BAKFlip F1 vs Access Vanish

Besides giving a neat look and serving as a lid for your pickup trucks, the tonneau covers keep the back of your truck secure and from blowing away. But do you even need a hard cover for your truck? Maybe a simple soft roll on cover (with almost half the price) is better suited for you.

Here the Access Vanish, which is the roll cover, offers a very sleek type design which provides good enough protection. Installation is quite easy and there’s isn’t any drilling required. Its cut teeth maintain exceptional hold and have outstanding strength as well.

On the other hand, the famous BAKflip F1 is a tri-fold cover and its textured black powered coating also gives out a neat look. It’s composed of a high-grade aluminum which is then coated with a fiberglass-reinforced polymer (FRP). It’s not that easier to operate or install but provides more security, has water drainage system and can bear the weight up to 400 lbs. (It also ensures that your middle brake light is not disturbed).

Let’s see how both of these performed against each other.

Operation / Performance of both (Which provides easier opening closing)

Speaking of BAKFlip F1 which has 3 fold cover. It provides you with panels which have a latching cable beneath them. (You can pull it if you wish to unfold it towards the cab). It also has prop rods which secure all three folded panels in an upright position to allow total bed access. Its string latches also connect with the rails when folded towards the tailgate. (Just pull the cable down and start folding the cover to open it up all the way).

PS. It lacks remote controlling and key-latching mechanisms. Its drain tube is also efficient in draining the water out of your truck bed.

On the other side, the Access Vanish works with a trigger latch release and has two simple slide locks. You have the tension bar with this latch system and you can simply release it and roll it up. So the operation here is quite simple.

On thing I really liked about the Bakflip is that you can keep them open all the way as they come with rods to support the cover from falling back down. (Its give the truck a tougher look)

You can also look them in the all other positions as well.

Winner: Access Vanish

Design (Which has better?)

Textured black finish gives the back of the truck very neat look. The best thing about this cover is simply just easy it is to get it open and closed. Or in other words, its easier to “Access” them. It has a very special hook and loop system which runs around the whole length of the truck bed, making it possible for one man to operate it easily.

This cover offers a high quality low profile cover (It sits just half-inch above the rails of the bed). Its a vinyl cover that works well in all kinds of temperature. But one thing to note here is that, in high temperatures, vinyl tends to get a little wrinkly with time. (But they also come with tension nobs on sides and you can turn them around and tighten up the cover and they would start looking like new again).

There are seals underneath (that come with it) and prevents water and dirt from leaking in.

There are also reinforcements bars underneath the cover and they provide the cover with extra support so they don’t seem flabby.

On the other side, we have the BakFlip F1 which of course give your truck a tougher look. It a tri fold and has rubber hinges. It also has three durable aluminum panels coated with FRP and textured-black powder to grant it an impressive and durable design. It also makes 3rd brake light visible when secured upright with prop rods. The front-end features air intake grilles that allow airflow under your vehicle during high speeds without creating a drag on top CV joint covers, which could cause driveline vibration if not adequately fitted duchy.

Overall the Bakflip F1, not only offers a sleek, low-profile design that will complement any style, but also provides you with an upgraded low-profile design for maximum protection against UV rays or rainwater seeping into materials underneath.

Protection Comparison

The top of the BAKFlip F1 cover is made up of FRP (Fiberglass reinforced polymer). FRP protects against intense cater, an impression made by blow, scratch, etc., and protects against heat. The underside is lined by heavy-duty aluminum panels, making the cover stronger. The f1 cover is equipped with an upgraded latch housing system to make the cover long-lasting and durable. The prop rods of BAKFlip F1 impart security to cover and easy the access to the bed.

BAKFlip F1 is also waterproof. It provides you with two drain tubes that prevent the external water from reaching the bed. It also has a shock-absorbent bumpers on both sides of the panel. (It will protect the panel from hitting the cover during unsmooth driving). The tonneau cover offers a tight seal to prevent any water or dust from entering your truck bed. The textured surface on top helps keep things cool inside while preventing spills by keeping you informed about what’s happening in the cargo area through LED lighting strips integrated into each side. There is no need for an extra aftermarket sensor when it does all its job perfectly fine without them.

One things to note about BakFlip here: The hinges of the tri-fold are prone to leaking after using them for some time, especially if you drive while keeping them open. The composite panels end up soaking up the water. And the cover ends up getting heavier and heavier.

On the other side, Vanish has real vinyl seals and an integrated front. It consists of a water-resistant foam gasket that is found in-between the pickup bed and the rails of the cover. Element seal foam provides it with extra care and protection from harsh climate like direct sunlight, high rain and storm etc. But without the missing tubes and soft nature, this covers lacks in comparison.

Winner: BakFlip F1

Durability comparison

Vanish roll-up tonneau has black bars and rails with bows made up of aluminum. It has convenient adjustable straps which are made of special durable webbing. It protects the roll-up cover present behind the cab from scratches which increases its life.

But of course, you saw this coming, the hard folding cover is definitely more durable here.

Winner: BakFlip F1


Featuring sturdy aluminum composition the BAKflip tonneau cover couldn’t be easily cracked (but these covers lack key-locking mechanisms which make them slightly insecure). However, the tailgate lock compensates for their security issues. Once your cover is closed and the tailgate is locked your luggage is secured to some extent.

In vanish,  two patented locks are present, known as slide locks which make the security of cargo tight and keep it safe from thieves. They are simply pushed to lock the cargo and to unlock, you have to pull it. The security system of Lorado is better due to the automatic lock system.

Winner: BakFlip F1

So the Verdict?

Well, given that the Access comes at half of the price, you can compromise on a little safety if you are not really concerned for that. As these covers still provide you with good protection against weather, and also give your truck a cool sleek look.

But if you need durability than the BAKflip is the one for you as this tonneau cover provides you with better safety and protection.