UnderCover Ultra Flex vs Extang Solid Fold 2.0

Tonneau covers are the first accessory requirement for truck owners. And with so many options it can be overwhelming to list down… But we can at least list down out of these 2 bad boys for now.

Here the Extang Solid Fold 2.0 comes with a spacious and classic design that you probably won’t find anywhere else. If you do, contact me here…The cover is known for its smooth, contoured, and bulky appearance. And its simply gives killer looks.

On the other side, the Undercover Ultra Flex give you durable design with strong panels that sit more flush with the truck. They look very sleek and protects the truck a great deal. They don’t give as tough a look compared to other here… but still that’s just my preference.

Let’s see what more these covers have to offer.

Designs of these covers:

When it comes to design, the most important point for Extang Solid Fold is its material/composition. You simply can not miss it.

The black matte finish that comes in a form of textured powder coating looks very appealing.

And the aluminum panels of the cover provide you with polypropylene core and they are 1 inch think, which allow them to be one of the toughest looking covers out there.

The thickness really gives the truck a hardcore look in my opinion. They also match the OE bed caps and looks like the cover came with the truck.

Other than this, it has hard polymer rubber corners, hinge caps and snap on seals. Now let’s check out the other puppy.

So the Undercover Ultra Flex gives a classic design and has a pretty decent built quality. The way this company takes care of tiny things amazes me.

I mean, if you look at the prop rods (that is used to open up the cover all the way), you’ll appreciate the quality. The button on it is simply premium. And the point where they sit inside the truck (when closed) is again premium. There is no other word for it.

Of all the truck covers I’ve had, this is the only one which does not rattle in the back you know….

Other than this, I love the seals on these bad boys… they are pretty thick and really help you out in the rain.

What else, oh yes, lights, it has LED lights that comes pre isntalled. And there is a button too to turn it on/off right with it. Its a nice design feature to have. I mean what does a LED costs? Its a grand we’re talking about here for these covers…

PS. not a big fan of LED light as I need it to be as bright as it can get… and they are just okayish bright.

Other than this, this cover has a fiberglass reinforced polymer on aluminum panels and they give out a semi-gloss top surface which gives a classy look. But the glossy look of this cover is prone to scratches.

One more thing to Note: All covers have side to side flex, but when it comes to Ultra Flex, its lower than its competitor

Protection & Durability:

As far as the protection features of Extang Solid Fold 2.0 again does not disappoint at all.

Its’ firm folding bed combined with ultra tough panels can take up to 500 lbs of weight (and that’s just what the company says, and we all know they tune it down… this cover can take even more weight I think).

Fold 2.0 really simply leaves no stone unturned in protecting your cargo and truck against severe weather conditions and other acts of God.

Extang’s blade-style seals help conserve a weather-resistant barrier between your truck and other external elements.

And it does has some leakage issues despite watertight seals.

On the other hand, the Undercover Ultra Flex’s EPDM rubber seals and a drain tube (which directs water out of your truck bed) really keep things try to a great extent. So yes this cover is more protective of rain.

But its wise still not to put any rain/water sensitive cargo underneath. Because the thing is, no matter what they say, there is no cover that is 100% water proof. There’s always a leakage.

Other than this, you get a durable aluminum panel and same stuff you see in all these tri folds. But yes I do have to admit the layers on this is much more resilient to high-temperature damages, fading and buckling.

Besides that, its panels are carpeted from underneath which creates a cushioning effect and save the tonneau from scratches, chips and cuts.

What else these covers offer?

The Extang Solid Fold does not open all the way, and its also not wise to drive with them, half closed … well don’t go too fast on them (saying from experience)..

On the other hand, the Ultra flex does not need bumpers as this cover stands at 90° when fully folded and does not touch the surface of the cab (but it looks weird TBH).

But I prefer not folding them all the way, as you go blind in the back… but they are still really useful when you load your truck with some heavy stuff… but yes they also protect your truck cab/rear window especially when you are loaded and on an incline. As it literally stops the cargo from hitting you in the back.

Other than this, these covers don’t come with key lock facility but they are secure as they employ dual action tail gate seals.

Hence, you can lock the tonneau in place both with an opened or closed tailgate.

In terms of operation, the Ultra Flex has slam latches and a “pull the string” system. The cover locks may be opened from either side of these cover by simply pulling the latch string and folding the cover. You can fold all these panels and lock them in any position.

In case of the Extang Solid Fold 2.0, it has a self-contained clamp system for rapid installation and removal.

And these clamps can only be accessed by lowering the tailgate, thus creating a firm layer of protection for your belongings.

So What’s the Verdict?

Overall, considering these security features, it fairly easier to conclude the Fold 2.0 is worth considering if one wants design combined with security.

The cover comes fully organized, thus permitting for an easy and convenient set-up.

You just need to secure the associated cab wheel-clamps to your truck bed, unroll the cover to the wagon, and you’re all set to go.

The EZ lock wagon clamps can also be easily pulled down to set in place.

Not to forget, the entire cover can also be easily removed within minutes, if required.

On the other hand, the Ultra Flex would take a bit more time to install but does offer you with more sleek looking design (more flushed).

And it comes with additional features like the LED lights, drain tubes, better seals, and so on… discussed all of them above.

And yes both covers are almost same in terms of price.