TruXedo Lo Pro vs Edge

Both truck bed covers are soft roll-up and have durable leather construction. Their installation is quite simple and does not require drilling. Both lack remote powering and are operated by hand.

Lo Pro features an elegant low-profile design and sits 0.75” above the truck bed. Its composition includes vinyl tonneau material with industrial-strength leather-grain vinyl finishing. It offers bolt-on installation and tool-free removal. Its self-adjusting tension spring and industrial-grade hook and loop mechanism keep the cover tight and taut in all conditions. Moreover, it is capable of bearing rain and show load.

Edge also features a patented low-profile outlook. It settles at 1.5” above the truck bed. It is also composed of vinyl tonneau material with high-quality leather-grain vinyl covering. It also offers bolt-on installation. Moreover, like its competitor, it has an adjustable tension spring and hook and loop fastening mechanism. It is also able to bear rain/snow load.

In comparison with Edge, Lo Pro is a better option as it is easier to install and has a stronger composition. Moreover, it performs better and offers a lifetime warranty which makes it slightly higher priced as well.

Quick Comparison Table

SpecificationsLo ProEdge
SecurityTailgate sealTailgate seal
Remote PoweringNoNo
FitmentOver the bedOver the bed
Bed Access100%100%
WarrantyLimited Lifetime5-Year limited
Price460 – 515$430 – 450$

Installation Procedure

Lo Pro’s installation requires the following steps:

  1. Install the side rails with the help of clamps.
  2. Install the bulkhead seal on the bed cap.
  3. Place the cover over the bed cap and ensure that the header rail sits just above the bulkhead seal.
  4. Slide both header guides provided at the bottom of the header rail so that the cover attaches to the side rails.
  5. Roll the cover towards the tailgate where its tail rail latches with the side rails with a slight push.

Edge can be installed as follows:

  1. Install the bulkhead seal over the bed cap.
  2. Install the side rails by using clamps.
  3. Place the cover over the bulkhead seal in such a way that the bolts provided at the bottom of the header rail pass through the holes on the side rails.
  4. Nut tighten the bolts after adding the washers.
  5. Roll the cover towards the tailgate where it is latched with a gentle push.

However, both tonneau covers offer a drill-free installation but Lo Pro is easier to install compared to its counterpart. To install it you simply have to slide the header guides to fix the cover with the rails. Whereas, its peer’s installation needs you to nut tighten the bolts to attach the cover with the rails.

Design Comparison

Lo Pro offers a signature low-profile design which grants it a sleek look. Its top-mount design settles it at 0.75” above the truck bed. Its self-adjusting tension spring aids in giving this cover a stretched appearance. It is usually black coloured and comes in three different sizes. Its standard size (6.7”) weighs less than its rival.

Edge is also low-profile with a sleek aerodynamic cutting-edge design which intensifies its outlook. It also offers adjustable tension control springs which give it an erected appearance. Its stake pockets and support rods further add to its attractiveness. It mounts 1.5” above the bed and comes in only one size (6.7”) which weighs more than its counterpart. Moreover, it is also coloured black.

Physical PropertiesLo ProEdge
Available Sizes5’7”, 6’7”, 8’1”6’7”
Compared Size6’7”6’7”
Available ColoursBlackBlack
Dimensions (L x W x H)80.5” x 9.5” x 5.2”80.5” x 9.5” x 5.2”
Weight (lbs)3032

However, its competitor has more available sizes but Edge has a better design as it highlights a more attractive aerodynamic outlook with stake pockets and support rods which promotes its overall look.

Composition Comparison

Lo Pro undergoes vinyl tonneau composition with leather-grain vinyl finishing. Its tough aluminum frame grants it weather and UV resistance without fading and cracking. Industrial-strength velcro is also included in its composition which resists tearing and wearing.  Moreover, its commercial-grade hook and loop along with rubber seals function in keeping your bed dry in wet conditions. It is capable of bearing 350 lbs of weight and rain/snow load. Furthermore, it keeps your cargo safe and secure within the temperature range of -40°F to 120°F.

Edge also features vinyl composition finished with leather-grain vinyl fabric. It also has a high-strength aluminum frame which improves its toughness and durability. This cover is UV resistant and well protected against extreme weather conditions. Secure rods are installed in it which prevents it from collapsing. Moreover, it also includes high strength velcro in its composition which prevents it from tearing and wearing. It is also capable of bearing rain/snow load. 

CompositionLo ProEdge
Material UsedVinylVinyl
FinishingLeather-grain vinylLeather-grain vinyl
Tear ResistanceVelcroVelcro
RigidityAluminum frameAluminum frame

Both tonneau covers are composed of the same industrial-grade materials but Lo Pro due to its weather-resistant rubber seals is well protected against harsh weather conditions and is more efficient in bearing extreme temperatures.

Comparing Performance

Lo Pro is a smooth roll-up truck bed cover having adjustable tension springs which keep the cover tight and stretched in all conditions. It lacks remote powering and rack compatibility but can bear up to 350lbs of evenly distributed load. Its highly significant hook and loop mechanism also function in keeping the cover tight. The rubber seals are also installed in it which promotes its waterproofing mechanism. It gives you true 100% bed access as you can remove it without tools. It also provides partial bed access as it comes with buckle straps which secure the cover at the desired position over the truck bed.  Moreover, it offers a single trigger latch which is to be gently pulled to unlock the cover from the rails to roll it towards the bulkhead.

Edge also offers a roll-up operating style and has adjustable tension springs to manage the tightness of your cover. It lacks remote controlling and rack compatibility. Hook and loop fasteners are introduced in it as well which helps in keeping your cover stretched. This cover also grants you total or partial bed access as you can secure it at any point over the rails with the help of buckle straps. Moreover, its stake pocket access adds to the customization of your truck. Secure rods are also installed in it which prevents the cover from shrinking. Furthermore, it also includes a single trigger latch which requires a slight pull to unlock the cover from the rails.

PerformanceLo ProEdge
Operating StyleRoll-upRoll-up
Remote PoweringNoNo
Tension ControlAdjustableAdjustable
Latching SystemSingle trigger latchSingle trigger latch

Among both products, Lo Pro performs better as it can bear more weight and the cover can be easily removed without using tools. Moreover, its rubber seals are proven highly efficient in keeping your truck bed dry.


Both the tonneau covers lack key locking mechanisms and the tailgate seal is the only lock to rely upon for their security. One can access the cover by having the access to the tailgate lock. So, these covers are not a good option for security purposes.

Warranty & Pricing

Tuxedo’s warranty policies vary from product to product.  It offers a legendary lifetime warranty span with its Lo Pro tonneau cover whereas this warranty span is limited to 5 years for Edge. So, it is evident that the former is more durable and reliable.

Lo Pro costs more compared to its peer. Its higher cost reflects its better composition and performance. Its price ranges from 460 to 515 dollars. Whereas, Edge is cheaper and affordable for most buyers. Its price is intermediate between 430 to 460 dollars.

Quick Summary

  • Both are soft roll-up tonneau covers.
  • Lo Pro is easier to install as there is no need for fastening nuts to tighten the bolts.
  • Edge has a more innovative design due to its complete aerodynamic outlook. It also has some additional innovations like secure rods and stake pocket.
  • Lo Pro has a better composition due to its weather-resistant rubber seals.
  • Lo Pro performs better as it offers bolt-free removal and its rubber seals keep the bed dry.
  • Lo Pro offers a legendary life time warranty while that of its competitor is limited to 5 years.
  • Lo Pro costs more due to its better composition and performance.