Gator FX3 vs Lomax Stance

Both of these are tri-fold covers look very similar, and show great durability… but still, is the Lomax Stance higher price here justified?

Gator FX3 is composed of tough aluminum slats with a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) coating. It undergoes a drill-free installation but lack key-lock security.

On the other hand, the Lomax Stance is a low-key tonneau cover which is flushed with the bed caps and made up of stalwart aluminum alloy. Two finishes are available for this cover and it’s equipped with a weather-proof design

Design – Things To Know:

Starting with Lomax Stance, you can choose 2 different looks with this cover, where utherane finishing is going to cost you less, while the brick like appearance of “Diamond mist” would make your truck more durable.

The cover utilizes best quality aluminum alloy as the construction material. Its lightweight, durable and quite strong. But they don’t look as strong, as you’ll notice with these panels, they are a bit flimsy (because they made the cover a little too thin, I guess). It rests about 1/2 inches above the bed and is comparatively thinner which grants it a more flushed appearance.

But the cover can withstand a weight of 400 lbs.

Each panel has rubber shoes underneath and they don’t rub against the other panels. However in their earlier design the rubber used to get off after a while (and you would have to put your own so it can’t scratch every time you open/close the covers). Now their “Rubber feet” is fine.

Underneath the panels, there is no cushioning and you can see the aluminum sheets. (Cushioning would have been nicer, as it would also protect the cover from inside as well).

Other than this, the cover comes with weather-tight seals and vinyl-coated hinges. And has a latching components that are coated with heavy-duty reinforced nylon (which promotes its longevity).

And yes worth reminding, instead of typical prop rods, it has brackets that attach to the clips (on top of the truck).

If we talk about the Gator FX3, this cover also comes out with an attractive/glossy outlook, where it features 3 aluminum panels that can be opened all the way using buckle straps and prop rods.

It also has rear bumpers that prevent damage to the truck’s cabin.

It also features a pull string and locks with the tailgate seal. Moreover, it weighs only 50 pounds (where Lomax is 80 lbs). And it has a weight bearing capacity of 300 lbs.

Its panels are air-craft grade aluminum with a FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) coating which keeps its surface cool in hot conditions.

And also prevents dents and scraps and makes it UV resistant.

Other than this it is equipped with EPDM rubber seals and hinges for excellent water resistance. And has drain tubes (missing in Lomax Stance) that help directing water out of your truck bed.

Protection Comparison – Which Is Better?

When it comes to Lomax Stance, these covers are overall great in protecting your truck from weather and other “acts of God”.

And although it does not have drain tubes, it still is able to create a good enough weather-tight seal which involves waterproof vinyl-coated rubber hinges combined with consecutive seals (and they not only stops water from going in but also directs it away from your stuff inside).

Other than this, this cover coexists with the bed rails for a constant and weather-resistant seal.

But overall its seals are less effective here. The lateral seals between the panels are not so great.not a very tight seal with the tail gate. Also not very good water leakage overall…Keeps out 80% of the water. and its utherane or diamond-mist finishing is comparatively less protective against UV rays.

But in terms of durability Lomax Stance is better, with 100 pounds more weight bearing capacity.

On the other hand, the Gator FX3 comprises a nice system of water management.

It has EPDM rubber seals that run along the rails and across the hinges. This rubber-like material keeps your gear dry by repelling water with its tight seal. And the supported drain tubes flush the excess water out of the truck bed.

Other than this the FRP coating protects the cover against UV in a better way.

Working of these covers?

Both of these covers can be installed easily and quickly.

Once installed, in case of Lomax Stance, you can open with cable latch which is underneath every panel.

These cable latches shows better quality in comparison. Where in Gator FX3, these cables just hide themselves and you have to really find them to open the cover. Also FX3 has less durable latches and would not last as long as the Lomax Stance.

But the good thing about this cover is that its panels have bumpers on back for protection (when you fully open them). The cover also does not block the middle back light (3rd brake light).

The Lomax Stance on the other side, does not have these bumpers and it completely covers the 3rd brake light. (But I guess bumpers are also not needed here as they recommend 1 inch gap b/w the cover panels and the cabin).

And at final position you lift these panels up (at 90 degrees) and clip on the anchor points installed on top of the truck (they are installed without drilling, its just sticks in and you can just place/hook the cover in using the rods).

Note: I wouldn’t store things against it the cover while fully open. Hauling larger items, make sure they don’t rest with the cover, as I haven’t tested out their strength (which is not going to be too great). But there are safety clips just in case, so if anything happens, your cover’s not going anywhere.

And yes worth mentioning, its elastic bands on both sides. have clips that are actually very sturdy than they look as they are screwed in the aluminum. (One of best ones I’ve seen on any cover so far).

So whats the verdict?

Well, Lomax Stance costs more, but the cost is totally justified. This guy really sits low and is very durable.

And although the aluminum panels are a little flimsy and you don’t have drain tubes (which reminds me, no cover is 100% waterproof), still this cover is a great pick.

I bought this cover just for looks and everything else was just a bonus. And I recommend it for anyone who want a great truck look combined with amazing durability.

The Gator FX3 is also okay. I mean there isn’t anything too bad in there… they can improve the latches quality a little, and the cover does provide you with more UV protections and lesser water leakage.