BAKFlip MX4 vs Revolver X4S

Both tonneau covers are made up of durable aluminum slats finished with matte-black powder. Their underbodies are also matte-black finished. Both can be installed without piercing or drilling and are backed up by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Bakflip MX4 is a high-end folding tonneau cover with a 400-pound of weight capacity that is equally spread. It fits flush with the bed caps, giving you a matte-black appearance and a very low-profile look. MX4 offers clamps, elevator bolts, and cab corner caps with matte finishing for an absolute design and look. MX4 also has safe prop rod clips and pre-moulded, die-cut, shock-absorbing bumpers for improved operation. Water drainage tube and EPDM rubber sealing are two of the components which ensures the safety of your goods even during heavy rain. Moreover, with its latching cords behind each panel, it is quite simple to operate.

The brand-new X4s is a quality hard rolling cover with gripping rubber handles and a sleek matte black exterior. It is also capable of bearing 400 pounds of evenly dispersed weight. It offers capped slats for utmost protection and flattened seals which add to its charm by giving a streamlined appearance. When the cover is closed, strong metal slats hold it in place throughout the whole extent of the bed on both ends. Once opened, the cover folds up tightly to provide access to the entire bed without disturbing the visibility of the third brake light. It offers a rotational locking rail system which assures the safety of your cover when closed.

In competition with its counterpart, X4S takes the lead from the barest of margins. It offers more robust and tougher construction. It is more reluctant to dents, cracks and bruises. Furthermore, it is a bit economical on average which adds to its preference.

Quick Contrasting Table

CompositionAluminum Aluminum / Vinyl  
StructureIncludes 3 foldable aluminum panelsIncludes a continuous rolling aluminum slat
Outer SurfaceMattedMatted
InstallationBolt-on / Drill-freeBolt-on / Drill-free
Compared Size6’7”6’7”
Weight Capacity400 lbs400 lbs
SecurityTailgate latchTailgate latch
WarrantyLimited 5-YearLimited 5-Year
Cost$1080 – $1140$1020 – $1160

Available Sizes and Physical Properties


SizesDimensions (L x W x H)Weight (lbs)
5 Feet 7 Inch67” x 23” x 8.5”63
6 Feet 7 Inch79” x 23” x 8.5”71


SizesDimensions (L x W x H)Weight (lbs)
5 Feet 7 Inch67” x 12” x 11”75
6 Feet 7 Inch79” x 12” x 11”87

Design Comparison

For an extremely low-profile look, the aluminum panels of the MX4 have their tops coated with matte-black powder. Its cab corner caps, rail ending caps, elevator screws, and clamps are all matte-coated for an utmost sleek texture. Its outside may be lustred, tinted, or chromed for an attractive final touch. Together, these characteristics provide this cover with a beautiful, unique, and flush-fit design.

The X4S is one of the most exclusive hard rolling tonneau covers, with a matted texture. The interlocking metal slats that make up the this truck bed cover are coated in a thick vinyl tarp to give it a sleek look and shield your goods from the weather. The matte-black colors of the tarp, slats, and clamps perfectly complement OEM bed accessories like tailgate and bedrail caps. Moreover, its side seals are flattened which promotes its streamlined appearance.

ExteriorTinted, lustred, chromedVinyl trapped

The bulk of MX4’s components is matte-black finished for a more refined and appealing appearance, making it seem better from the outside. Also, it is lighter in weight and comparatively more even with the bed caps.


Industrial-grade aluminum panels with a high-quality matte-black finish are used in the MX4’s composition, which increases its sturdiness and impact resistance. Additionally, it has a superior matte finish on its rail end caps, cab corner stoppers, elevator hooks, and bolts for maximum defence against scratches, dents, and UV radiations. It contains rubber bumpers that serve as dampers when the cover is pushed up against the cab.

