Undercover Armor Flex vs Ultra Flex

Both of these hard-folding tonneau covers feature industrial-grade aluminium construction. They are operated manually and can be installed without drilling. Moreover, both allow 100% bed access and signifies a manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years.

Armor Flex shows a rugged design with an ultra-low-profile outlook. Its aluminium panels are Line-X matte-black coated for utmost protection. It includes drain tubes and EPDM rubber seals for maximum waterproofing.

It has a dual-action tailgate seal and slam latches on both sides which adds to its comfort. Moreover, it is dent, scratch and UV protected and can bear up to 400 lbs of evenly divided weight.

Ultra Flex’s carpeted panels grant it a sleek and low-profile design. Its aluminium panels are matte-black powder-coated. It also includes drain tubes and EPDM rubber seals for excellent water drainage.

You can operate it easily from either side with the help of slam latches and a dual-action tailgate seal is also present for safety. It is equipped with a LED rail light which adds to its creativity. Furthermore, it is also dent, corrosion and UV resistant and can bear up to 400 lbs of weight.

Armor Flex, in comparison with Ultra Flex, is a better option when strength and durability are your main focus. However, its peer offers a better outlook but the former provides better resistance against dents, scrapes and UV radiation, which makes it a bit expensive.

Quick Contrasting Table

SpecificationsArmor FlexUltra Flex
Operating StyleFoldingFolding
ConstructionAluminium with Matte-Black FinishAluminium with Matte-Black Finish
Weight Rating400 lbs400 lbs
Latching SystemAutomatic Latching SystemDeadbolt Locking Rails
Remote PoweringNoNo
Bed Access100%100%
ResistanceDent, Scratch and UV ResistantDent, Corrosion and UV Resistant
Price$1060 – $1280$1080 — $1200
Specs table Armor Flex vs Ultra Flex


Armor Flex features a patented outlook with three ultra-low-profile foldable aluminium panels which are Line-X matte-coated, awarding it an illustrious appearance. It is available in three sizes and has equal weight as that of its counterpart. It is provided with a drain tube and EPDM rubber seals. It has slam latches provided on both sides and a dual-action tailgate latch on the rearmost panel.

Ultra Flex has three aluminium carpeted panels topped with matte-black powder which grants it an attractive and aerodynamic outlook. Its compared size offers the same dimensions as that of its peer. It also has water drain tubes and EPDM rubber seals. Slam latches and dual-action tailgate latch are also offered by it. In addition, it is provided with an integrated rail light which allows you to check your truck bed even in the dark.

OutlookArmor FlexUltra Flex
AppearanceUltra Low-ProfileCarpeted Low-Profile
Available Sizes5’7”, 6’7”, 8’1”5’7”, 6’7”, 8’1”
Compared Size6’7”6’7”
Dimensions (L x H x W)82” x 8” x 32”82” x 8” x 32”
Weight (lbs)8484
LED LightNoYes

Both tonneau covers are almost similar in their outlook but Ultra Flex due to its carpeted and comparatively lower-profile appearance with a rail LED light promotes its design.


Armor Flex is comprised of industrial-grade panels made up of aluminium with Line-X matte-black finishing which gives it utmost strength and rigidity. Its panels are dent, scratch and UV resistant and for water drainage, a drain tube is provided which funnels water directly out of your truck bed. Water-resistance is further promoted by its EPDM rubber seals.

Ultra Flex is also equipped with air-craft grade panels of aluminium coated with a durable matte-black powder. Its integrated panels are less likely to have corrosion and are resistant to dent, scratch and UV radiations. For protection against weather, it has EPDM rubber seals and a drain tube which directs water out of your truck bed, keeping your gear dry.

UnderCover Armor Flex
UnderCover Armor Flex
UnderCover Ultra Flex
UnderCover Ultra Flex
CompositionArmor FlexUltra Flex

Both tonneau covers offer a tough aluminium construction but Armor Flex due to its Line-X matte black coating is comparatively rigid and long-lasting.


Armor Flex is a hard tri-folding truck bed cover which gives full as well as partial bed access. Its automatic latching panels spontaneously lock in place at each fold. For full bed access, all three panels can be secured in an upright position with the help of prop rods. Its dual-action tailgate seal efficiently secures your cargo when the tailgate is locked. To unfold the panels, the tailgate is to be opened first. Furthermore, it lacks remote monitoring but can be easily operated as it has slam latches which are to be pulled slightly to unfold the panels.

Ultra Flex also highlights three hard folding panels which can be secured in an upright position with the help of strut rods for 100% bed access. Its deadbolt latching rails allow you to secure your cover at each fold for partial bed access. It also has a dual-action tailgate seal which ensures the safety of your gear when the tailgate is closed. It can’t be monitored via remote but you can easily unfold the panels by pulling the slam latches provided below them.

PerformanceArmor FlexUltra Flex
Operating StyleHard FoldingHard Folding
Latching SystemAutomatic LatchingDeadbolt Latching
Tailgate SealDual-ActionDual-Action
Remote PoweringNoNo

Both of these tonneau covers make no compromise in their performance. They are operated in the same way and are equally good in their action.

Warranty and Pricing

Both tonneau covers designed by the same manufactory offer a 30-day return guarantee. They are almost equally durable and offer a 5-year of manufacturer’s warranty. You have to go through some simple procedures to claim their warranty policies.

Armor Flex lies within a comparatively wider price range of 1060 to 1280 dollars. In some regions, it is cheaper than its rival but its average price always stands higher. The reason for its expensiveness is its stronger composition. Whereas, Ultra Flex’s price ranges from 1080 to 1200 dollars.


Armor Flex:

  • Has a comparatively stronger and long-lasting composition.
  • Offers better resistance against dents, scrapes and UV radiations.

Ultra Flex:

  • Features a more attractive and flusher outlook.
  • Is comparatively cost-friendly.