Undercover Armor Flex vs Lomax Stance

Both these trifolds not only keep your truck safe from all sorts of conditions, including weather, but their aerodynamic design (which saves you fuel money) makes them pay you back in the long run. But which of these is for you?

Here the UnderCover Armor Flex is surely a nice choice, given it’s durability and a very reasonable price tag.

While the Lomax Stance, is expensive, but it really is unique when you look at it’s design. That’s why it’s the go to cover for truck modification enthusiasts.

Let’s check out both of these puppies, in detail.

Starting with their Design:

Starting with the Lomax Stance which its ultra flush look, where the cover barely sits above the bed caps.

The cover’s design is further enhanced by its signature coating.

It actually comes with 2 different coating designs that you can choose from. One is called the “Diamond Mist” where it would cost you a few hundred bucks more and the other one is called the “Utherance Black” which is their default coating, if you don’t want to pay extra.

But a word of advice, the Diamond Mist is really worth it, so if you go with the cover, definitely get that one. This coating increases the life of your cover by a large margin.

The cover uses aluminum sheets (under that coating) and these sheets are very thin and feel flimsy, but are still sturdy enough.

But looking at their design, I think the cover would be prone to dents, although I haven’t tested it on my cover.

Underneath the panels, you can clearly see these aluminum sheets in silver color, and although they look good enough, they should have carpeted it from under.

A underneath carpeting of panels does 2 things. One, it protects your cover from inside from any sharp thing inside the truck, and the cover does not look bad when you drive around with them open.

And 2nd, it reduces the noise, by dampening any sound coming in from inside your truck. (Undercover Ultra Flex has this feature BTW).

Other than this the cover provides with automatic latching with 10 points and has dual tail gate action seals, which allows you to close the cover despite the open/close position of the tail gate.

The cover also comes with weather tight seals and vinyl coated hinges but does not provide you with drain tubes.

On the other side, the UnderCover Armor Flex comes with aluminum panels all the way too.

And it has Line X coating. Which is simply amazing when you see the cover’s price tag, as this coating saves you a lot of money as getting this coating done yourself is 5 to 10 times more expensive.

With this coating, the cover can take more abuse, so the durability is enhanced, besides giving the cover a great look.

They also made the seals better on this thing (if you compare it with its previous generation). It now has 3 seal system just like the Lomax Stance, and those seals sit tight with the caps of your truck bed.

So with these seals, both covers provide you with dual tail gate action. Also both covers have EPDM rubber seals, but on Armor Flex, you also get 2 drain tubes (missing in Lomax).

Other than this, Armor Flex also weighs the same 85 pounds as the Lomax Stance and also comes with slam latches and same no. of sizes.

Both panels also cover the whole rear of the truck, including the central/3rd brake light. They both stand at 90 degrees parallel to the rear of your truck.

But one thing different here is that the Armor Flex comes with 5 years warranty, while the Lomax Stance has the warranty of 3 years.

Protection & Durability of these covers:

Both of these covers have the same weight bearing capacity of 400 lbs (evenly distributed) and in case of Lomax Stance, these aluminum panels are a bit flimsy. They don’t feel sturdy enough to walk on, despite their good weight bearing capacity.

And where they are shaky, they sure are thin and they sure are flushed, so I guess this is the compromise you have to make here.

Also the cover is more prone to leakage despite its 3 leaps seals.

In comparison, the Armor Flex provides with better water tight seals and drain tubes (missing in Lomax), so it deals a little better in comparison.

But the difference in minimal and know that there’s no cover which would not leak. They always do.

So having said that, I’d say Lomax keeps 85% of the water out, while the Armor Flex, 90%.

Other than this, the cover can be fully/partially opened and you can drive with it like that…but its safe not to rest any heavy cargo with their panels.

In case of Armor Flex, the prop rods are not durable enough for it.

And in case of Lomax Stance, which has hooks and Rigid Links on top of your trucks, they are just sticking in, and resting any heavy stuff against it can break it up.

Note: There is a safety clips in the Lomax Stance, in case if anything fails.

Other than this the Lomax Stance provide you with very sturdy locking latches, which are coated with nylon. They seem more durable and premium in comparison, and I think they would last longer.

The Diamond Mist coating also provides you with better protection against UV rays, but the cover is more prone to scratches, compared to Line X coating in Armor Flex.

Which has the better Performance?

Both covers are equally smooth in their operation. They both have cable latch system to open/ close.

But the nylon clips in the Lomax Stance feel more premium.

Both covers can be secured in 2nd/3rd. And it’s done with the help of buckle straps in Armor Flex, and elastic bands in Lomax Stance.

These elastic bands/clips may look weak but they are actually very sturdy as they are screwed in the aluminum.

To secure the cover in the last position, prop rods are used in Armor Flex.

Where in Lomax, it rigid links instead of prop rods. These are basically brackets that attach to the clips (that have to stick on top of your truck). These secures your panels vertically at 90° angle and it does not make any contact with the trucks rear.

Note: It is recommended to keep a one inch gap between the cabin and the cover when fully opened, so keep that in mind during installation. Also again, no drill setup.

But in Armor Flex, you may have to drill for the drain tubes.

Both covers have dual latching tail gate action and slam latches as well.

One thing I like about Armor Flex is that is has a skid-resistant surface for improved traction when loading or unloading heavy cargo.

So whats the verdict?

Armor Flex comes with more warranty, and is less expensive out of the two.

But Lomax justifies its price tag with its design and durability combined.

Both covers are prone to leakage, where Armor Flex is a little better.

So if you want something in a budget and don’t care as much for the looks you can go for the Armor Flex, otherwise, Lomax is one of the best looking covers out there.