Retrax Pro MX Review

Retrax Pro MX is included in premium aluminum series of truck bed covers. It has double-wall aluminum panels with a matte-black powder finish. It is slide-able and you can lock it at any position between the opening and closing points with the help of a handle lock design. Moreover, sealed ball bearings are also installed in this cover which allows it to slide back and forth easily.

Protection Comparison

Retrax Pro MX Cover installed
Pro MX

Pro MX provides rugged protection for your truck bed and features a low-profile design that intensifies its look. One of its main features is an anti-rub canister which prevents it from coming in contact with itself when pushed into the canister. The heavy-duty aluminum slat helps to promote its wear resistance and allows it to cope efficiently with dust, dirt, and snow. The upper surface of this cover is highly modified to direct the upcoming water into the canister where the supplied drain tubes funnel it out.

Durability Comparison

Retrax Pro MX Cover close up
Retrax Pro MX Durability

The double-wall aluminum panel in the case of Pro MX is also coated with matte black powder which makes it scratch, dents, and UV resistant to some extent and adds to its durability. Moreover, it has a double-wall aluminum panel which makes it strong enough to bear accidental damages and its heavy-duty aluminum slat promotes its wear resistance.  Its strengthened aluminum panels can carry up to 500 lbs of weight. An impressive feature that makes it superior to most bed covers is that it offers a lifetime warranty. 

Ease of Use

Retrax Pro MX Cover use
Pro MX ease of use

Pro MX is quite easy to install and use. It offers a drilling-free installation, you simply have to fix the clamps at specific positions and fasten them. This cover is slideable and comes with an unusual spiral designed anti-rub canister which efficiently rolls or unrolls it. Moreover, for its smooth movement over the side rails sealed ball bearings are installed. You don’t even have to open the tailgate to uncover your truck bed as it offers a key latching system above its surface at the rear-left corner. A button is also provided along with the keyhole which is to be pressed to slide the cover back and forth. You can key lock your cover at any position between opening and closing points so that you can have partial or full access to your truck bed.

Security Comparison

Retrax Pro MX Cover
Pro MX close up

Pro MX is highly secured with a key lock which is to be unlatched to access the bed cover. You can lock it at any position either with a key or the remote. Your luggage and truck gear are highly secured against thieves, if your truck bed is covered completely and locked. Moreover, the panels are double-walled aluminum-coated which gives it enough strength to undergo vigorous strokes.


  • Pro MX is retractable.
  • It gives a very good protection against accidental damage as it offers double-wall aluminum.
  • It is a great option in the case of waterproofing and weatherproofing.
  • It provides good durability and can carry more weight.
  • It is easier to use as you don’t even have to open the tailgate to uncover it.