Bak Revolver X4S vs Gator HR1

Revolver XS4 has been designed by Backflip whereas Gator designed HR1. Both have a roll-up operating style. Their security depends upon the tailgate lock and they lack remote powering. Moreover, both offer a drill-free setup.

Bak Revolver XS4 is composed of tough aluminum slats with a vinyl overlay finished with premium matte-black coating. Its Velcro-free composition introduces a flush-fit and low-profile design.

Compare Revolver X4s with others:

On the other hand, the Gator HR1 is also composed of high-quality aluminium slats with industrial-grade vinyl grain finishing which allots it a strong seamless appearance.

XS4 in comparison with HR1 is always dominant. It offers a more attractive outlook, a stronger composition and better performance. Moreover, it is backed up by a longer warranty span. These features however lead to its expensiveness.

Side By Side Comparison:

Operating StyleRoll-upRoll-up
CompositionAluminium / VinylAluminium
Lock TypeTailgate lockTailgate lock
Remote PoweringNoNo
Weight Rating400 lbs400 lbs
Bed Access100%100%
Price1020 – 1160$950 – 1000$


XS4’s premium matte-black powder coating with flattened side seals and improved rear corner caps grants it a smooth, polished and simplified outlook.

Clamps and slats are also matte-black powder coated. Moreover, its weather-resistant design with an integrated bulkhead seal gives it a sealed weatherproof outlook when closed.

It lacks Velcro in its composition which awards it a hassle-free and flush-fit appearance.

Moreover, it does not block access to the stake pockets.

HR1 fits at 0.75 inches above your truck bed giving it a flushed low-profile appearance. It is finished with industrial-grade vinyl grain which promotes its attractiveness.

Its vinyl grain is weather and UV resistant.   Its hook and loop fasteners and vinyl covered hinges give it a packed waterproof outlook when closed.

Moreover, it is available in more sizes compared to its counterpart.

Physical PropertiesXS4HR1
Available Sizes5’7”, 6’4”, 8’5’, 5’8”, 6’6”, 8’
Compared Size8’8’
Available ColoursBlackBlack
Dimensions (L x W x H)96” x 4” 4”96” x 4” 4”
Weight (lbs)97 

XS4 has a premium matte-black finishing with flattened side seals and rear corner caps.

Moreover, its clamps and slats are also matte-black coated which grants it a sleeker and streamlined design as compared to competitor.


XS4 is composed of aluminum and vinyl tonneau materials with a matte-black coated finishing.

It has interlocking slats lined with industrial-grade vinyl. Its slats are capped for ultimate usage protection.

Its integrated bulkhead seal and vinyl function in keeping the water and debris out of your truck bed.

Moreover, it has weather-resistant seals which grant it excellent protection against harsh weather conditions. Furthermore, it is provided with rubber bumpers which protect the rear window from scrapping when your cover is tied along it for full bed access.

HR1 also features an aluminum tonneau composition but is finished with leather-grain vinyl instead of matte-black powder. It also has a high-grade vinyl trap over its interlocking aluminum slats.

Its hook and loop fasteners along with overlapping tailgate seals improve its water resistance.

Moreover, its vinyl covered hinges also play an important role in protecting it from water accumulation.

Materials UsedAluminum / VinylAluminum
FinishingMatte-BlackVinyl Grain
Water resistance1-Integrated bulkhead seal 2-Vinyl Overlay 3-Weather-resistant seals1-Hook and loop fasteners 2-Overlapping tailgate seals 3-Vinyl covered hinges

XS4 has a stronger composition as it includes a composite of aluminum and vinyl. Also, it has better water-resistant properties which keep it dry even in storms.


XS4 is a tough roll-up truck bed cover.

However, it lacks remote powering but can be effortlessly operated by hand. It offers pulling string latches beneath its tail rail which unlocks your cover from the side rails so that you can roll it towards the cab.

Also, it offers buckle straps which allow you to secure your cover at any position over the bed.

Moreover, it is stake pocket holes accessible and for waterproofing, it has integrated bulkhead with vinyl overlay and weather-resistant seals which keep your bed dry in rainy seasons.

HR1 also has a roll-up operating style and is operated manually. It is also provided with a cable latch which is to be pulled slightly to unlatch the cover from the rails.

It also has buckle straps which allow you to uncover the desired portion of your truck bed.

Moreover, its hook and loop fasteners are highly efficient in preventing water from entering the bed.

Its Vinyl-covered hinges and the overlapping tailgate seal further promote its waterproofing.

Operating StyleRoll-upRoll-up
Remote PoweringNoNo
Latching SystemString latchString latch

However, both tonneau covers are operated in the same way but XS4 due to its better waterproofing and weather-resistant properties perform better compared to its rival.


Both tonneau covers have a tough composition which makes them resistant to violent strokes but they do not have a key lock.

Both are secured by the tailgate lock and offer automatic slam latches which allows you to access the cover by pulling the cable latches gently.


Different warranty schemes and durations are offered by these two different manufacturers (BAK and Gator). XS4 is backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.

Moreover, it offers 30 days of trial and money-back guarantee. Whereas HR1 offers a warranty span of 3 years and 30 days of return guarantee.


XS4 is higher priced compared to its rival. Its price lies between 1020 and 1160 dollars. Its expensiveness is due to its nicer outlook, stronger creation and better performance.

Whereas HR1 is cheaper, having a price intermediate between 950 and 1000 dollars. (Please note that price may vary in the future).

Quick Summary

  • Both offer a rolling-up operating mode.  
  • HR1 is easier to install with its slide clips.
  • XS4’s premium matte-black coating grants it a better design.
  • The composite of aluminium and vinyl with matte-black coating awards XS4 a stronger creation.
  • XS4 performs better due to its highly efficient waterproofing mechanisms.
  • XS4 offers a longer warranty duration.
  • XS4’s cost is higher compared to its peer.