Truxedo Truxport VS Gator SR1 Tonneau Cover

The Truxedo Truxport is an alluring roll-up truck bed cover with a flush mount look. An unbreakable 1.5 inches body keeps the bed firm and straight. These covers are composed of UV-resistant leather grain black material, which ensures the classy flat face of the truck bed when closed. 

On the other hand, Gator SR1 provides you with excellent stability with its aluminum frame and aids in resisting ripping and tearing.

Its 1.5 inches cover makes sure to satisfy you with its glossy and high-class texture. 

Protection Comparison:

Truxport offers you a Pre-set Tension Control mainly designed to keep the cover rigid and immovable to protect you against unfavorable weather conditions.


Also, the rubber seal installed helps prevent water or dust from entering the truck bed.

Aerodynamics is another trait that makes it worth buying by offering you maximum room for bulk of goods to be placed with no fear of being wet or damp.

Gator SR1
Gator SR1

On the contrary, SR1 assures you by providing an Automatic Tension Control feature that is bound to protect from all the unexpected atmospheric forces that nature has to offer.

Moreover, as long as your truck bed cover is accurately sealed, you will face no seepage or trickling of water.

With SR1, you can get rid of troubles regarding brutal wind chills or snowy days.

This certainly indicates that your stuff will not be bothered with any leakage, and it will remain unharmed.

Both Truck bed covers are relatively same in terms of protection as each of them offers the same Pre-set Tension control option to keep your belongings safe and untouched from the harshest elements of weather.

However, the Truxport is more advanced as it provides an aerodynamics feature to avail to get a large room for your bulky goods without any risk of being wet.

Durability Comparison:


The use of leather grain vinyl in Truxport covers makes it more durable. Its hardtop can hold up to 250 pounds of weight if equally distributed, without expanding the fabric.

The woven fabric on your truck bed cover can get rid of dirt by cleaning it with non-toxic protectant sprays and wiping it off with a clean rag.

UV-protected fabric’s supreme quality ensures not to fade in the scorching heat.

Truxport lasts longer in moderate or controlled climatic conditions. 

Gator SR1
Gator SR1

SR1 also assures you with a durable truck bed cover made up of industrial-grade vinyl that aids in resisting rupturing of fabric.

It can bear 400 pounds of weight at once, making it more accessible for people who usually carry heavy loads.

Cleaners can use harmless protectant sprays to keep truck bed covers clean and tidy.

The anti-slip fabric will not allow the cover to slip off and protect the belongings from extreme weather situations.

SR1 lasts longer if sheltered from the harshest weather elements. Although both covers are durable concerning the quality texture, SR1 is more durable than Truxport because it can support 400 pounds weight without stretching the fabric. 

Ease of Use:

Truxport truck bed covers provide an exceptional way of latching by simply connecting the cover assembly to the rails before clamping them to your truck bed.

When you need to protect your cargo from unwanted elements, you can merely unroll the cover by removing the safety straps and slamming it close to latch it.

Truxport makes sure that it should take less than an hour to complete the installation process.

If you need to use your truck bed thoroughly, simply open the tailgate, and then there are two latches to pull down on either side to roll the cover to the front and secure it with safety straps.

The safety straps ensure you drive confidently. No drilling action or special tools are required to fit the cover, making it possible for anyone to install it without facing trouble. 

Contrarily, SR1 estimates that it should take no more than an hour to complete the installation if instructions are correctly followed.

To install the truck bed cover put the rails in place and connect the cover with the rails.

If you need to use your truck to the fullest, you can feasibly open the tailgate to release the dual latches to roll them up to the front and secure them with stretchable Velcro straps to ensure safety measures.

SR1 provides you with a swifter, no drilling installation process.

It is easy to fit both covers without any need for premium tools or hollowing.

Security Comparison:

The higher safeguard standards of Truxport allow you to keep your goods safe from unwanted hands.

The hook and look closure secure the rail, and the dual latch locks the truck bed cover, which cannot be unlocked until the tailgate is open.

The tailgate lock provides an extra level of security by not giving any opportunity to the bad guys to steal your valuables.

The solid and stiff fabric used by Truxport makes it impossible to tear it with a knife or blade.

These top-class security standards satisfy the buyers who intend to keep their cargo out of the sight of thieves.

Similarly, SR1 also assure excellent security methods for their customers. Nobody can release the latches to open the cover until the tailgate is locked.

The fabric is made of thicker marine-grade vinyl, making it unthinkable to cut it with a cutter.

This lockable truck bed cover fulfills the security demands of buyers trying to keep their cargo hidden. 

Cost comparison:

 Truxport provides you with a durable truck bed cover at a non-negotiable price. Its cost is $309.99 with free shipping.

However, SR1’s price is affordable compared to Truxport, $289 with free shipping.

Both products have approximately the same characteristics, but Truxport is slightly advanced than SR1.  (Please note that price may vary in the future).


  • The Truxport provides an attractive roll-up with a mount top look, while SR1 delivers excellent stability with its unbendable aluminum frame. 
  • SR1 is more durable as it can support 400 pounds, while Truxport can only carry 250 pounds weight at once. 
  • Both truck beds allow you to feasibly attach the rails and then connect the cover without any drilling process and make sure that you install the cover in less than an hour.
  • SR1 and Truxport both provide High-level security to protect your goods from evildoers.
  • Truxport is expensive than SR1 but is advanced in terms of protection. 
  • Moderate climate conditions will be best for these truck bed covers to last longer.