TruXedo TruXport vs Lo Pro

Both of these are products of TruXedo. TruXport is the soft roll-up truck bed cover if you’re searching for a waterproof, easy-to-use cover at an inexpensive price. While Lo Pro is sleek and hidden, sitting barely 3/4″ above the vehicle bed.

Lo Pro’s tear-resistant, leather-grained vinyl is weather-resistant and comes with aircraft-grade metal bows that can withstand a large snow load.

TruXport cover is constructed of a high-quality, leather-grain black material that is both robust and weather resistant.

It sits 1.5″ above the truck bed, giving it a low-profile look that blends in with your vehicle.

On the other hand, Lo Pro roll-up tonneau cover fits inside the truck bed rails and gives you full access to the stake pocket holes so you may utilize them with other accessories

Side By Side Comparison:


TruXport is equipped with a weather-resistant mix of loop and hook fasteners at the tailgate, Velcro closures, and the largest top rails available in the market, as well as a tension control system (manual).


In adverse weather circumstances, this combination acts as a seal, protecting the cargo from any incursion.

It also keeps the cover securely in place by balancing the material’s expansion and contraction owing to temperature changes.

This cover can protect the items from a hefty snow load even at -20°F. The manual tension control function allows customers to change the cover’s tightness to keep water out.

Lo Pro, on the other hand, has manual tension control, which eliminates the need for consumers to exert any physical effort. To guard against moisture or dust incursion, the lid automatically closes. The cover also works as a seal since it lays flat against the truck bed. It also protects the cargo from moisture intrusion.

Both coverings are meant to keep cargo dry and repel moisture, although the second cover performs a better job than the first one.

This is due to the fact that it fits flat on the top of the truck bed acting as a seal. The TruXport is secured to the bed’s edges by rails. Water can run between the rails since they aren’t completely watertight.

Because of this, it lets a little more moisture in, than the second cover, but both covers will let some moisture in, especially if it’s pouring hard outside while you’re driving.

Durability comparison


TruXport does not use any excessive materials, instead opting on the traditional leather tarp and metal structure. The 1.5-inch-thick metal frame is strong enough to withstand heavy snow and rain.

Furthermore, the tarp is made of leather-grained cloth for further protection and durability.

The material used in the Lo Pro is the same as in the standard one, but it is a more enhanced form; the aircraft-grade anodized aluminium and double coating vinyl material are stronger.

The tear-resistant and UV-ray-resistant tarp cloth efficiently seals the items from the weather.

Anodized aircraft-grade aluminium is one of the best frame materials for guarding fragile items. And the material is strong enough to last a lifetime.

The industrial-grade vinyl fabric used by it is quite robust and it is a little harder and more durable than its counterpart.

Ease of use 

TruXport values customer convenience and created this model with features that ensure incredibly simple operation. The two paddle latches must be opened before users may roll the cover to get access to the bed. There is also a cab buckle to keep the cover in place when folded up.

The predetermined tension prevents any flapping while driving. It is the greatest in function, giving bed protection and up to 10% better gas efficiency thanks to its well-designed aerodynamic design. Initial installation may be performed in as little as 20 minutes.

Lo Pro has automated tension management, which eliminates the need for manual participation, while rolling up the cover. The cover may be folded up in seconds. One thing to keep in mind is that the TruXport lid cannot be completely removed because it is secured in place. on the other hand, its competitor’s lid can be completely removed; thus, drivers who cannot live with those extra spaces and require a fully removable cover must opt for it.

Security Comparison 

On either side of the tailgate, there are 2 paddle locks in TruXport. These latches securely lock the tailgate, once cover is closed. To ensure the cover constrained to the bed rail, the locks are also linked with a preset tension adjustment. The paddle latches may be accessed from sides of the truck’s rear.

Lo Pro features an aluminum single trigger latch which can be triggered with a single finger while preserving security and protection. Furthermore, the four-way sealing mechanism with hook and loops ensures that the cargo is firmly and tightly sealed. The automatic tension control adjusts the cover towards the truck bed automatically. Because of the rear fastening arrangement, the cover can only be moved while the rear is open. This feature also protects the products from theft.

Cost comparison 

TruXport and Lo Pro have distinct pricing points.

While costs vary, the TruXport is roughly two-third the price of second cover, making it the more cost-effective option.

Lo Pro is higher priced due to its ease of use and strong built quality.


  •  In TruXport, quality leather grain fabric is used to keep luggage safe. While lo pro is built with strong quality anodized aluminum.
  • Pre-set tension adjustments are neatly integrated into the dual latching mechanism in TruXport.  While in Lo Pro dual paddle latches on both sides of the vehicle are conveniently accessible, firmly securing the cover.
  • Despite the fact that both versions are from the same manufacturer, they have major distinctions in terms of features, design, and pricing concluding Lo Pro the better option among two.