Access Lorado vs Access Vanish Tonneau Cover

In durability, the Lorado is better due to the presence of sturdy nylon straps in it, and as well as the guard design of the cover which makes it more long-lasting. But in terms of security, Vanish is better, due to its high-security lock. Let’s see what more differences they have.

The Access Lorado is a roll-up cover expressing cleanliness, smoothness, and the tightest fit to the vehicle. It has specific XT dial tension adjusters which allow direct tension control for fine-tuning of cover easily.

On the other side, the Access Vanish has an ultra-sleek type appearance, providing good protection to cargo. It sits just half-inch above the rails of the bed. It is very easy to install and doesn’t need any drilling.

Side By Side Comparison:

Access Lorado is made of UV-protected vinyl, due to which it is best in both extremely hot and cold environmental conditions.

Access Lardo
Access Lardo Security

Due to its composition, it is good in protecting the cover from the rays of sunlight.

It has a specific waterproof material gasket in the center of the pickup box and tonneau rails, which improve its water proffing capabilities.

On the other hand, the Access Vanish has real vinyl seals and an integrated front. It consists of a water-resistant foam gasket that is found in-between the pickup bed and the rails of the cover.

Access Vanish Tonneau Cover
Access Vanish Tonneau Cover

Element seal foam provides it with extra care and protection from harsh climate like direct sunlight, high rain and storm etc.

In comparison, access Lorado is better in protection because it consists of UV-protected vinyl, which is more capable of protection against acts of GOD.

Durability comparison

Lorado is made of 6000 series black bars of special metal aluminum and its bows and rails are made of aluminum as well.

Access Lardo on 4 by 4
Access Lardo Durability

It has sturdy nylon in the form of straps that protect the cover, and the guard design of the cab is in such a way that they don’t allow truck bed cover to rub with the cab.

If it gets rubbed with the cab, it could easily damage the cover in a very short period, but this tonneau cover has it covered. This quality enhances its durability.

Vanish roll-up tonneau has black bars and rails with bows made up of aluminum.

Access Vanish Tonneau Cover
Vanish Cover Durability

It has convenient adjustable straps which are made of special durable webbing.

It protects the roll-up cover present behind the cab from scratches which increases its life.

If we compare the durability of both these covers, it can be said that access Lorado is better than other one due to its sturdy nylon straps.

Ease of use

Lorado consists of a seal of high strength. It is present along the whole length of side railings.

Access Lardo Cover Installation
Access Lardo Cover Installation

It slides easily without requiring much energy.

Due to which one person can easily operate this cover.

It can be rolled up tightly without the help of a second person.

Vanish has a built-in trigger latch, which is the specificity of this cover.

Access Vanish Tonneau Cover
Access Vanish Ease of Use

This latch is automatically locked when the roll-up cover is closed.

Then it can be opened up by a single finger easily.

There is no need to engage two people for it.

Its cover tightness can be easily changed by rotating tension adjusters from both sides.

It has a very special hook and loop system which runs around the whole length of the truck bed, making it possible for one man to operate it easily.

If comparing the ease of use, vanish is the winner due to the above-mentioned characteristics.

Security comparison

In Lorado, the patented AUTO LATCH II system is present.

Access Lardo Cover

It is a dual locking system that is automatically locked when the cover is closed and protects your truck bed in this way.

Durable nylon latches give a 0.5-inch surface for engaging the solid positive latch.

In vanish, two patented locks are present, known as slide locks which make the security of cargo tight and keep it safe from theives.

They are simply pushed to lock the cargo and to unlock, you have to pull it.

The security system of Lorado is better due to the automatic lock system.

Cost comparison

Lorado’s price is in the range of  5 to 600 bucks.

Access lardo looks

While the price of Vanish varies from $400 to $500.

When we compare the prices of both tonneau covers, the latter one is cheaper and is more economical.