Gator FX vs BAKflip G2 Tonneau Cover

The Gator FX tonneau cover is constructed with aircraft grade aluminum panels with EPS foam that protects against dents and dings. The black powder coating present in this cover not only gives a finishing look but also provides protection against UV light along with a decent look.

The BAKFlip G2 hard folding aluminum cover is well designed with the toughest material to last longer than other average tonneau covers that are available in the market.

It is designed with EPDM rubber trim that helps enhance its life period.

The G2 cover is coated with tough, powder aluminum that enhances and improves its overall strength.

The covers panels provide black scratch and UV ray resistance. G2 also gives you full access to all of your truck bed without removing the cover as it can also fold up to the rear window.

Side By Side Comparison:

Gator fx on white truck
Gator fx

An open pickup truck bed exposes its cargo to moisture, rain, and snow, and damages the contents.

The FX has EPDM seals with hinges that provide great water resistance and also prevent water intrusion.

The windy weather condition can also blow your unsecured items, FX aluminum design panels also help in windy days as they can cover your items and provide protection.

It also protects your cargo from snow conditions as it covers the truck bed.

The black powder aluminum coating finish provides protection against UV so the cover won’t crack or fade with the passage of time.

BAKflip g2
BAKflip g2

The G2 also has EPDM seals that provide water resistance and also prevent water intrusion but in comparison, FX performance in harsh weather conditions is a little better.

The G2 features durable solid panels with aluminum skins that provide great protection against UV rays.

In windy and snow conditions it also provides very good protection to your items as they are sealed from all sides.

Durability Comparison:

The FX tonneau covers are constructed with aircraft grade aluminum with black powder coating that provides great durability and a great decent look with toughness against dent and weather conditions.

Gator fx on my truck
Gator fx

Heavy duty aluminum panels can support 300lbs of evenly distributed weight.

On the other hand, G2 is also constructed with the same technology, aircraft grade aluminum with durable solid panels enhancing its ability against weather related damage.

BAKflip g2 cover
BAKflip g2

The tough aluminum skin and durable panel design protect from UV rays.

The sleek design also boasts mileage potential as the weight is very low.

These solid core and durable panels can support up to 300lbs of evenly distributed weight.

But we you compare both of them, G2 has advantage due to its build quality.

Ease To Use:

Both tonneau covers do not require drilling to install as they both are easy to install, but G2 is easier as all that is needed is to bolt-on clamp it on the truck with a wrench and socket.

The panels automatically latch to the rails when closed, pull the strings to release, as you want to open the cover.

The weight is about 71lbs. It can also be removed with 2 fastening knobs.

On the other hand, FX also doesn’t need drilling in most vehicles as it can be installed simply with heavy duty clamp with a wrench and socket.

Gator fx
Gator fx installation

Just like its competitor G2 can also be removed easily as it needs little effort.

The weight is about 70.9lbs which is somewhat the same as the difference is not that high compared to its competitor and does not put any stress on the vehicle.

Security Comparison:

As everyone wants to protect their stuff from theft and jerks so they need reliable security.

BAKflip g2 cover open
BAKflip g2 with open cover

Both of the tonneau covers work best in concern of security as you expected from any aluminum cover but in the case of G2, durable aluminum folding covers provide greater security giving you confidence while you are away from your truck.

The automatic latching panels system also enables cargo protection effectively when the cover is closed and locked with the tailgate.

On the other hand, FX has the same aluminum folding covers that provide security while you are away from your truck with the cover closed and tailgate locked.

Gator fx on my truck 2
Gator fx ease of use

Also, FX has an automatic slam latching lock system that provides protection to your cargo.

Both of them have “release cable lock” that can operate only when you open the tailgate.

This not only makes your cargo safe from theft but provides extra protection against any other threat.

Cost Comparison:

As one is exploring the market, he/she will find out that the price of G2 is a little higher as compared to FX because of its built-in quality and extra features.


  • Both tonneau covers are constructed with the same aircraft grade aluminum, but the life efficiency of G2 is high.
  • The protection against UV rays is best as FX as it uses black powder for protection while G2 has aluminum powder.
  • Both covers provide full bed excess.
  • In concern with the safety both of the tonneau covers provide the same level of security.
  • Water channeling of FX is a little higher as it utilizes EPDM seals and hinges.
  • Both of them provide great weather resistant but G2 performs a little better.
  • G2 provides 3 year warranty while FX provides 2 year warranty.