BAKFlip F1 vs Lomax Stance

Not every cover is created equally and having said that… Both of these tri-fold covers look similar and provide you with a great deal of protection combined with looks.

The Bakflip F1 is a high grade aluminum built with FRP. The cover is not easier to operate or install but provides you with a great deal of security.

Here the Lomax Stance cover provides you with a flush design with durable panels have two different layers finishing on them. They provide a 10 point latching system and come with 3 years warranty just the F1.

Let’s check out their design first…


Lomax Stance is well-known for its unique appearance and low-profile design. (It rests about 1/2 inches above the bed and is comparatively thinner which grants it a more flushed appearance).

Its looks very premium when closed especially with the Diamond mist design (It comes in 2 designs where “Diamond mist” costs you more).

Note: Cover has 2 finishing layers which are made up of either utherane-black or diamond-mist black. (Its finishing not only illustrates its appearance but also enhances its durability by resisting scars and scrapes).

But underneath it has no cushion, which would have been nice given the price of this cover. It’s just plain aluminum underneath.

When fully installed, you can open with cable latch which is underneath every panel. (There are nylon clips which feel of quality). And final position you lift the panels and clip on the anchor points installed on top of the truck. (Where F1 has prop rods).

Each panel has rubber shoes underneath and they don’t rub against the other panels, however the rubber gets off after a while and you have to put your own so that it does not scratch every time you open/close the covers.

But I’ve noticed now they have upgraded these “Rubber feet”, so maybe they are better now. These are very important as besides saving the truck from scratches they also ensures quieter ride, as panels don’t rattle/rub with each other.

There is no draining system with this cover and instead there are weather-tight seals and vinyl-coated hinges.

The cover uses the best quality aluminum alloy as the construction material. This aluminum alloy is lightweight, durable and extremely strong to resist accidental damage but they feel a little flimsy. (I talked about it more below).

Other than this the cover is equipped with a weather-proof design which includes vinyl-covered hinges with continuous end seals.

And it’s “RigidLink” locking system and molded storage brackets are significant for full and partial (1/3) bed usage.

On the other side, the BAKflip F1 is a top of the line, premium cover from BAK Industries. The cover comes with Rail, panels, and hardware kit (basically everything you need to install them).

This top-loading tonneau was created with durability in mind. And so the cover is composed of high-grade aluminum. And is further coated with a fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP) where it has a texture of black powder (which allows it to have a good amount of strength and stability).

The aluminum rods provide sturdy support for your truck, and their rustproof design makes sure it lasts years without any hassle. (Mine is almost 3 years old now, never ran in to any issues).

It also has a water drainage system (unlike the Lomax Stance) which efficiently drains away the water. And overall it’s quite easy to operate.

Other than this it has cable latches underneath. And also does not have the cushioning to protect it from inside.

On 2nd last position there are buckle straps instead of elastic band in the other cover. And on the last position/fully opened cover, you have prop rods that keep the panels in their place (where in Lomax you have to hook them in on top of the truck (where you install/stick magnetic clips).

Durability and Protection:

In case of Lomax stance, although company gave a weight rating of 400 lbs for it, comparatively, they feel a bit flimsy.

I mean at first, I wasn’t too sure, whether I can walk on these panels…

But then again they feel weaker than they actually are, and that’s because of their thin design as they sit very flush and flat as a pancake.

The cover has no drainage system, and out of the two, is more prone to water leakage.

The lateral seals between the panels are not so great. And they don’t also make very tight seal with the tail gate (where most of the leakage happens). Overall, I’d say they can keep almost 80% of the water out, which is still great. (Given that no cover is 100% waterproof, I mean I haven’t seen one, If you’ve, let me know).

So the cover’s rubber seals and gaskets are still okay.

Other than this, the cover can be fully opened but its safe not to rest any heavy cargo against the panels as I am not too sure about their hook system (on top of the truck). But they do have safety clips in case anything fails.

Other than this, the cover provides you with a very sturdy and more rigid locking system (10 point locking).

In case of BAKFlip F1, you get the same 400 lbs weight bearing capacity, but overall, they feel more durable out of the two.

It also has a drainage system that will divert the water outside and keep the bed dry (so less leakage is seen here).

It has rubber bumpers (underneath panels) that provide a cushion to the rear of the truck when the panels are in upright position, keeping the truck safe.

They also don’t disturb the 3rd middle light (where Lomax covers it up completely).

Other than this the cover is made up of aircraft grade aluminum with a FRP (Fiberglass reinforced polymer) coating.

FRP protects against intense cater, an impression made by blow, scratch, etc., and protects against heat. The textured surface on top helps keep things cool inside

The underside is lined by heavy-duty aluminum panels, making the cover stronger. But again, there is no cushion seen here, so you can get dings/dents on the inside (which looks bad when you drive with cover open).

The cover is equipped with an upgraded latch housing system to make the cover long-lasting and durable.

Working / Performance:

Starting with Lomax Stance again, the cover can be smoothly folded towards or against the cab without any hindrance.

In order to open the cover, its each panel is provided with automated dual-locking cords. These cords are to be tugged gently to unlock the panel from the rails.

To secure your cover in a 2/3 folded position, you are can use the cords on both sides of the panel which can get connected to the molded storage bungees provided at the front border (near driver side).

And these elastic bands/clips are actually very sturdy than they look as they are screwed in the aluminum.

For full bed access, it is equipped with rigid links which you have to get installed on the top of the truck.

Instead of typical prop rods (you see in Bakflip f1), it has brackets that attach to the clips (that have to installed on the top of the truck first),

You just stick it on, and don’t need to drill in to the roof. There’s also a magnet in there.

These secures your panels vertically at approximately 90° and prevents them to make contact with the truck’s rear window.

Note: It is recommended to keep a one inch gap between the cabin and the cover when fully opened, so keep that in mind during installation. Also again, no drill setup.

To cover your bed, fold each panel towards the cab and they automatically lock at each folding point due to its ten-point locking system.

Moreover, its multi-fold tailgate seal allows you to shut the cover efficiently, regardless of the tailgate being opened or closed

If we talk about the BAKflip F1, the cover has panels that have a latching cable beneath them which is to be pulled to unfold them towards the cab.

It has prop rods like mentioned and they are also good at securing the folded panels in the upright position (for total bed access).

Its string latches also connect with the rails when folded towards the tailgate.

Bad things about these covers (know before buying):

Both these covers lack the LED lights. I also have UnderCover Ultra Flex for example and that cover comes with a LED light pre installed. It’s a nice feature to have and it really help in the dark when you are blind as a bat and can find anything in your truck. (And don’t have a phone with you).

They both lack remote controlling system.

And both coves don’t have cushioning underneath. Which makes them prone to dings/dents (which looks bad when open).

Rubber hinges between the panels are not so great, for both of these truck covers (if we compare with other premium ones).

If we talk about the Lomax alone, it does not have the drain tubes. And the panels feel very flimsy.

On the other hand, the composition of Bakflip F1 starts to fade after about 2 years and they start turing white.

Also these panels absorb water and they start getting heavier and heavier to a point where you can’t lift the panels with one hand.

Also I don’t like the fact that you have to close the tail gate first before closing the cover (in case of BAKflip F1 being a premium cover).