UnderCover Ultra Flex vs Lomax Stance

Both these covers are great, simply put. They protect. They are durable. And of course they save you money (as you spend less money on gas). Their aerodynamic design allows your truck to become more fuel efficient. So they pay you back and its always a great investment. Speaking of these two…

The Undercover UltraFlex gives an awesome matte black outlook with its panels having powdered finishing. And besides looks and protection, the cover brings in some extra features that you don’t find in any other cover.

On the other side, Lomax Stance takes the cake in looks. It’s cover sits very flush and looks very premium when closed. And its one of the key features. That’s why its one of the go to cover for truck modification enthusiasts.

Let’s check out both of these boys…

Starting with their Design

Starting with the Lomax Stance. It is greatly known for its unique low profiled appearance. Where its about only half inch above the bed, so they are very think and flushed.

Its looks very premium when closed especially with its one of the Diamond mist design. (It basically comes in 2 different design/outer texture where this one would cost you more. The other one is utherance black and its also great, but Diamond mist provides you with more scars/scrape resistance).

Underneath the panels, aluminum sheet are clearly visible, which at its price point is not good enough. They should have embedded a carpeting there (like Ultra Flex).

Each panel has rubber shoes underneath and they prevent rubbing against other panels, and driving with them partially open, they also ensures comfort and less rattling noise.

Lomax Stance does not come with any kind of draining system and instead there are weather-tight seals and vinyl-coated hinges.

The cover uses the best quality aluminum alloy for its inner construction. Its lightweight and durable but they feel a little flimsy at times. (I talked about it more below).

Other than this the Lomax has a weather-proof design which has vinyl-covered hinges combined with end seals.

And it’s “RigidLink” locking system and molded storage brackets are significant for full and partial (1/3) bed usage.

When fully installed, you can open with cable latch which is underneath every panel. (There are nylon clips which feel premium). And at the last position where panels are fully open and together in upright angle, there are clips that you hand in to the anchor points (which you stick on the trucks head).

On the other side, in case of the Undercover Ultra Flex, it has a completely different design.

It is made out of 2 aluminum sheets with a foam in between, a foam sandwich if you will. Where this foam instead acts as an insulator.

The outer part of panels have a black coating giving them matte and glossy look at the same time.

The cover sits more flushed in comparison here as it aircraft grade aluminum sheets are thin (and at the same time not too flimsy).

Now I personally like the design of Lomax here when compared, as it sits really flush, flat as a pancake, but feature wise, Ultra Flex takes the cake.

For example, these covers provide you with cushioning underneath the panels. And this design feature really aids the cover in terms of noise and protects the cover from any sharp objects inside. And sure its inside, I get that… but when you drive with them open, those dings/scratches are exposed.

Also another feature I miss in almost all other covers is the LED light. As this cover comes with the one pre installed. With other covers, I cant tell you how many times, I had to come back to my seat to pick up my cellphone and use it as a torch.

Other than this, their prop rods are made premium and even the place where they sit is great. They don’t rattle at all like other covers.

The cover also comes with drain tubes (missing in Lomax) but then again in order to install them, you have to dig holes in your truck bed.

Another design feature they can improve is making the 3rd brake light visible when the cover is fully opened.

Durability and Protection:

Both of these covers have the same weight bearing capacity of 400 lbs (evenly distributed) and in case of Lomax Stance, these aluminum panels are a bit flimsy. They don’t feel strudy enough to walk on, despite their good weight bearing capacity.

But these plates are only shaky because they are so thin. And this adds to their beauty.

Also since the cover has no drainage system, it is more prone to water leakage (during heavy rain).

Its lateral seals (that are b/w the panels) leak the most and they don’t make as tight seal as the Ultra Flex. But note that the difference is very minimum and no cover is 100% waterproof. There is always leakage.

So having said that, I’d say Lomax keeps 80% of the water out, while he Ultra Flex 90%.

Other than this, the cover can be fully/partially opened and you can drive with it like that…but its safe not to rest any heavy cargo with the panels when fully open as their hook system is not that durable. But they still have safety clips in case anything fails.

Other than this, the cover gives you a very sturdy locking system (10 point locking).

Speaking of UnderCover Ultra Flex, on the other side, this cover provides you with better UV resistance.

It also fight against corrosion well and make its panels resistant to dents/dings.

And speaking of ride quality, the underneath cushion in the Undercover Ultra Flex really aids, as things inside your truck don’t seem to rattle that much (besides protecting the cover from inside).

For protection against weather, Ultra Flex is better as it has EPDM rubber seals and a drain tube which directs the accumulated water out of your truck bed.

But still a con here for Ultra Flex is that you have to install the rails and the drain tubes that collect the water and show it the way out. While the Lomax offers you a easy drill free install method.

Performance/ Working:

Lomax Stance can be smoothly folded without any hindrance. Each panel is provided with automated dual-locking cords which are to be tugged gently (in order to unlock the panel from rails).

To secure your cover partially mid way( in a 2/3 folded position), you have to use these cords given on both sides which are attached to the molded storage eleastic bungees provided at the end (near driver side).

These elastic bands/clips may look weak but they are actually very sturdy as they are screwed in the aluminum.

For full bed access, it is equipped with rigid links instead of prop rods (you see in Ultra Flex), it has brackets that attach to the clips (that have to stick on top of your truck). These secures your panels vertically at 90° angle and it does not make any contact with the trucks rear.

Note: It is recommended to keep a one inch gap between the cabin and the cover when fully opened, so keep that in mind during installation. Also again, no drill setup.

In case of Ultra FLex, you can fold these panels and secure them in all positions in a similar manner, also including the last standing position, but here you have prop rods and stuts instead.

Here the cover also does not make any contact with the rear of the truck as well.

Both these covers have multi-fold tailgate seals allowing you to shut the cover efficiently, regardless of the tailgate being opened or closed

Also both truck covers are equipped with latches that slam shut and “pull the string” opening system.

And their locks (while opening) can be triggered from either side where you just pull the latch string to fold the cover.

So Whats the verdict?

Well, Lomax Stance is more pricey, but the cost is really justified. This cover sits really low and is very durable despite being so thin.

That’s why its aluminum panels feel flimsy, but that’s a compromise you have to make with such great design.

Also with no drain tubes, this cover is more prone to water leakage.

But I bought this cover just for looks and everything else was just a bonus. On the other hand, for Ultra Flex, I really love this cover too mainly because of so many unique features the cover has.