Extang Encore vs Lomax Stance

Both of these trifold look and work very differently. And both of them have unique features that really sets them apart from the crowd.

The Extang Encore with its thick design is for people who don’t mind a less flushed look as long as the cover provides you with the protection needed.

On the other side, Lomax Stance is for people who want the best possible looks where the cover sits flushed and I have to say no other cover is as “Low” as the “LO”max Stance here.

Let’s check out both of these guys.

Let’s check out their designs:

In case of Lomax Stance, for an extremely low-profile look, the aluminum panels of have their tops coated.

And this coating with matte-black powder adds to its looks.

Its cab corner caps, rail ending caps, elevator screws, and clamps are all matte-coated for an utmost sleek texture.

The cover comes in 2 design with one of their signature design they call Diamond Mist. The other one is Utherane Black.

Diamond Mist is going to cost you a little more, but at the same time also gonna bring in more durability/protection for this cover.

It looks very premium.

But speaking of premium, I expected this cover to have cushioning/carpeting fro underneath, I mean looking at its price tag.

But it’s just plain silver aluminum.

And since the cover is so thin, the panels feels a bit flimsy.

Still the cover uses the best quality aluminum alloy as the construction material. This aluminum alloy is lightweight, durable and extremely strong to resist accidental damage.

It’s also equipped with a weather-proof design which includes vinyl-covered hinges with continuous end seals.

When fully installed, you can open with cable latch which is underneath every panel. (There are nylon clips which feel of quality). And final position you lift the panels and clip on the anchor points installed on top of the truck.

Also there is no draining system with this cover and instead there are weather-tight seals and vinyl-coated hinges.

On the other side, the Extang also does not provide you with drain tubes, in a similar way, but the cover is very different.

You can say it looks complete opposite.

In Lomax, where they focused on the flushed design, here, they really took care of other things like the durability and accessibility.

And the cover is really accessible, thanks to its unique feature, which allows you to open the cover from both sides.

To open the cover from front side, there is a rotatory lock and key mechanism (on the drivers side). So you simply unlock it and access the cover from the front side.

Where the backside of the cover can only be opened up if you open the tail gate first.

Both covers can be accessed simultaneously as well. And the lock (facing upwards) is properly covered so no water can get in.

But with such bulkier design, the cover does not sit as flushed. It has thick panels of 1 inch (where the cover sits half an inch above bed caps), but its never been an issue, as the cover still looks low profiled enough.

If we talk about look, the cover also comes with a matte black top layer and it matches the OEM bed and tail gate caps so the cover looks like its a part of your truck and not something you installed later on.

And with such big panels these covers sure are light in weight. In fact, they are one of the lightest in all other tri folds I’ve reviewed so far (weighing only 60 lbs with a packed box).

And this also further aids the cover in yet another one of its unique feature, which is its installation time. These covers can be installed with in 5 minutes (and can be removed as easily as well).

So how come these panels are so lightweight? Well that’s because they are made out of polypropylene core which is then covered with thermo plastic automotive grade layers.

Other than this, its panels is surrounded with a cage of aluminum frames which adds to its durability further.

These frames are equipped with hinged caps and rubber corners with snap on seals (EPDM) along with multiple leap seals and they all help against harsh weather conditions.

What about Protection & Durability?

In case of Lomax stance, although company gave a weight rating of 400 lbs for it, comparatively, they feel a bit flimsy as the panels are too thin.

But I guess that the compromise you’ll make with ultra thin, flushed looking design.

But what about the protection?

Well no cover is 100% waterproof and there is always leakage seen in all of them. And having said that, the cover is just okay here.

It has no drain tubes, but the seals still make a water tight covering.

You may however face issues with the lateral seals that sit between these panels, but it can always be fixed.

Other than this, the cover can be fully opened but its safe not to rest any heavy cargo against the panels as I am not too sure about their hook system (on top of the truck). But they do have safety clips in case anything fails.

But one of the best things I really like about this cover is how premium it’s locking system is. It provides you with rigid 10 locking points and they all speaks volumes of quality.

The Extang Encore on the other hand, with it Endura Sheild panels offers you with 600 lbs of weight bearing capacity (compared to Lomax’s 400 pounds).

And where Lomax provides you protection against corrosion, on Encore, you don’t have to worry about any of that, as you are not dealing with that material.

In fact, the automotive grade plastic the cover has gives better insulation against heat and is more protective against scratches and dents.

The composition is also less susceptible of being loud. As its material soaks up the bumps allowing you a more comfortable ride.

And instead of prop rods, the cover also gives you a full bed access where you can open the panels from both sides. This is also a pro, as with propping rods, you block the back view which can become a safety concern.

Also if you wish to load heavy cargo, you can always remove the cover in minutes literally.

Performance/ Working:

Both of these covers can be installed easily and quickly. But nothing beats the time of Encore . I mean they must be in some kind of record of “Fastest Tonneau Cover Installation” or something.

These covers can be installed / removed with in 5 minutes.

On the other side, it takes abut 30 to 40 minutes to get Lomax installed. It comes with bed rails with draining system and 3 clamp system and of course hard panels and you have to set those all up separately.

But once installed, the process is smoother for both.

In case of Lomax Stance you get traditional cable latches which you tug to open the cover. You can only access it by unlocking the tail gate.

To secure your cover in a 2/3 folded position, you are can use the cords on both sides of the panel which can get connected to the molded storage bungees provided at the front border (near driver side).

And these elastic bands/clips may feel weak, but they are very strong. They are screwed in the aluminum itself, so they are not going anywhere, so you can say, the cover secures in this position in a better way.

For full bed access, it is equipped with rigid links which you have to get installed on the top of the truck.

You just stick it on, and don’t need to drill in to the roof. There’s also a magnet in there.

These secures your panels vertically at approximately 90° and prevents them to make contact with the truck’s rear window.

Also there is a gap of 1 inch between the cabin and the folded covers (they just recommend installation that way).

So you can not put/lean any heavy cargo against it. And the cover also blocks the rear view.

Where on Extang you open the cover form both sides, without blocking anything.

Other than this, both covers have dual action tail gate locks, where you can lock your cover even when the tail gate is open.

And yes, both covers also have automatic latching mechanism and they lock automatically on closing panels with Lomax Stance having better quality here.

So Whats the verdict?

Both of these covers offer you unique features.

The Extang Encore is more durable and comes with full bed access with blocking the rear view.

On the other hand, the Lomax Stance sits very low and flushed and gives a unique look to your truck.