Gator SR1 vs ETX

Both are Gator soft roll-up truck bed covers. Both are equipped with a commercial grade vinyl coating and can be installed without drilling. They grant total or partial bed access but couldn’t be controlled via remote.

SR1 has a lightweight design with a low-profile appearance. Its marine-grade vinyl coating gives it a sleek and glossy outlook.

The automatic tension springs are installed in it which keeps it tight and upright in all weather conditions. Moreover, it usually has greater dimensions and weighs more than its counterpart.

ETX also highlights a low-profile design with a leather-grain vinyl finishing which complements its outlook. Its tension block keeps the cover stretched in every condition.

Like its counterpart, this cover gives you full or partial bed access. It is lighter in weight as compared to its opponent and offers a limited lifetime warranty.

In comparison with ETX, SR1 has a stronger composition due to its aluminum framing. Moreover, it has better weather protection and is easier to install. However, these superiorities result in its higher price.

Side By Side Comparison:

CompositionVinyl Vinyl
Security Tailgate seal  Tailgate seal
Remote PoweringNoNo
FitmentOver the bedOver the bed
Bed Access100%100%
Warranty5-year limitedLife time limited
Price245 – 280$210 – 230$


Both tonneau covers have a roll-up design but there is a slight difference in their installation.

SR1 can be installed as follows:

  1. Firstly, fix the side rails along the ends of the walls of your truck bed.
  2. Fix your cover with the side rails by sliding the header bars of your cover into the block seals given on the side rails.
  3. Fasten the clamps on both side rails.
  4. Install the corner seals on the tail rails on both sides.
  5. Roll the cover towards the tailgate and it will be perfectly locked at the position on the side rails just above the tailgate.

ETX’s installation involves the following steps:

  1. First of all, attach the side rails to the walls of your truck bed.
  2. Fasten the clamps on both side rails.
  3. Attach the tension block on the side rail just behind the rear window at the passenger’s side.
  4. Place the cover over the side rails. The rubber flap of this cover has a couple of bolts which are passed through the oval holes along the side rails.
  5. These bolts are then nut tightened from beneath after adding the washers.
  6.  Then roll the cover towards the tailgate and it will be automatically latched on the tail rails.

SR1 is easier to install as there is no need for fastening nuts to fix your cover with the side rails.

Moreover, you don’t even have to install the tension block as its side rails are provided with automatic tension springs.


Highlighting a low-profile design and roll-up style, SR1 is coated with industrial marine-grade vinyl coating. It is further strengthened by its aluminum frame.

Moreover, its automatic tension spring system gives it a stretched look in all conditions.

It is greater in dimensions in comparison with its competitor.

ETX also captions a roll-up style with a low-profile design.

It is finished with a commercial-grade leather-grain vinyl coating.

A tension block comes within its packaging which is to be installed to give it a stretched appearance.

It is lighter weight as compared to its rival and has smaller dimensions.

Physical PropertiesSR1ETX
Compared Size5’8”5’8”
Dimensions (L x W x H)68” x 8” x 8”68” x 6.38” x 5.75”
Weight (lbs)24.523

The aluminum frame of SR1 promotes its appearance and design.

Moreover, its automatic tension springs also function in giving it a stretched appearance.


The composition of SR1 includes commercial marine-grade vinyl that is resistant to tear.

This tonneau cover is further stabilized by its heavy-duty aluminum frame. Its support crossbars add resistance against snow and ice.

Moreover, weather seals keep the bed dry in all conditions.

ETX undergoes industrial-grade leather-grain vinyl composition which grants it tear resistance.

Aluminum is not included in its composition so it is not as tough as its competitor.

Moreover, it does not have any prominent mechanism against extreme weather conditions.

Material UsedMarine-grade vinylLeather-grain vinyl
Weather SealsYesNo
Aluminum FrameYesNo
Support Cross BarsYesNo

SR1 undergoes a better composition due to its aluminum framing.

Moreover, it is better protected against unusual weather conditions.


Both tonneau covers having a roll-up style are operated identically in the same way.

You have to open the tailgate first and then pull the latch to roll the cover towards the bed cap.

You can have partial or full bed access by securing these covers at any point with the help of provided buckle straps.

They are operated manually and can’t be controlled by a remote.

Moreover, they don’t have rack compatibility so you can’t secure your luggage over their surfaces.

Operating StyleRoll-upRoll-up
Remote poweringNoNo
Partial AccessYesYes
Track Rail System NoNo

Both tonneau covers are equally good in their performance so you can either go with any of the two options.


Both truck bed covers are equally secured and their security is dependent on their tailgate seal.

Opened tailgate gives access to your luggage placed inside the truck bed.

Both covers do not have their security system so they are not suitable in the case of security.


The warranty of truck bed covers defines their durability and reliability.

Gator offers different warranty spans and policies for its tonneau covers.

SR1 has a warranty duration of 5 years whereas ETX offers a limited lifetime warranty. So, you get unlimited time to reclaim ETX.


Both tonneau covers offer an affordable price range.

Their prices do not differ noticeably. SR1 is a bit expensive due to its stronger composition and easy installation.

Its price ranges from 245 to 280 dollars. Whereas its rival’s price is from 210 to 230 dollars. (Please note that price may vary in the future).

Quick Summary

  • Both tonneau covers are the product of Gator.
  • Both have a roll-up operating style.
  • SR1 is easier to install as compared to its peer.
  • SR1 has a stronger composition.
  • SR1 has better weather protection.
  • SR1 weighs more and has greater dimensions.
  • Both covers are equally secured from thieves.
  • ETX has a lifetime warranty whereas its rival’s warranty is limited to 5 years.
  • SR1 is a bit expensive.