Extang Xceed vs BAKFlip MX4

Both these trifolding covers besides looking great on your truck also provide you with aerodynamic design. So although these cover costs a little, they pay for themselves in the long run by saving you a ton on gas. But which of these covers is for you?

One one side, we have the Extang’s Xceed which may look a solid hard cover, but is made out of softer material.

And on the other we have the BAKflip MX4, which is hard cover all the way providing you with better overall durability.

Let’s check out these boys in detail.

Xceed, in competition with MX4, is victorious. It is thicker and has a robust composition. Its outlook is more glamorous and it is better resistant to moisture. Even with all these superiorities, it is comparatively cost-friendly.

Side By Side Comparison:

Bed AccessFullFull
Compared Size6’7”6’7”
Weight Rating500 lbs400 lbs
Product Weight75 lbs71 lbs
SecurityTailgate SealTailgate Seal
Cost$1020 – $1120$1080 – $1140


The BAKflip MX4 is an exclusive aluminum, which is of aircraft grade. The cover comes with a FRP top skin that hold well against many damaging elements including UV rays.

Compare to Extang Xceed, now this boy also has aluminum all the way, but here it also provides you with an extra layer of vinyl on top.

Material UsedAluminiumAluminium
LayeringNoneEnduraCoat Vinyl
Weight Capacity500 lbs400 lbs
Overall Weight75 lbs71 lbs

It has EPDM seal and 2 drain tubes, which provide you with good protection against different sorts of weathery conditions.

As the cover makes water tight seals and it’s textured coating combined with durable panels ensure, it can withstand heavy stuff like storms and hailing.

This draining system is also common with the Extang Xceed.

The cover’s design allows it to have partial and full opening position.

To open the cover, you have to unlock the tail gate.

(Note that it does not provide you with dual tail gate sealing, so you can not close the cover over open tail gate, you have to close the tail gate first, and only then you can properly lock the tail gate on top).

But in case of Extang Xceed, you get dual tail gate locking system and you don’t have to worry about the tail gate’s position.

In case of Bakflip MX4, for opening the tail gate, you can access the cable latches underneath (which really likes to hide themselves, and sometimes you have to fish for them).

These latches are on either side, where on Extang Xceed there is a rotatory latch (for opening cover) which is only on driver’s side.

Both covers can be secured to 2/3rd position as well as last position with the help of prop rods.

And both of them don’t block the 3rd brake light in the middle.

Also they have rails which sit nice enough and at the same time give you enough room underneath so that you can put in your fifth wheel.

Their rails sit about 3/16th of an inch from the rails of the truck’s bed.

One thing that I really like about the Extang Xceed (especially when I compare them with other covers with vinyl), is that this cover does not flap too much like other do, when you are driving with them at high speeds.

The vinyl topping of matte-black powdered texture also resembles many OEM truck elements like tailgate caps and rail end caps which give (most of) truck industrial look.

Available Sizes23
ExteriorPaintedPainted, Polished, Chrome
Dimensions (L x W x H)79” x 30” x 10”79” x 23” x 8.5”


In case of protection, you get 400 lbs weight bearing capacity as the cover is equipped with an industrial-grade aluminum formation, but it’s less compared to Extang’s boy.

The cover is reinforced with EnduraShield as they call it and its tough aluminum panel composition and full border frame function together making this cover to be capable of bearing up to 500 pounds of the evenly suspended load.

The cover also provide you with great EPDM rubber sealing along with water-proof vinyl layering efficiently prevent the leakage of water into the truck bed.

And although both have water draining system, the multiple lip seal along the tail gate, makes Extang Xceed less prone to water leakage (given that most cover leak from that side).

Other than this you will notice that, although both covers have rubber shoes, Extang Xceed has really big prominent ones, and they land on top of each when you open/pile them up, and don’t hurt each other.

In case of Bakflip MX4, the cover provides you with better protection with it’s FRP coating. It hinders the corrosion process and grants it a rust-free long life. Moreover, you also get better UV protection and because of this the cover last longer.

