Retrax Pro MX vs Pro XR

The Retrax Pro MX is a part of the Premium Aluminum Series covers and is made of industrial-strength aluminum and has a durable matte surface. Its matte coating adds elegance to your truck while also providing excellent resistance to dents, enhancing the appearance of your vehicle for a long time.

On the other hand, the PRO XR has been specifically designed for those truck owners who need an extra cargo hauling system while maintaining the style and elegance of the truck bed. The XR series has the unique benefit of covering your cargo while carrying accessories on top, allowing you to use your cover for longer periods of time. It is also a part of the Premium Aluminum Series and offers the rigidity of the industrial aluminum slats.

Protection comparison

Retrax Pro MX Cover installed
Pro MX

The unique low-profile design of PRO-MX incorporates a cover at the front that is flat against the truck bed, which helps to keep the truck bed dry and secure by providing a solid and reliable seal. The cover seals tightly over the tailgate, reducing the space that not only stops excess water from entering the truck bed but also prevents the cover from trapping dust and dirt. The heavy-duty aluminum slats do a fantastic job keeping the snow, dirt, and dust at bay, but if there is excessive water collected on top, the top layer is designed to flush it out onto the ground via the supplied drain tubes.

Retrax Pro XR on truck
Pro XR

For optimum endurance against the weather, the XR is manufactured with industrial-quality aluminum slats. It also has a powder-coated matte surface that protects against scratches and UV rays. This cover is also equipped with a water management system that channels the water out of the truck bed, via the provided drain tubes. So your truck bed is water-tight and secure. Its automotive weatherstrip comprises a soft lining that allows smooth operation even under the most adverse weather conditions. So, both the covers shield effectively against heavy rain, snow, and extreme weather.


Retrax Pro MX Cover close up
Retrax Pro MX Durability

The black powder coating on the aluminum slats of PRO MX makes it tough enough to bear resistance against dents, scratches, and UV rays. This coating contributes to its sturdiness and reduces the long-term wear of the cover. When evenly distributed on top, the PRO-MX’s strong aluminium slats can support weights of up to 500 lbs. This makes it strong enough to bear damage in unfavorable and accidental conditions. What sets it apart from most other bed covers is that it offers a warranty of lifetime.

Retrax Pro XR on jeep
Pro XR

The XR is made of heavy-duty aluminum slats designed to withstand harsh conditions and can uniformly hold over 500 pounds. A matte black powder coat is used to give a durable finish that protects the metal against dents and scuffs and is exceptionally UV resistant. Retrax has also confidently offered a lifetime warranty for this cover.

Ease of use:

Retrax Pro MX Cover use
Pro MX ease of use

You can easily install the PRO MX in no time, as the installation does not require any drilling. All you have to do is adjust and tighten the clamps at their designated locations. You can effortlessly open the cover and it will slide into the canister. One of its impressive features is that it comprises an anti-canister that prevents the cover from making contact with itself and unrolls smoothly when needed. This cover comes with a sealed ball-bearing roller system that allows smooth gliding back and forth over the rail and comes with a handle that makes it easy to open and close the cover without the need for a pull strap or springs. The PRO MX is key lockable and can be locked anywhere across the rail, so you don’t have to worry about loading large items into your truck. You can simply lock the cover partially or at any desired point, and you’re good to go.

Retrax Pro XR to be installed
Retrax Pro XR to be installed

The PRO XR is quite effortless to install. It has a clamp-on design that can be installed with minimal hand tools by anyone. The best thing about this tonneau cover is that it has the Trax Rail System stranded on it. This system allows you to maximize cargo capacity by using crossbars above the bed while keeping the cover open or closed, giving you the most flexibility in cargo management. However, accessories are not included with the cover; they need to be bought separately. Furthermore, the cover also uses a sealed ball-bearing system that helps it glide back and forth, preventing the cover from binding when being opened or closed. In addition, XR can be key locked at any point along the bed. This enables the use of a fifth wheel, as well as endless hauling flexibility and a variety of other applications. These features make the XR a better option than the MX for those who always need maximum cargo capacity.


The PRO MX is built with double aluminum walls, making it strong enough to withstand any damage or harm without leaving your luggage or truck bed vulnerable to theft. However, the it offers highly advanced security with its key lock system, which works independently of the tailgate for extra protection. You can unlock your cover with the key without having to open your tailgate first. Its strict security keeps your gear and bed content safe and secure against any theft.

Retrax Pro XR close up
Retrax Pro XR close up

The Pro XR is no different when it comes to security. This cover also addresses the concern of security with its air-tight construction and key lock system present on the top. You can unlock the cover by unlatching it first without lowering the tailgate. This lock can also be used to secure the cover in any position that you desire.

Cost comparison

Retrax PRO XR
Retrax PRO XR
RetraxPRO MX Retractable Truck Bed Tonneau Cover
RetraxPRO MX

The Pro MX is slightly cheaper than the XR and its list price starts at $1,899. The PRO XR, on the other hand, is expensive, with a list price of $1,999. However, the price does justice to its impressive features.


  • Both the covers provide firm protection against all kinds of weather with their dependable seals and water-tight systems.
  • Both covers offer a durable construction.
  • Both the covers offer a lifetime guarantee.
  • PRO XR is more convenient to use as it optimizes the cargo capacity.
  • PRO MX is affordable as compared to XR.
  • Both XR and MX provide maximum security.