Access Lorado vs Truxedo Pro X15 Tonneau Cover

Both Lorado and X15 are soft, roll-up type tonneau covers. And regarding protection against weather, the tuxedo does not provide any fancy features, whereas Lorado, with its high-quality trap, can withstand any temperature level.

Truxedo Pro X15 features a unique self-leveling mechanism that enables more precise installation.

With a new 15 degrees rail, the bed is flush-mounted with an extra-low profile, and woven fabric that provides a stylish matte black appearance.

On the other side, the Access Lorado has an excellent XT dial manual tension adjuster, aluminum frame construction, Uv resistance, round reinforcement bars, and double coated vinyl fabrics.

Side By Side Comparison:

Truxedo X15 does not come with any fancy weather-protecting feature, but it still provides a strong weather stance, without a doubt.

Pro X15
Truxedo Pro X15

This includes weather resilience so that you won’t be affected by harsh rains, winds, or UV radiation.

It provides all-around weather protection and its infrastructure is designed in such a way that it protects the truck bed from water or snow and keeps it dry.

On the other side, Lorado does a better job of protecting the goods from the weather elements compared to X15.

Access Lardo Cover

A big knob controls the tension control XT dial, which may be adjusted.

This knob allows customers to alter the tonneau’s tension in the event of inclement weather or temperature fluctuations.

High-quality tarp is able to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to over 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Waterproof seals and water tight gasket are also included on all sides of the rail. It is entirely water-resistant and does not allow any water to enter.


The matte black cloth on the X15 is of the highest quality.

Truxedo Pro X15
Pro X15

This material resists damage better than vinyl. This industrial-grade textile is tear-resistant and capable of supporting 350 pounds. Aircraft-grade aluminum frames support the entire construction.

The whole structure is solid, ensuring optimum cargo safety and long-term use.

The Lorado, on the other hand, is made of commercial-grade materials.

Access Lardo on 4 by 4
Access Lardo Durability

Its tarp is exceptionally tough and it also has a ripstop fabric that is tear and scratch-resistant.

The tarp’s life duration is extended thanks to ripstop technology.

The structure’s bottom framing is made of black 6000-grade aluminum rails, bows, and bars to create bed covers that can withstand the added weight.

Ease Of Use 

The self-leveling feature of the X15allows for a quick, straightforward, and accurate setup.

Truxedo Pro X15 installation
Truxedo Pro X15 installation

It mounts inside the bed rails and takes minutes to install with no additional drivers or pieces. (This means no errands to the hardware shop.)

With Truxedo’s Quick-Release System, you can remove the Pro X15 even faster if you’re transporting logs, mulch, or any other load that requires total bed access.

The Lorado’s long-lasting anodized trigger latch opens with only one finger and is built to last.

Access Lardo Cover Installation
Access Lardo Cover Installation

So, no matter how long you keep your truck, the latch will function flawlessly on the first pull as well as the last.

It rails mount within with Tight Bite Clamps, having three clamps on each side of the truck bed.

It only takes a few minutes to set up. The ‘teeth’ are precisely carved to maintain a firmer grip and strength.

A high-strength seal runs the truck bed length thanks to a hook and loop fastening system.


The latching method secures luggage inside the X15.

Truxedo Pro X15 on truck
Truxedo Pro X15

Only one finger is required to activate the latch. Industrial-grade Velcro is available to keep the cover firmly fastened to the rails.

Truxedo Pro X15 close up
Pro X15 close up

At the back of the bed, two spring-loaded steel plungers keep the tension constant.

Its one-finger function makes it less protective against thieves. 

On the other hand, Lorado has never compromised on truck bed security.

Access Lardo
Access Lardo Security

The Auto Latch II Locking System is incredibly trustworthy for comprehensive security.

A passenger-side latch closes the tailgate to safeguard the cargo.

A push cord located on the driver’s side activates the central automatic reflex latch.

Aside from latches, there is also a Velcro hook and loop locking system for added security.

Thieves will be unable to cut the ripstop tarp.


There is only a few pennies difference between both the covers.

In terms of price, they come in the same range; anyone with around 500$ can buy these tonneau covers.

Access Lardo Rolling up

The cost of X15 is a little more.

So by the difference of a few hundred bucks, Lorado is slightly cheaper than X15.