X4S is also made up of tough aluminum slats covered with heavy-duty vinyl which grants it a robust infrastructure. It is also given a scratch-proof matte-black finishing for enhanced durability.  Its integrated safety slat covers, rear corner shields, and other elements are also wrapped with enduring matte-black powder. Also, its industrial-grade vinyl seals are provided with matte finishing to create a lasting composition. Moreover, it is much denser in comparison with its contestant.

Tonneau Material AluminumAluminum / Vinyl
Tonneau FinishingMatte-BlackMatte-Black
Density (kg/m³)127 for 6’7”230.6 for 6’7”

Engaging aluminum slats of X4S blended with heavy-duty vinyl and eventually finished with enduring matte-black topping grants it a much stronger structure. Also, it is much denser than its peer and more reluctant to perforations.


Since MX4 is a tri-fold tonneau cover, you may connect it to three freely reachable positions. Each panel has a string lock so you can pull it slightly to fold towards the cab. It contains buckle straps that effectively hold your panels in a two-thirds folded posture. Prop rods are available to keep the panels in a standing posture for complete bed access. Each panel has a precise folding point that automatically locks when the cover is folded towards the cab. Furthermore, you may shut your cover with a closed or open tailgate owing to its dual tailgate sealing with an injection-moulded latching mechanism.

You can effortlessly roll up the X4S against the cab for immediate access to the whole truck bed. The innovative rotating locking mechanism locks it down throughout the entire length of the bed, from both ends, offering unparalleled durability and protection. The automated slam latch and rotating rail system will keep it in place when you shut the top and guard your equipment against robbers. The cover may be opened and secured in place using the provided buckle straps to transport heavy things. Furthermore, when fully closed, it does not obstruct access to the stake hole pockets.

Operating StyleFoldingRoll-up
Bed AccessFull, 1/3, 2/3Full, at any point over the rails
Remote PoweringNoNo
Latching SystemInjection MouldedRotational Locking  
Tailgate SealDual-ActionDual-Action

However, both covers lack remote controlling but MX4, having a foldable operating style, is easier to be opened or closed. So, it takes an edge in the case of performance.

Durability and Resistance 

  • Water Resistance

Rainy seasons don’t cause the MX4 to lose its efficiency. It has improved side rails that direct approaching water into the drainage tube which is immediately drained out of your truck bed. Moreover, it has improved EPDM rubber seals and end caps that keep extra water out and offer exceptional cargo safety.

X4s have heavy-duty metal slats covered in textured vinyl to protect them from the weather. The side rails have been upgraded to prevent water from oozing into the bed. However, its bulkhead seal is the only prominent feature for superior sealing against water which functions in keeping the gear dry even during rains.

MX4, offering a water drainage tube, modified side rails and EPDM hinges and seals is much more reluctant to water as compared to its foe. So, it is a way ahead in providing water resistance.

  • Dent and Scrap Resistance

MX4’s all-aluminum structure is, though, resistant to dents and scratches but falls short of its competition in this area. It is comparatively less denser and easier to get perforated. It is fitted out with rubber bumpers which dampen noise and protect against scraping when the cover is folded towards the cab. Moreover, its matted surface is, however, scrap-proof but is comparatively less defensive.

Heavy-duty aluminum slats wrapped in textured vinyl on X4S protect against scratches and dents. Its matte-black finish facilitates its resistance against scrapes. Being denser than its counterpart it can prevent denting more efficiently. Also, its vinyl-trapped surface with matte-black topping is comparatively more defensive against scars and scrapes.

  • UV Resistance

The MX4 is made of durable aluminum panels that are UV-resistant. Its matte-black finishing also promotes its UV resistance but it is less dense which places it second to its counterpart in this case.

X4S’s structure also uses UV-resistant heavy-duty aluminum slats covered in textured vinyl with a matte-black finishing. This textured vinyl is highly guarded against UV rays which gives this cover an edge over its rival.

Quick Sum Up


  • Provides better design and outlook.
  • Is comparatively easier to operate.
  • Has a more productive water drainage system.


  • Offers comparatively vigorous construction.
  • Gives better protection against dents and scrapes.
  • Is better sealed against UV radiation.
  • Has a comparatively reasonable price.