BAKFlip G2 vs Lomax Stance

Tonneau Covers always pay you back and they are always a great investment. Besides saving you from thieves, their aerodynamic design allows you to save a ton on gas. But which of these trifolds are for you?

On one side, we have the mid range pick of BAK Industries, the G2, which gets the work done, but still has a few things that you have to consider before buying.

And on other side, we have the Lomax Stance with its “Low” Profiled design as you may have noticed in its name. And I have to say, I haven’t seen any cover more flushed than this.

Let’s check out both of these guys in detail.

Design – Things To Know:

Starting with Lomax Stance, you can choose 2 different looks with this cover, where utherane finishing is going to cost you less, while the brick like appearance of “Diamond mist” would make your truck more durable.

The cover utilizes best quality aluminum alloy for its panels, making them lightweight and at the same time durable.

But these panels still feel flimsy (because its sheets are ultra thin). But I guess that’s okay as the cover sits very flushed with the bed, barely showing above the caps.

And it was surprisingly to note that these sheets can take up to 400 lbs of weight (evenly distributed). (G2 offers 300 lbs rating here).

The cover also protects against all sorts of “acts of God” with its vinyl coated hinges and weather tight seals.

And yes worth reminding, instead of typical prop rods, it has brackets that attach to the clips (on top of the truck).

If we talk about the BAKFlip G2, this cover also comes out with an attractive/glossy outlook, where it features 3 panels that have a very similar working mechanism.

Except for the last opened panel position (where the cover uses prop rods).

This cover comes in middle of the road in terms of quality, where its panels are not made of metal exclusively and instead its a composite material wrapped in aluminum.

Both covers provide you with pull string locks with tail gate seals and both of them are very easy to operate. Still out of the two, the Lomax Stance panels feel smoother. They are also lighter in weight as well (60 lbs in a packed box compared to BAKflip G2’s 70 pounds).

Where BAKFlip G2 is better:

In case of G2, you can access the whole cover with the help of rods which actually keeps the panels from falling back down, and so the panels actually rest with the rear of your truck. They have bumpers that sit between these panels and your truck which provide protection by taking the impact (of any heavy cargo for example) instead of your truck.

They also don’t cover the 3rd brake light in the middle.

Lomax on the other hand, covers the whole rear of your truck and on last position it’s panels stand straight and since they don’t rest with your truck you can’t lean any heavy cargo against them.

Other than this, the G2 is also equipped with water drainage system where Lomax is not.

Where Lomax Stance is better?

Lomax Stance offer you with dual tail gate sealing so you can close the cover over open tail gate. You can’t however on G2, as this cover has overlapping tailgate seals, meaning you have to close the tail gate first in order to lock/close the cover.

And although both covers offer you with automatic latching but its still better in Lomax (they are more durable and feel premium).

The cover ‘s latching components are also coated with heavy-duty reinforced nylon (which promotes its longevity).

Things I miss in both covers:

Cushioning underneath the panels would have been nicer, as it protects the cover from inside and allows you to have noise free/quieter ride (as the carpeting on these covers dampen the noise).

I also miss the LED lights on these covers, this feature is very useful especially when you are in the dark (but sure you can use your phone’s torch).

Protection Comparison – Which Is Better?

When it comes to Lomax Stance, these covers are overall great in all types of weather conditions.

The cover don’t have drain tubes but the vinyl coated rubber hinges and the consecutive sealing stops water leakage to a great extent.

The bed rails are water tight and resistant. But the lateral seals between the panels and the one with the tailgate are not, so much.

So expect some leakage in these areas.

On the other side, the BAKFlip G2 comprises of water management system and has EPDM rubber seals that go parallel with rails and across the hinges. So overall, this cover is better against water leakage in comparison (by a small margin).

But still you can’t expect it to be fully water proof. In fact, no cover is, they are all water “resistant” instead.

Both covers also provide good resistance against UV rays but here Lomax Stance is better with its diamond mist finishing (so your stuff remains cooler in summers and panels are not so hot to touch).

The cover is also a little more durable in comparison as it can take on 100 lbs more weight compared to G2.

Working of these covers?

Both of these covers can be installed easily and quickly.

Both feature cable latches underneath (on either side) and you can pull them to open the cover.

These cable latches shows better quality in Lomax. Where in BAKFlip G2, these cables often hide themselves and you have go search around for them (I fixed this issue with zip ties).

Also G2 offers you with less durable latches and they won’t last longer in comparison in my opinion.

But the good thing about this cover is that its panels have bumpers on back for protection (when you fully open them). The cover also does not block the middle back light (3rd brake light).

The Lomax Stance on the other side, does not have these bumpers and it completely covers the whole rear.

There’s also 1 inch gap between the panels and the truck (it recommended to set it up like that), so I guess no need for those bumpers. But I wouldn’t lean any heavy stuff against it.

And yes worth mentioning, it has elastic bands on both sides instead of buckles (to secure the panels is the 2/3rd partially open position. And these bands, although they may not look like it, they are very sturdy as they are screwed in the aluminum.

And they perform better compared to buckle straps. (there’s also a safety hook attached to the panels in case if anything fails).

So whats the verdict?

Well when it comes to Lomax Stance, you get all the cool features sure, but is it really worth the price?

Well, I think yes, especially for someone who likes a low profile good looking cover which is of premium built.

And no for someone who is looking for something in a budget. But that does not mean BAKflip G2 is a budget pick. There are other options like the Gator EFX, or Rough Country Low Profile…..and so on…

I would however buy BAKflip G2 again because of their customer service.

Its just great. Let’s just put it to that.