Gator HR1 vs Truxedo Titanium

When it comes to tonneau covers, it’s like diving into a labyrinth of options for the truck-savvy wizards out there. And let’s be honest, finding the perfect one can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack while wearing a blindfold.

Enter the two contenders, strutting their stuff in a seemingly identical fashion. Both rocking the aluminum slats covered in snazzy fabrics, they’re a sight to behold.

Their construction similarities are striking, boasting equal weight-bearing capacity and warding off dirt and UV rays like seasoned superheroes. And to top it off, they both flaunt that oh-so-chic matte black finish.

But wait, adventurers! Take a closer look, for there lies the secret treasure. A hidden gem that offers more bang for your buck.

Prepare to unlock the mysteries of value as we unveil the cover that’ll make your truck sing and your wallet do the happy dance. It’s time to separate the extraordinary from the ordinary and discover the true champion of tonneau covers!

Overview of both

To put things simply, the Truxedo Titanium is an older sibling of the Gator HR1 and it costs a litter less in comparison.

So where does it compromise?

Well, the Gator HR1 has a sleek black underside and it does not offer the cloth runner slats, seen in Truxedo Titanium.

These cloth runners are prone to letting go of their adhesive is summer and they start to loosen up and hang (with time).

But that’s not the case with the Gator HR1, as this cover incorporated a new rubber-like material that does not let go of the panels.

Also, the cover sits more low profile in comparison, with its less thick panels (while still providing an equal weight-bearing capacity of 400 lbs).

If we dig deeper, the cover also fits in a much better way as well, but you do get a bit of more contact at the end there with the tailgate. And although this makes a nicer sealing, sometimes dual tail action is hindered.

Other than this, when fully opened, the cover sits less flushed with a slightly lesser diameter compared to Truxedo Titanium.

Gator HR1
Gator HR1
TruXedo Titanium
TruXedo Titanium

Design Comparison

Both covers look so similar, that people sometimes consider them as same. But there are a little differences in their designs.

As mentioned above, the Gator HR1 has extra coating underneath. This increases its weight a little bit. It weighs 90 pounds in a packed box, compared to Truxedo Titanium’s 70 lbs.

And the cover despite having thicker panels, sits lower and is more flushed, 1/4th of an inch compared to 3/4th in Truxedo.

Other than this, although both covers are covered with UV-resistant vinyl, the Gator HR1 has vinyl overlay that covers the aluminum slats underneath, giving this cover more protection.

Both covers when fully rolled up sit about 12 to 13 inches in diameter (Gator HR1 a little more in comparison).

Both covers also sit well above and give you plenty of space underneath, so you can put your 5th wheel in there as well.

And both covers bring you with a 5 layer of woven polyester vinyl fabric which provides a satisfactory performance against harsh weather.

Both covers use Velcro on the sides and they are of the same quality and both of them stick up nicely.

Both have almost identical types of cable latching on both sides and similar locking mechanisms, although, the Gator HR1 provides you with an additional middle latch bringing more security.

Both covers can be closed over a closed tailgate as they both have dual tailgate sealing, and both covers can be fully opened and secured with hook straps.

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Both of these covers provide a great deal of resistance overall, against sunlight, rain, thunderstorm, wind, and hail.

Speaking of durability both covers provide you with the same 400 lbs of weight-bearing capacity.

And although both covers provide you with dual tailgate sealing, the Truxedo cover has a more extend lip which resists water here in a slightly better way.

Other than this, sealing is excellent on both and they both are watertight enough.

But note that they both will show some leakage, and no cover is 100% waterproof.

What I really like about their sealing is how many layers they provide you with, as you have the cover, the slats, and then there are 3 rubber pieces where 2 are on top and 1 under.

But still if we have to rate one above the other, I’d say Gator HR1 overall provides you with better sealing.

The cover comes with an additional lock in the middle which automatically shuts the cover tight from each side making a more water-tight sealing.

Also since the underside of the cover in HR1 is also layered with vinyl, you are not going to get better protection.

That’s why this cover also lasts a little longer as well.


In terms of working, first things first, installation. Both covers take almost the same time to get set up. Which is approx. 1 hour. Both can be installed using simple tools. And all you should have is just a wrench and a socket to attach the cover with the rails.

Both covers also offer you simple mechanism, you just pull the straps/cables and the cover would unlock, and then you can roll the cover and access your whole bed.

The cable latches are on both sides and you can unlock the cover from either side of the truck. In order to unlock, you have to open the tail gate first.

But you can close the cover over the closed tail gate (its a feature, that’s not available sometimes).

And when you want to remove these covers, you just simply pull the straps and it will open for you to get

Note that, the Gator HR1 because of it’s heavier design would take more energy to get rolled off and on, so you can say Truxedo has a better ease of use, slightly.

Also both of these covers are also equally aerodynamic and you will see almost 0.5 to 1 mpg difference after installing them.

And both provide you with rubber bumpers which act as barriers between your truck and the rolled up cover.

But overall, the design of Gator HR1 cover allows you to have better security. As the cover is equipped with security latch in the middle and rest is Velcro

So What’s the verdict?

Well, both covers are a premium pick and the Truxedo still costs you a little less, with the same durability and water tight seals.

On the other side, with a little more spending, you are going to get a slightly more flushed look with all matte black finish even on the underneath of panels and good security.