TruXedo TruXport vs Access Tonnosport

TruXport is manufactured by TruXedo while Tonnosport is the product of Access. Both are soft roll-up truck bed covers and offer a drill-free setup. Both are manually operated and are fitted over the bed.

TruXport is composed of first-rate leather-grain vinyl. It has cross tubes which enhance its outlook. Its aerodynamic profile and industrial-strength hook and loop lines promote its water resistance. It has dual paddle latches which makes it quite easy to operate. Moreover, it has buckle straps which secure it at any point over the truck bed.

Tonnosport is also composed of heavy-duty vinyl grain and has 0.5 inches tall profile. A silver anodized frame adds to its rigidity. Its water-resistant design includes an element seal which keeps the water out of your truck bed. It offers slide locks as well which enhances its security. Its trigger latch makes it quite easy to use. Like its peer, it also allows total and partial bed access.

In comparison with its rival, Tonnosport is a better selection as it offers a decent design and a stronger creation. Moreover, it performs better and is more secure. Even with all these features, its price is slightly lower than its peer.

Quick Comparison Table

Operating StyleRoll-upRoll-up
Lock TypeTailgateTailgate/Slide locks
Remote PoweringNoNo
FitmentOver the bedOver the bed
Bed Access100%100%
Price310 – 350$282 – 372$


Both covers can be installed within minutes and there is no need for drilling to install them.

TruXport can be installed by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. First of all, attach the bulkhead seal over the bedhead.
  2. At the end of the rails attach the end cap seals.
  3. Place the side rails at the walls of your truck bed and the cover over the bulkhead.
  4. Attach the cover with the side rails by end cap seals already attached to the cover.
  5. Fix the rails by fastening the clamps (three on each rail).
  6. At the tail rail of your cover install the foam seals so that it automatically latches with the rails when shut.  

Whereas, Tonnosport’s setup requires the following steps:

  1. Attach the side rails by fastening the clamps (three on each rail).
  2. Install the tensioners on the header rails of your cover.
  3. Place your cover over the side rails just behind the bulkhead.
  4. Slide the tensioners towards the side rails.
  5. Fix your cover with the rails by nut tightening the tensioners with the rails.
  6. Roll your cover against the cab towards the tailgate where it locks with the side rails with a gentle push.

TruXport is easier to easier install as compared to its opponent as it offers end cap seals which eliminate the need of screwing and bolting to attach it to the rails.


TruXedo mounts at 1.5 inches above your truck bed and gives an aerodynamic-low profile appearance. Its cross tubes enhance its smooth and sleek texture. Its leather-grain vinyl finishing further intensifies its outlook. Moreover, it comes in three sizes and only one color. Its standard size (6’6”) weighs less than its counterpart.

Tonnosport mounts at 0.5 inches above your truck bed giving a more flushed appearance as compared to its peer. Its double-layer polyester finished with vinyl grain coating keeps it flexible in all climates. Its water and dust-proof design enhance its attractiveness all around the year. Moreover, it is available in two sizes and one color. Its standard size (6’8”) is heavier than its peer.

Physical PropertiesTruXportTonnosport
Available Sizes5’8”, 6’6”, 8’6’, 6’8”
Compared Size6’6”6’8”
Available ColoursBlackBlack
Dimensions (L x W x H)78” x 6” x 6”80” x 8.75” x 5.25”
Weight (lbs)2729

The flush-mounted and water-resistant design of Tonosport is more attractive compared to its counterpart. Moreover, its double-layer polyester composition keeps it looking great in all weather conditions.


TruXedo is composed of vinyl tonneau material with leather-grain vinyl tonneau finishing which allows it to withstand intense weather conditions. It is capable of bearing rain/snow load and can’t be torn by arched bows. The credit for its tear resistance goes to industrial-strength Velcro installed in it. Velcro also aids in keeping the cover stretched and tight. Moreover, this cover keeps your cargo safe even in extreme cold as it can easily bear up to -20°F of temperature.

Tonnosport is also composed of vinyl tonneau material with vinyl grain tonneau finishing. Its heavy-duty vinyl grain trap grants it excellent strength to bear intense conditions. A double-layer polyester promotes its UV resistance whereas a silver anodized frame adds to its rigidity. Its header rail has an element seal which boosts its water resistivity. Moreover, it can also bear rain and snow load quite easily.

Materials UsedVinylVinyl
FinishingLeather-grain vinylVinyl grain
Tear ResistanceVelcro
RigidityAnodized Silver frame
UV ResistanceDouble-layer polyester

Tonosport has a much stronger composition as compared to its competitor as it offers an anodized silver frame for extra rigidity and double-layer polyester for resistance against UV radiations. Moreover, its water-resistant design is highly profitable which is absent in its opponent.


Featuring a roll-up operating style, TruXport lacks remote powering and is operated manually. Its tension controlling mechanism is non-adjustable but is convenient in keeping the cover tight and taut. Its dual-paddle latch allows you to roll it from either side of its tail rail. Moreover, its buckle straps can secure it at any point over the rails, allowing full as well as partial bed access.

Tonnosport also features a roll-up operating style and lacks a remote controlling feature. Its adjustable EZ-dial tension controller allows you to adjust its tension on your own. It offers a single-trigger latch at the driver’s side which unlocks the cover from the rails. For water resistance, it offers an element seal on the front of your bed which works with other seals to keep the water out of your truck bed. Moreover, It also offers stake pocket hole access.

Operating StyleRoll-upRoll-up
Remote PoweringNoNo
Tension ControlNon-adjustableAdjustable
Latching SystemDual-paddle latchSingle-trigger latch

Tonnosport with its adjustable EZ-dial tension controlling mechanism and an element seal for water resistance performs better in comparison with its counterpart. Moreover, it also offers stake pocket access which is absent in its peer.


TruXedo is not a good option for security purposes. It does not offer a key lock and its safety is dependent on the tailgate lock. One who can access the tailgate can easily access this cover.

Tonnosport is also deprived of a key lock and its security is dependent on the tailgate seal but its slide locks make it a bit more secure than its competitor. These slide locks are located near the tailgate and function in promoting its security.


Highlighting different brands both tonneau covers offer different warranty policies. However, the warranty duration of both products is expanded to years. TruXport offers a warranty span of 5 years whereas that of its counterpart is limited to 2 years.


Both tonneau covers have a reasonable price. However, Tonnosport offers a wide price range. It is more expensive than its counterpart in some areas whereas cheaper in others. Its price ranges from 282 to 372 dollars. Whereas, its counterpart’s price is from 310 to 350 dollars. However, Tonnosport has a lower average price. The higher average price of TruXport is due to its better rating and well-known manufacturer.

Quick Summary

  • Both products have different manufacturers.
  • Both are roll-up tonneau covers.
  • Tonosport offers a better lower-profile and water-resistant design.
  • It has a stronger composition due to its double-layer polymer and anodized silver frame.
  • It performs better due to its adjustable tension controlling mechanism.
  • It is more secure as it offers slide locks in addition to the tailgate seal.
  • TruXedo is easier to install as it eliminates the need of screwing and bolting.
  • It offers a longer warranty period and is more durable.
  • It’s average price is a bit higher compared to its rival.