GatorTrax vs Retrax Pro XR

These covers are a great investment, not for just looks but because of their design. They are aerodynamic and reduces air resistance which in return save you the fuel money. In other words these puppies pay on their own.

Both these covers are made by same USA company (Retrax) but there are still few differences in both of them.

So let’s see what things these covers have to offer…

Starting with their designs:

The Pro in the Retrax Pro XR refers to its all metal cover (but this also comes with the polycarbonate made slats as well – which is not recommended).

The cover is not cheap and it justifies its price a little by providing you with Premium Aluminum Series that offers you with a great deal of rigidity. And it comes with a life time of warranty.

It comes with rails and panels. And both of them are made out of industrial grade extruded aluminum, where its rails have “Trax Railing System”.

These rails are separate from your cover and you can use cross bars on them to put more of your cargo on the cover, and still access the tonneau underneath.

The cover comes with a key lock on top of the cover (driver side) and it has a cover (to protect it from rain).

Opening the cover/unlocking pops up a handle level that you can then use to open up the cover. (But note that its only one sided, so its kind of a “con” as you only have one side where you can open it. However, once its unlocked, you can push the cover from both sides.

The works with the ball bearing method rolling (which are sealed) and you can stop the cover at any partially open position and lock it there.

Overall the cover is made out of stronger material. Its a little more smoother in operation. Has Trax Rails. But is more expensive (but comes with life time warranty where GatorTrax comes with 2 years).

If we talk about similarities between both covers, GatorTrax also comes in 2 styles (but here the polycarbonate one is not durable at all, so its really not recommend). And if you like the matte look (over the glossy one) you can go for Retrax Pro.

Its aluminum panels are strong as well (but overall still lesser). And this cover provides you with smaller canister in comparison (but its only a inch difference).

But note that the point where canister attaches to rail is not durable (but you can make some adjustments there). There is only a single screw holding it in its position.

Other than this there are no railing systems here, but the place where rails go is nicely covered with aluminum sheets.

It also comes with drain tubes, and has a same overall similar working method with the locks/ lever and all.

Protection and Durability Comparison

The GatorTrax offers inner construction consist of H shaped aluminum beams that make these covers tough. (They are place at every 4 inches along the length).

So this cover can carry up to 300 lbs of evenly distributed weight.

On the other side, the Retrax pro is more durable and offers you with 500 lbs capapcity.

Both covers have good finishing material on them which provide you with a great deal of UV resistance and to dings/dents scratches. UV resistance makes sure your cover is not damaged by heat and at the same time keep things/cargo cool underneath you cover.

Speaking of summers, I have a lot of covers, and it gets very hot where I live, so opening the heated/hot covers are very hard (unless you are very gloves). But for these covers, the lever which stays under the lock cover nice and cool, you can easily avoid hurting your hand).

Also both covers come with the drain tubes that remove the collected water on the cover out of your truck.

And since both these covers have reinforced bars underneath, they stay straight and no water gets accumulated in the middle (Mostly covers tend to bow in the middle and makes a water puddle).

Installation/Working/Ease of use:

Both of the covers are similar in installation and have almost a similar installing method as well as operation.

Both of them come in electric models as well and they are almost double the price of these.

Retrax has a rail system that allows you place more cargo so thats a plus for this guy.

Both use sealed abll bearing system but the Retrax feels a bit smoother in opening and closing. But at the same time GatorTrax uses less canister space.

In terms of operation, both offer you with a latching system (above its surface at the rear left corner). And you can adjust your cover at any partial position and lock it there.

What’s the Verdict?

With better durability and construction combined with overall better sealing, the Retrax Pro is a overall better fit. It offers you with 200 lbs more weight bearing capacity and is overall made with more premium material.

But again when you see the price tags of both, GatorTrax does not seem to bad after all.

(Also, again, both covers are part of a same company, ran by same people).