BAKFlip F1 vs Extang Solid Fold 2.0

Where gas prices are going up, these covers can really help you out. Yes sure, they cost a little, but their aerodynamic design also allows your truck to become less air resisting, so you save a lot of gas money (in the long run). But which of these covers is better for you?

Here the BakFlip F1 provides you with a nice budget pick, and has strong aluminum design which sits flushed and low profiled.

And on the other side, we have the Extang Solid Fold’s new cover, the 2.0, with it’s not so less flushed design having thick panels.

Let’s check out both of these puppies.

Let’s check out their designs:

If we talk about the Solid Fold 2.0, this cover is very unique, especially when compared to other trifolds including the BAKflip F1.

The Extang’s boy feature 1 inch thick panels, which sit almost half an inch above the bed caps (so still somewhat low profiled design but bulkier).

And where these covers are so bulky they sure are really light in weight. In fact they are 20 pounds lighter than the average weight of a Trifold cover.

And that’s because this cover uses plastic and organic compound in its composition.

It has polypropylene core (which is the main compound) and its covered with thermo plastic layers on top and bottom (a sandwich if you will).

Then the top layer is coated making a cool texture on top which also matches the matte black color of OEM bed caps so its seems stock.

The thick panels are then caged/reinforced with aluminum bars.

Or corners there are thick pads and you’ll see hinge caps and snap on seals made out of nylon.

Overall, I’m a fan of the cover’s thickness that gives the cover a heavy look. But since looks are subjective, I can understand why low profile design of Bakflip F1 is liked.

I mean I’ve installed many trifolds on my trucks and they all look good and flushed and shiny… but with Solid Fold here, you really get that unique appearance.

If we talk about the design of BAKflip F1, it offers you with sleek, low profiled low compared to Solid Fold of course, where the cover has mounting rails which rest in the bed caps, and the cover barely sites on them.

It has thin aluminum panels of aircraft grade and they are coated for UV protection so the cover shoes a semi glossy looks.

The coating is of FRP (Fiberglass polymer) which makes a nice diamond shaped pattern texture.

The cover provides you with partial and complete bed access with buckle straps (on 2/3rd position) and the prop rods for the last.

Lets check out both cover’s protection.

Protection & Durability of both:

With it’s thick panels the Extang Solid Fold probably gives the best durability in this price range. The cover has the weight rating of 600 lbs compared to Bakflip F1’s 400 pounds.

The Solid Fold unique composition allows it to withstand all sorts of natural damages.

The polypropylene core provides the cover with great heat resistance. The organic compound has the molecular structure which has a lot of gaps in between, so the heat is not transferred easily.

The cover also provides you with nice weather protection with its multiple lip sealing under its panels.

And its Extang’s blade style seals helps the water resistant barrier.

If we compared both covers in terms of their resistance to water leakage, there’s probably very little difference.

Initially the BAKflip F1 covers would provide you with better efficacy with its EPDM seals and dedicated water channeling system with drain tubes.

But with time, as the hinges go a little loose, both covers would be almost same here.

But the BAKflip F1 does provide you with better UV protection, as it has the same FRP coating like its top of the line model (MX4). The powdered coating not only makes these cover UV resistant (prolonging the covers life), but also helps it again scratches and minor dents.

The coating also does not invite dirt to settle in as well.

Performance/ Working:

Both of these covers come with dual tail gate sealing and automatic latching system.

The Bakflip F1 provides you with the pull string opening method while the Solid Fold provides you with release under the cover (on both sides) and you can rotate to un latch the cover to open it.

Both covers can be secured to 2/3rd position with the help of buckle straps.

BAKflip F1 goes further and allows you complete bed access with propping rods. The cover rests with your cab (with rear D shaped bumpers) and allows you to rest any heavy cargo with it.

The prop rods ensure that the covers don’t fall back down.

In case of Extang’s Solid Fold there are no prop rods to secure them in the last standing position like the Bakflip F1, but if you wish to access your whole bed with this cover, you can simply remove the cover with in 5 minutes literally.

So Whats the verdict?

Both of these covers are a great pick. Their opening closing mechanism is very similar but they sure are very different in terms of looks and durability as well as protection.

The Extang Solid Fold provides you with more durability and UV resistance, the cover is also very lightweight and scratch resistant.

On the other side, the BAKflip F1 is a little bit cheaper, and provides you with sleek, flushed design and greater resistance to water leakage.