On the other side, the Extand Xceed can not take on as much heat, as with too much heat, it’s top layer starts peeling off.

So the Bakflip MX4 gives the cover more protected and keeps things cooler underneath (in summers).



Extang Xceed is an innovative tri-fold truck bed cover which offers four aluminum panels. It lacks remote monitoring but is quite easy to operate. It has a rotatory release latching system with a dual-action tailgate seal.

  • To Uncover the Truck Bed:
  • To uncover your truck bed open the tailgate first.
  • Gently twist the rotatory latch provided beneath the rearmost panel to unlock it from the rails. Fold it towards the cab.
  • To fold the next panel slightly pull the latching wire provided beneath it. Your cover can be secured in this position with the help of buckle straps for partial (1/3) bed access.
  • For full bed access, pull the second latching wire provided beneath the first panel. All three folded panels can be securely held at an upright 90° with the help of support rods.
  • To Cover the Truck Bed:
  • To cover your truck bed, fold each panel against the cab.
  • Each panel automatically latches at the folding point.
  • Finally, a dual-action tailgate seal packs your truck bed by securely latching your cover with the tailgate.

Bakflip MX4

MX4 also exhibits a folding operating style offering three folding positions with four aluminum panels. It is also conducted manually.

Moreover, it offers an injection molded latching system with a dual-action tailgate seal.

  • To Uncover the Truck Bed:
  • Firstly, unlock the tailgate.
  • Pull the string latches provided beneath each panel to fold them towards the cab.
  • For secure partial bed access (1/3), conserve your panels by using secure straps.
  • For full bed access, secure all three panels in a vertical position with the help of support rods.
  • To Cover the Truck Bed:
  • Fold each panel against the cab to cover your truck bed.
  • At the folding points, each panel latches spontaneously.
  • Eventually, its injection moulded latching system latches the cover with the tailgate by a dual-action tailgate seal.
Operating StyleFoldingFolding
Folding Positions  33
Remote PoweringNoNo
Latching SystemRotatory ReleaseInjection Molded
Tailgate SealDual-ActionDual-Action

There is no compromise in the action of both covers but the injection moulded latching system of MX4 is comparatively better than the rotatory latching system of its counterpart.

Resistance and Durability

Both tonneau covers are almost equally reliable and are backed up by a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years. However, there is a contrast in their composition which affect their resistance to water, corrosion, dents, scrapes and UV radiation.

  • Water Resistance

The EnduraCoat vinyl covering of Xceed is proved much resistant to moisture and keeps your gear dry. It is equipped with a precisely designed drain tube as well which propels water directly out of your truck bed. Moreover, its EPDM rubber seals along with water-proof vinyl layering efficiently prevent the leakage of water into the truck bed.

However, MX4 is also resistant to water but its surface is not as water repellent as that of its rival. It offers highly efficient water drainage rails which funnel water towards the drain tube to keep your cargo dry. Moreover, it also offers EPDM seals and hinges of rubber which promote its water resistance but its overall protection against water is less effective as compared to its counterpart.

  • Dent and Scratch Resistance

Xceed’s vinyl covering has nothing to do with the dents and scratches, so it depends on its sturdy aluminum construction with matte-black finishing in the case of protection against such damage.

MX4 is also equipped with tough and durable aluminum construction with the dent and scrap-resistant matte-black finishing, so it as efficient as its peer in providing resistance against such violent strokes and scrapes.

  • UV Resistance

Both tonneau covers are composed of the same industrial-strength aluminum and offer matte-finishing, so they are equally safe against UV rays.

What’s the Verdict?

Coming in at about a grand, F1 is sill priced a bit lower than Extang Xceed.

So does this expensive cover justify it’s price tag? Well yes if you talk about durability and overall protection.

But no, if you talk about heat/UV/summers..

This cover is not designed to take on as much heat and the covers (mostly in Florida, with it’s heat) gets damaged very easily.

So this may be a deal-breaker for some.

None the less, if you live a little up north, this cover would work just fine.