Bak Revolver X4S vs X4

So what’s changed with the newest generation of BAK Revolver series? Did they fix the issues of X4? Let’s find out.

Now the biggest issue with the X4 was it’s felt’s material underneath its panels. And with the new updated cover, they changed it to a rubber like material which now sticks better and does not hang in summers.

The Revolver X4s also has new slat aluminum slat caps which provide better protection.

The cover also sits a little better as they flattened the side seals (now it sits 1/8″ above bed rails, better than X4).

Other than this they also added new straps/buckles which are more solid and don’t let go of your cover like it used to in BAK Revolver X4.

Overall I’m really impressed with the cover. But what about it’s price? Does it provide you value for your money? Let’s go dig deeper.

Starting with their Designs:

With the new Bak Revolver X4s, things are surely much more premium now. They also fixed all the issues of its previous gen as well.

BAK Revolver X4s rolled
BAK Revolver X4s

The Revolver X4S does not have the same cloth runner slats underneath and instead they incorporated a new rubber like material that does not let go of the panels with heat (in summers).

The cover also sits more flushed and looks better, and yes, worth reminding, it also fits in a much better way as well.

With this cover you will note that there a bit of contact with the tailgate when its closed down, maybe because now it now sits down lower than before. (It covers the tailgate for almost about half an inch).

Also with new buckle/straps, now you can confidently drive (tested at 50 mph) at good speeds without worrying about them, where in X4, they used to let go at 30 mph.

So yes, the Revolver X4S now provides you with a great value to money cover.

Though, make sure you check out the following stress test (love this guy btw).

Protection comparison

In term of protection, the rule, “New is always better” again applies.

The Bak Revolver X4s is matte black from start to end and is composed of superior aluminum with side seals and completed rear corner caps.

Weatherproof seals cover half of the cover, forming a tight seal with the bed caps.

Water and dirt are kept out of the truck bed thanks to the one-piece design.

To keep you protected from the weather, it has textured vinyl over heavy-duty aluminum slats.

This cover’s resistance against water as well as other elements is improved by an integrated bulkhead seal.

BAK Revolver X4s

In case of X4, this cover also is good enough with its robust sealing which also provides good weather resistance.

It’s vinyl overlay and same on piece construction also protects against water and dirt in a similar manner.

Still, X4s is better in protection than its competitor due to its vinyl-covered aluminum slats and bulkhead seal.

Side Note: I highly recommend that you also check out X4S with Truxedo Sentry CT as well, if you haven’t made a decision yet.

Durability comparison 

The X4S is a tough roll-up tonneau covering with a massive vinyl top layer that provides great durability.

Underbody and clamps are matte black aluminum which enhances the strength of this cover.

Its rugged engineering feature high-grade matte hardcover for providing strength to endure any kind of challenge thrown in its way.

BAK Revolver X4s side view
Revolver X4s

So is it more durable than X4? Well not really. It’s just the same.

But its still good enough.

Both covers are made of industrial grade vinyl with a matte black finish and is reinforced with pressure bonded heavy duty aluminum slats which provide you with immense toughness.

Ease of use 

X4S is easy to use, simply drop your tailgate, pull the rope lock, and move the covering toward your bulkhead to lift this truck bed cover.

Similarly, roll this cover back towards your tailgate when you are ready to close it, and the automated slam latch will take over.

It is also simple to install using minimal hand tools, and most applications can be done in about an hour.

A set of advanced buckling straps keep it in place as you roll its cover-up for bed access, keeping the cover stationary when you travel with the cover opened.

BAK Revolver X4s from inside
Inside view of BAK Revolver X4s

To haul bulkier objects, the X4 effortlessly rolls out from the manner towards the front bed.

Two clamp straps keep the cover open when driving while allowing viewing in the rearview mirror and there is no need to raise anything.

With an Easy-to-Use automated slam latch, it may be opened from either side of the vehicle.

X4s is easier to use and handle, considering it could be installed effortlessly and has advanced buckling straps available.

Though, X4S is an updated version, make sure you still check which cover is providing you better value to money.

Security Comparison 

To safely transport heavy or longer things securely the BAK X4S is provided with straps and buckles.

The automated slam latch and rotating rail system keep this cover in place and safeguard your goods from thieves when you close the lid.

It is also fitted with the Rotational Locking Rails which are a continuation of its previous version.

The combination of rotational locking rails and an automated slam latch makes this cover secure and reliable.

BAK’s unique Rotational Locking Rails are used in this cover for providing enhanced security.

When the cover is closed completely, this unique feature seals the aluminum slats into the rear mounting rails.

The vehicle bed will also be secured after the tailgate is locked.

The 3/4″ rotational locking rails secure the cover throughout the whole length of the truck bed when fastened.

This keeps the thieves away from your precious language.

BAK X4s provide better security against theft, having an automated slam latch on top of a rotating rail system.