Truxedo Lo Pro vs Lo Pro QT vs Pro X15

These roll-up tonneau covers have low-profile designs. In addition, the lifetime factory warranty form ensures that they will last longer. To deliver a durable product, they are built strong by using premium materials. The frame is being constructed with robust anodized aluminum and a coating with resilient double-coated vinyl. In addition, the vinyl can take a hammering without suffering any long-term damage because it is UV resistant.

Truxedo Lo Pro Overview:

Because it only sticks 3/4″ above the truck bed, the Low-Profile Signature Design, Truxedo Lo PRO doesn’t draw attention to itself and enhances the overall aesthetic of your vehicle. The best materials were used to create this tear-resistant fabric, which protects your luggage from the worst conditions. Simple operation because only one finger is required to release a single trigger anodized latch. Roll the lid shut to store and secure your cargo effectively. The cover may be swiftly removed without using tools to provide proper full bed access.

Truxedo Lo Pro QT Overview:

Truxedo Lo Pro QT Works with most attachments, including rail caps, bed rails, and bed liners. It is simple to remove and reinstall. With less than 1 inch above the truck bed, angled side rails offer a modern appearance. Its unique aerodynamic style enhances fuel efficiency. It uses a tension management mechanism to maintain cover tension even when closed. It enables full access to the vehicle bed. A unique corner and weather seal on each of the four sides aid in keeping out the elements.

Truxedo Pro X15 Overview:

The shallow profile of X15 have a distinct flush-mount appearance and a unique self-leveling design feature that makes installation faster and more precise. Additionally, the matte black fabric is made of a high-quality woven fabric that is incredibly durable and has a sleek matte-black appearance. Long-lasting cleanliness is made possible by the fabric’s inherent filth resistance. Additionally, the Patented Automatic Tension Control allows the cover to retain a snug fit and stylish appearance in any weather especially high temperatures.

Comparison Table

SpecificationsLo ProQTX15
Tonneau TypeSoft Rolling CoverSoft Rolling CoverSoft roll-up
ConstructionAluminum frame constructionAluminum frame constructionVinyl and woven polyester cloth.
Mounting typeInside railInside railOver the bed
Finishing colorGloss blackGloss blackMatte black
Latching systemSingle Trigger Latch SystemSingle Trigger Latch SystemThe tailgate can be locked.
WarrantyLimited lifetimeLifetime warrantyLifetime warranty
Price range499.99$ – 549.99$459.00$ – 514.00$549.99$ – 599.99$

Design and Composition

Both of them have distinctive, low-profile designs. The covers maintain their excellent appearance in all-weather thanks to their similar robust construction and innovative automated tension adjustment. The interior of the truck bed serves as the mounting surface for everything, giving you a streamlined appearance the single uses unique spring modifications in addition to keeping everything hidden. Thanks to their proprietary design, they will stay tight and smooth-looking regardless of the environment temperature. Both of them are mounted inside the truck bed’s rails, giving complete access to the stake pocket holes for usage with other attachments. To adjust the covers during temperature changes, both of them are being installed with an automatic patented spring tensioner. Both of them are constructed with vinyl, coated with vinyl grains, and finished with glossy black color.

Both of them are identical from a design and composition perspective.

On the other hand, compared to the X15, Lo Pro has a significantly more sophisticated design and appearance. Pro has a concealed design due to its vinyl-coated surface. This roll-up truck bed cover attaches inside the truck bed’s rails. Additionally, it gives the leather grain cloth tarp a luminous finish and makes it look incredibly smooth. It has a low-profile style and fits your truck by 3/4 inch elevated.

Performance and Durability

Used only the best materials to give you a durable product while building both models. The frame is made of durable anodized aluminum, while the tarp is made of tough double-coated vinyl. The vinyl is UV resistant, so it can take a beating without becoming permanently damaged. As a result, the PRO and QT have long-lasting designs which ensure that they can survive UV rays and harsh weather conditions without cracking, fading, or peeling.

Both covers mount in-between your vehicle bed rails so they won’t seem bulky. The vinyl tension is maintained at the ideal level in hot and cold climates by a proprietary self-adjusting tensioner, guaranteeing that the cover will always look smooth, weather-resistant, and safe.

The distinctive quality of X15 is that it is constructed of cloth, which appears to be very attractive, high-grade, and highly durable. Another benefit is that the matte black surface is still crisp and has qualities that make it resistant to dust and dirt. However, the dual strength of its woven nylon and vinyl material helps you resist dirt while your vehicle is driving. But in comparison to its competitor, its protection capability would be slightly inferior.


You won’t need to be concerned about your cargo’s security if you are using the PRO and QT. They provide excellent protection from both criminals and Mother Nature. The covers have a four-way sealing mechanism, and Velcro strips that run along the truck bed length to hold it in place. There is a rear locking system for ultimate security that locks in place and can only be accessed after opening your tailgate.

X15 maintains the security and lock mechanism straightforwardly. It does not employ any lock mechanism in it. The X15 is built to last longer, so it doesn’t have extra measures to protect the cargo. But a tailgate still allows you to provide extra security.

Lo Pro is more efficient than X15 as it has a relatively more secure locking system.

Warranty and Price:

Each cover comes with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime guarantee. This guarantee is non-transferable and is only valid for the actual owner. The gadget must be appropriately installed and operated in order for the warranty to be valid.

The cost of two soft roll-up tonneau covers is nearly identical. However, Lo Pro is slightly more expensive than its competitor ranging from $499.99 – $549.99, whereas QT ranges from $459.00 – $514.00. It is unjustified since both own similar features and are identical from a design & manufacturing point of view.

The cost of the two truck bed covers is nearly identical. However, the X15 is slightly more expensive than the lo-pro due to its more stylish and sleek design; it ranges from $549.99 to $599.99, whereas the range of Lo Pro is $499.99 – $549.99.