Truxedo Lo Pro Review

Both of the competitors are roll-up tonneau covers. The X15 is a good choice if you are searching for a lightweight, convenient, and sleek-designed cover. While the Pro would be a preferable choice if you’re searching for something robust, long-lasting, and more straightforward to install.

With a low-profile signature design, Lo Pro doesn’t distract and improves the overall appearance of your vehicle because it just sticks 3/4″ over the truck bed. This tear-resistant vinyl is made of the best materials and is designed to help shield your luggage from the worst weather. Easy operation as one finger is needed to open an anodized single trigger latch.

In comparison to Lo Pro, X15 has a more stylish and attractive design with easy operation and lightweight construction. On the other hand, Pro is a robust tonneau cover that offers superior protection to your cargo from external elements and is relatively more durable.

Design and composition

The variant with the lowest mounting point is the superb low-profile X15. Superior-grade woven fabric gives the truck bed a fashionable matte-black appearance, and new 15-degree rails create an Xtra-low profile look. The fabric’s inherent dirt resistance properties help it stay clean for a longer period. In addition, a self-leveling low-profile design minimizes wind drag and improves fuel economy.

Performance and Durability

The Pro emphasizes the finest building materials available in the market. This has an aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame and a double-coated vinyl tarp covering. Its double-coated vinyl has tear resistance and UV protection. Pro is exceptionally durable and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Lastly, it boasts a sturdy design with metal framing that offers the most outstanding protection for the stuff inside.


The X15 has a single-finger operation to provide the utmost hassle-free customer comfort. In addition, this cover now has an anodized trigger latch that can be opened with only one finger. It is also made to allow access to the mount stack pocket, and its removal process takes a few seconds. Additionally, users can quickly add extras like bed liners, side rails, and rail caps.


To increase the security of the Lo Pro, the manufacturer uses some complex seals. To improve the safety of your truck, it provides four sealing choices. For maximum protection, this cover has a back latching system that activates when the tailgate lock is opened. Additionally, its hooks and loops are very trustworthy regarding safeguarding cargo.

Warranty and Price

A lifetime warranty is offered for each cover. This warranty only applies to the real owner and is non-transferable. It is valid only if the devices are installed correctly and used for the intended purposes.

Quick summary

  • X15 has a significantly more stylish design than its competitor.
  • Lo Pro is relatively less expensive than its rival.
  • Both of them have a limited lifetime warranty.
  • X15 installation is more straightforward than Pro.
  • Pro’s locking system is more efficient than X15.
  • Pro is relatively more durable and robust.