Truxedo Sentry vs Titanium Tonneau Cover

Are you confused about buying the best tonneau cover in terms of various key features? Alright, the truck bed covers protect your stuff inside your bed space.

Truxedo covers are easier to install and they don’t become a hassle if you have to remove them.

Here we figure out the main outcomes of two main truck bed covers: Truxedo Sentry and Titanium. Want to know more about these tonneau covers? Let’s explore more!

The Truxedo Sentry is a hard roll-up cover for your truck bed. This product comes with a matte black woven fabric that surrounds all your truck space with bounded aluminium braces.

The easy installation process is done with simple DIY tools to get the job done quickly.

A great thing about Sentry is that it gives the appearance of an extra low profile to your truck, though your cargo goods are safe under its hard rolling cover from various weather conditions.

It has a flush-mounting system that keeps your cover rolling up easily.

Another thing about the sentry is the unique quality material used in the making of the bed cover. The sturdiest material of the cover is made up of leather-grain vinyl fabric that gives industrial leather a smooth look on your tonneau truck.

Are you looking for the most well-built, functional, and awesome tonneau cover? No worries, Titanium has opted for an awesome quality cover that fits your truck bed space.

This very cool titanium cover is technically a hybrid. Does it sound weird? Titanium is now fully hybrid-supported with unique aluminium panels for your tonneau truck.

The amazing thing about TruXedo titanium is its easiest operating mount. You can easily install it alone with the help of tools. A lot of customers review titanium because of its build quality. It gives such an amazing experience while using this cover.

Most of the covers on the market are made of soft fabric. That fabric may stretch, shrink, and sag over time in its routine. In the case of the Truxedo titanium, the covers are made up of aluminium slats that keep the top fabric nice and tidy. It is made up of leather-grain marine-grade vinyl that stands up to the weather conditions perfectly.

Protection Comparison

Sentry and Titanium are both products of the same brand, Truxedo, but there are key differences that make both products of their own value. Both differ in their build quality and also in other factors.

Truxedo CT
Sentry CT

The Truxedo Sentry is made up of waterproof leather grain vinyl and has very high build quality when rolling up covers. In that, the roll-up cover protects your cargo from various weather conditions like rain, acts of God, and moans. Its high-quality aluminium slate protects your gear and tools from difficult weather conditions by building high pressure on the upper mount. The snowy weather conditions are difficult for cargo trucks. The protective bed cover plays an important role in preventing goods from snowfall of up to 400 lbs.

Truxedo titanium
Truxedo Titanium rolled

Contrary to the Truxedo titanium, their fabric is also made up of high fabric quality, waterproof leather grain vinyl that covers all the bed truck space. Its high build aluminum panel is beneficial in protecting from difficult weathers conditions. Now you don’t have to worry about your cargo stuff while driving freely in rainy weather. Another great thing about titanium is a feature of cool touch temperature optimum range. Whenever you touched the cover in hot, you suddenly feel cold on it.

Durability Comparison

Durability is the essence of any product and how it is powerful in maintaining its user experience. However, sentry and titanium are mostly the same in terms of durability features, yet they have some differences.

Truxedo CT
Truxedo CT

Overall, the fabric and the robust vinyl sheet that holds the pressure bonding are the best quality Sentry series covers.The durable weight range of the sentry truck bed cover is about 300 lbs. It has the greatest potential to take too much weight on its hard aluminium rolling slate. The newest Sentry CT covers come with more new features that enhance your experience with roll-up covers.

Truxedo Titanium
Truxedo Titanium

The Truxedo Titanium has a very cool texture and a sleek design on the top mount. It has robust and lightweight aluminium panels that cover the space all around the truck bed. In its durability test, titanium weighs around 400 lbs, which is its best handling weight. Titanium is better than steel in bearing huge weights due to its tough proportion of material. Moreover, it has a UV-resistant sheet that protects your tools and gear from ultra-violet rays.

Ease of Use

The use of truck bed covers is like a piece of cake; just roll up from the specified mount to close and open. Whenever you have to go anywhere, just roll up the cover; it’s very manageable and easier to access. The Truxedo Sentry and Truxedo Titanium are easy to roll up and take wherever you want to go.

Truxedo CT ease of use
Truxedo Sentry CT ease of use

Thanks to Truxedo for making the quick-release system that helps with their tonneau covers. Every cover in the Sentry series is equipped with a quick-release system, so whenever you are in a hurry, just release its spindle to shut it down. The Sentry has a middle-security latch in between the truck bed and the rails that adds more security to it. That is very useful. Both of the tuxedo covers will be installed with only DIY skills. You must have a tool to screw it up quickly. The installation time of Sentry is about 15 minutes.

Truxedo Titanium in rain
Truxedo Titanium under rain

On the other hand, Truxedo Titanium is fast enough to cover your cargo goods. Titanium shutting clutches are very fast in closing and opening a truck bed from any side. It is a very safe and secure cover that protects your precious tools and gear. The installation time of titanium is a maximum of 1 hour to complete.


Did you keep seeing your cargo stuff through your back mirror while driving? Usually, when you’re driving the vehicle, your main focus is on the truck bed cargo goods. Truxedo came up with the exciting truck bed cover security features, though you didn’t focus on your cargo gears and tools.

Truxedo CT
Sentry CT

The Truxedo Sentry is the best bodyguard for your cargo wherever you are going. Its middle latch security system adds tremendous security to your products’ safety. When locked through the middle of the latch, it holds tightly at the centre of the truck bed. So you can go wherever you want, worry-free about the security of your belongings.

Titanium is the secure master of your goods thanks to its unique construction of high-quality aluminium slats.If a thief gets through with a knife, the aluminium panels protect the truck’s side latches. The truck side latches are featured in the tailgate security system of a truck. This differs from the tuxedo sentry, where the sentry lacks this feature.


In a nutshell, buying a truck bed cover with the products of the same features of the same brand. Almost all tuxedos of products have an attractive sleek design that features in the same part of areas. Tuxedo Sentry vs titanium which one to buy?

Among keeping a birds-eye view on all the features such as installation speed, build quality and leather grain Titanium takes the best part in its core and it is affordable. In the case of Sentry, it might cost more because of its extra features.

So what did you decide? If your confusion gets solved, please comment below with your review of this article.