Bak Revolver X4s vs Extang Xceed

Although these covers look very cool and their looks is one reason to get them, these covers are also aerodynamic so they would also save some fuel money. But both of these covers here are slightly different. The BAK Revolver x4S is a hard roll up cover, while the Extang Xceed offers you with flush mount hard folding truck beds.

Bak Revolver X4s is designed for real-world durability while also focusing on looks. Every component of this truck bed cover is finished in matte black from head to toe. When closed, it provides consistent bed protection and complete bed access when opened. It boasts a clean aesthetic and a 5-year guarantee.

On the other side, we have the Extang Xceed which is equipped with an industrial-grade aluminum formation having a matte-black finishing which awards it a sleek, patented, and streamlined outlook.

The cover offers you with a rotatory latching system and allows you partial and entire access to your bed.

Its standard size weighs 75 pounds and is comparatively greater in dimensions.

Let’s find out more about these covers.

What can we tell from their looks/Design?

The Extang Xceed is mounted flushed with the bed caps to give an ultimate low-profile appearance. Its top is finished with matte-black powder which resembles many OEM truck elements like tailgate caps and rail end caps to give an industrial look.

Its seamless appearance is further intensified by its EnduraCoat Vinyl coating. Its exterior is painted black but is available in only two sizes.

However, its design is more attractive and visionary compared to its rival.

The Xtang cover highlights a tough and sturdy aluminum construction with a durable matte-black topping.

Its surface is further wrapped in Vinyl layering which grants it a comparatively stronger and tougher composition.

It is comparatively heavier and thicker and offers a higher weight rating.

On the other hand, the Bak Revolver X4s’s premium matte-black powder coating with flattened side seals and improved rear corner caps grants it a smooth, polished and simplified outlook.

Clamps and slats are also matte-black powder coated.

Moreover, its weather-resistant design with an integrated bulkhead seal gives it a sealed weatherproof outlook when closed. It lacks Velcro in its composition which awards it a hassle-free and flush-fit appearance.

Protection Comparison

The Extang Xceed is highly protected from harsh weather conditions as it offers a tough innovative composition.

It has 4 aluminum-coated panels which grant it an efficient strength against harsh climates.

Moreover, this cover offers EnduraCoat vinyl layering over its high-duty aluminum coating which is moisture-proof and prevents the water from trickling into the truck bed (and also is quite safe against UV rays). The extruded side seals also make it waterproof to some extent.

Moreover, its EPDM rubber seals along with water-proof vinyl layering efficiently prevent the leakage of water into the truck bed.

Note: Xceed’s vinyl covering has nothing to do with the dents and scratches, so it depends on its sturdy aluminum construction with matte-black finishing in the case of protection against such damage.

Other than this it is equipped with a precisely designed drain tube as well which propels water directly out of your truck bed.

Its mounted rails drain the water into the canister from where it is efficiently flushed out with the help of drain hoses. which is capable of bearing up to 500 pounds of the evenly suspended load. Its (compared to BAK Revolver X4s’s 400 lbs). (It also offers a warranty of 5 years).

Coming to Bak Revolver X4s, the cover is also a great pick here. It is a tough roll-up tonneau covering with a massive vinyl top layer that provides great durability.

This truck bed cover provides resistance against sunlight, rain, thunderstorm, wind, and hailing. Your equipment will remain protected even in the worst weather conditions.

That’s because this truck bed cover is made of industrial-grade vinyl with a matte black finish and is reinforced with pressure-bonded heavy-duty aluminum slats. So this provides immense durability and increases its attractiveness.

Overall the industrial grade vinyl gives X4 an edge over its competitor in terms of durability.

Other than this, the Under-body and clamps are matte black aluminum which enhances the strength of this cover. Its rugged engineering feature high-grade matte hardcover for providing strength to endure any kind of challenge thrown in its way.


With innovative trifold design, the Extang Extang Xceed offers four aluminum panels.

But here it lacks remote monitoring but is quite easy to operate. It has a rotatory release latching system with a dual-action tailgate seal.

On the other hand, the Bak Revolver X4s also performs great (given its a different category cover). But it also lacks remote powering but can be effortlessly operated by hand.

(It offers pulling string latches beneath its tail rail which unlocks your cover from the side rails so that you can roll it towards the cab). Also, it offers buckle straps which allow you to secure your cover at any position over the bed.

Moreover, it is stake pocket holes accessible and for waterproofing, it has integrated bulkhead with vinyl overlay and weather-resistant seals which keep your bed dry in rainy seasons.

Security Comparison

The Extang Xceed undergoes a high degree aluminum coating strengthened by EnduraCoat layering.

A fully secured rotary release latching system encloses the operation cable and grants it tamper-proof security. The rotary latching system is present at the bottom of the end panel. (The tailgate is to be opened first to uncover the panels).

If your truck does not have a tailgate lock then this cover is highly insecure as the front panel is fixed only with the help of ordinary screws. In this case, not only your luggage is at the risk of being stolen but the bed cover itself can be easily detached with the help of a screwdriver.

In case of BAK Revolver x4s, the automated slam latch and rotating rail system keep this cover in place and safeguard your goods from thieves when you close the lid. It is also fitted with the Rotational Locking Rails which are a continuation of its previous version.

And the combination of rotational locking rails and an automated slam latch makes this cover secure and reliable.