Its panels can also be folded or unfolded quite efficiently and effortlessly. For folding the cover, it is also provided with cable latches beneath each panel which are to be tugged to unlock the panels from the rails. For securing your cover in a 2/3 folded position, it is provided with buckle straps which are fixed into the installed buckle clips on the front border of its first panel. For full bed access, all three folded panels stand along with the rear window and can be secured with the help of strut rods provided on both ends. Covering the truck bed is quite easy as each of its panels latches automatically when folded towards the cab, thanks to its automated slam latches with an injection moulded lathing system. Moreover, its dual-action tailgate seal allows you to shut your cover either with opened or closed tailgate.

Operating StyleFoldableFoldable
Number of Folds Offered33
Folding Positions1/3, 2/3, 100%1/3, 2/3, 100%
Tailgate SealMulti-FoldDual-Action
Latching SystemTen PointInjection Moulded
Remote PoweringNoNo

However, both tonneau covers are operated in the same way but the Rigidlink locking system of Stance is comparatively more effective than the prop rods of its rival in providing entire bed access. Also, its ten-point latching system is more efficient than the injection moulded latching system of its rival.

Resistance Comparison

Water Resistance

Stance is invested with a highly effective weather-shedding design which maintains its efficacy even during heavy rain, sleet or snowfall. It creates a weather-tight seal which involves waterproof vinyl-coated rubber hinges combined with consecutive seals which not only prohibit the water from dripping inside the bed but also direct it away from your luggage without drain tubes or trenches. Moreover, this cover coincides with the bed rails for a consistent and weather-resistant seal.

MX4 is also designed to restrain water from entering the bed to ensure the safety of your goods. It is equipped with a drain tube with one end pierced into the side rail and the other into the wall of the truck bed. Its intensified side rails conduct the upcoming water towards the drainage tubes which efficiently funnels it out of your truck bed. Also, its weather-proof EPDM rubber pivots and seals are highly significant in preventing the entry of water inside the bed.

Provided with water expelling side rails and drain tube, MX4 is comparatively better in resisting water from entering the truck bed.

  • Dent and Scrap Resistance

The stronger and denser composition of Stance allows it to stand ahead of its rival in providing resistance against dents. Moreover, due to its rough utherane or diamond-haze coating, it is less likely to get scrapped.  

However, MX4 is also made up of tough aluminum material but is comparatively less effective in absorbing accidental effects and can get deformed more easily. Moreover, its matted surface is however scratch-proof but can’t resist scrapping as efficiently as its peer can.

  • UV Resistance

Along with its higher density and tougher composition, Stance is unable to beat its opponent in providing UV resistance. Its utherane or diamond-mist finishing is comparatively less protective against UV rays.

Whereas MX4 being coated with UV-resistant matte-black powder stands superior. Also, its painted, polished or chromed exterior promotes its resistance against UV rays.



  • Has a more illustrious and flushed appearance.
  • Is comparatively tougher and denser.
  • Gives comparatively better performance.
  • Less likely to get deformed or scrapped.


  • Offers a better water drainage mechanism.
  • Is more protective against sharp UV rays.
  • Offers a longer manufacturer’s warranty span.
  • Is comparatively budget-friendly.