Gator FX3 vs UnderCover Armor Flex

Both these tri-folding covers are great at giving you a good deal of security while providing you with total bed access. But which of these is still better? Is the Price of UnderCover Armor Flex is justified here? (Its more expensive).

The Gator FX3 is equipped with heavy-duty aluminum panels with a fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) coating. Its prop rods allow total bed access even while driving. It locks with your truck’s tailgate seal as it lacks a key-latch system.

Armor Flex shows a rugged design with an ultra-low-profile outlook. Its aluminum panels are Line-X matte-black coated for utmost protection. It has a dual-action tailgate seal and slam latches on both sides which adds to its comfort. Moreover, it is dent, scratch and UV protected.

Lets check out their Designs

Both these cover have a low-profile design which will not obstruct the driver’s view. And they both are very easily installed.

The Undercover Armor Flex gives you a great outlook with three ultra-low-profile panels which are Line-X matte-coated. These are industrial-grade aluminum panels gives the cover utmost strength and rigidity. That’s why they are dent, scratch and UV resistant.

And for water drainage, a drain tube is provided which funnels water directly out of your truck bed. Water-resistance is further promoted by its EPDM rubber seals.

Other than this, the cover has slam latches provided on both sides and a dual-action tailgate latch on the rearmost panel.

On the other side, the Gator FX3, also gives you a great look and it also features 3 aluminum panels with polymer coating which give it glossy and matte look at the same time.

Its FRP coating which keeps its surface cool in hot conditions. Its fiber coating also prevents dents and scraps and makes it UV resistant. It is also equipped with EPDM rubber seals and hinges for excellent water resistance. It also has drain tubes which are efficient in directing water out of your truck bed.

Other than this, it features a prop rod and buckle straps for partial and full bed access. Rubber bumpers are installed in it which prevents scraping and rubbing of panels. It also features a pull string and locks with the tailgate seal. Moreover, it weighs only 50 pounds.

If we compare both of them, the Undercover Armor flex can be opened all the way where the Gator FX3 (some variants) just opens up to the 3rd panel. The cover also allows you to open it up with more ease as you can open and close the tail gate without opening the cover (in case of Gator FX3, you have to open the tail gate first).

Protection Comparison:

The Undercover Armor Flex however are more susceptible to scratches compared to Gator FX3 as it blends FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polymer) and aluminum elements to create a tight, water-resistant, and scratch-resistant tonneau cover. (But they also provide you with more water resistance).

But still the Armor Flex comes with a great matte coating (Line X specialty automotive coating) and it protects the cover to a good extent from dents, scuffs, UV rays, and the harshest elements.

The panels are secured with a leak-proof rubber seal and have integrated channels on the side that keep the water out by directing it to the drain tubes and out of the truck bed.

Undercover Armor flex proves to be an effective weather protector and element-resistant due to its special coating, rubber seals, and integrated channels

On the other hand, the Gator FX3 is also good as it has EPDM seals with hinges that protect your cargo from different wet conditions.

It also has the same feature of integrated water drainage tube for water to channel through them. The matte finishing design constructed from fiberglass reinforced polymer plays a great role in protecting against ultraviolet rays, but in comparison, the Armor flex is slightly better here.

Still both of them are comprised of a similar system of water management. The EPDM rubber seals run along the rails and across the hinges. This rubber-like material keeps your gear dry by repelling water with its tight seal. And the supported drain tubes flush the excess water out of the truck bed.

Durability comparison:

The Armor flex comprises sturdy, aluminum side rails, rigid folding panels and easy-to-use latch mechanism. It is available in 3 sizes and weighs about 85 pounds approx (more in comparison) and can bear up to 400 lbs of evenly divided weight (which is also more).

The cover has a standard sleeper style headboard. It also has a drop-in aluminum bed rail system that helps make loading and unloading trucks quick and easy.

This truck bed cover is also lined with impact-resistant composite material, resisting scratches and dents.

And additional to all that, the cover also contains a skid-resistant surface for improved traction when loading or unloading heavy cargo.

Overall, this hard folding cover has a durable, matte-finished aircraft-grade aluminum panel with a patented LINE-X coating to help prevent dents, dings, and scratches for better protection in extreme environments. It will not rust or corrode. And it can easily withstand severe weather conditions. The panels chew up the abuse from the sun and through a hail storm, And has the power to handle the most challenging jobs with its rugged dependability.

The Gator FX3 on the other hand is also very durable, as it’s assembled with two different materials; fiberglass reinforced polymers and aluminum. And both of them provide you with great durability.

Its sleek design of matter glossy finish give you a better protection against scratches and dents, despite being the lighter weight and having less weigh bearing capacity of 300 lbs (100 pounds lighter). offers a limited warranty of only 2 years.

But still the Armor Flex is more durable overall.

Ease of use and Installation

Both cover offer you with easy installation. Without any kind of drilling and they also work great.

The Opening and closing is fairly simply and here you simply unlock the tail gate and once the rearmost panel is unfolded the tailgate can be locked again (in case of Gator FX3). These panels can be piled only from the tailgate side towards the rear window.

For full bed access, the prop rods are provided to hold the piled panels at an angle of 90° just behind the rear window. However, you can safely drive your truck with partially or fully opened panels with the help of buckle straps.

To cover your truck bed again, the panels are folded towards the tailgate. If you want to drive with the partially covered truck bed you can secure the panels with the help of included straps.

Both of them have 3 secure positions. These are closed, partially closed, and completely open.

The panels of the cover can be safely positioned and adjusted according to one’s needs.

Overall being light weight, the Gator FX3 is slightly easier to handle when compared (as its 30 pounds lighter).

So whats the verdict?

Overall, the Undercover Armor Flex is going to take a lot more abuse. It has 3 seals which protects against water, it also lets you open and close the tail gate while its closed.

The single seal makes you open the tail gate first in order to access the bed.. and when its raining for example, you can get your cargo wet.

But given the price, the Gator FX3 is still worth it.