BAKFlip MX4 vs Extang Solid Fold 2.0

One of the first things that truck owners think of is the truck bed cover. But which cover to get, with so many options out there? And when it comes to these 2 covers here, is higher price of Bakflip MX4 justified?

In case of American made Bakflip MX4 which comes with 3 years warranty, the cover does an amazing job with its strong panels having matte finish. It’s mechanism is simple and the cover last a long time, (I’ve still got it working for me just fine)…

But I’m simply in love with the bulky cool look that Extang Solid Fold (2.0) adds. Sure, low profile, has its own charm, but this cover sitting 1 inch above, just gives your truck a killer appearance in my opinion.

Let’s check out their designs:

With such a spacious and classic design, the Solid Fold 2.0 is a cover that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

It’s contoured, bulky appearance may make them seem very heavy, but they are actually lightweight in comparison.

(They weigh about 50 lbs compared to BAKflip MX4,s 70 lbs). So that means about 15 lbs per plate and 20 lbs for MX4.

When it comes to design, the most important point for Extang Solid Fold is its material/composition. And you just can’t miss it.

It black matte finish comes from textured powder coating (on its aluminum panels with a polypropylene core). And they match the O-E bed caps and with them all of it looks like it came preinstalled.

Other than this, it has hard polymer rubber corners, hinge caps and snap on seals.

Overall, I’m a fan of the cover’s thickness (1 inch) that gives it a tank(y) look. But I can understand why some like the low profile design of the BAKflip MX4.

I mean Bakflip’s the first one we ever installed on our truck and initially we were great fans of how flush they sit with a clean looking matte design. But now there are so many with the same design. And Extang feature a unique appearance.

But it does not mean that Bakflip is like others here… I still really like their customer service.

I’ve had problem with its cover hinges and I contacted them and they understood it was a manufacturing issue and so they simply sent me the new one, (and asked me to destroy the old one).

Their Working and Installation:

If we talk about the BAKflip MX4, the cover is fairly simple to understand. It opens up all the way. And its opening/closing/working is also very easier to understand (I didn’t have to use any manual to install it).

The cover has a pull release cable underneath each panel (on both sides) and you can use/pull it to open each panel. And it can only be accessed with the tail gate is unlocked.

The cover can be locked at all positions as it has buckle straps to fix them up at its place (although their quality could have improved a bit I feel).

If you open all the way you can use strat bars with prop rods and they will keep the panels open up and you can drive around like that.

For cabin protection, they have D shaped bumpers on them so it wont hurt the truck.

Other than this, there is a tool box at the end.. but you can remove it (like I did) if you want to access the whole bed. But its a nice feature to have I should add.

Side Note: I did miss the LED light that can be pretty useful in the dark. And in my opinion all covers should have it pre-installed. I mean these things go for a grand, they should add these little features too… anyways tool box is still nice to have.

If we talk about the Extang’s Solid Fold 2.0, the truck is easier to install in comparison. In fact, out of all the covers we’ve had, this is by far the easiest to set up.

You just open the box, put the folded cover out on your truck. Roll it out adjust the positions and then adjust the clamps underneath and that’s it.

The cover does not come with the additional EPDM seals and drain tubes like the MX4, so you don’t have to install them.

But this begs the questions. Are these seals a compromise on its protection?

Protection and Durability

The Extang Solid Fold has the lip seal design underneath all its panels. It’s Extang’s blade-style seals help conserve a water/weather-resistant barrier between your truck and other external elements to a good extent.

But still, with the dedicated hinges and seals composed of EPDM rubber, the BAKflip MX4 provides better efficacy here. The cover also has dedicated drain tubes that let’s the accumulated water (in the rails) out of the cover very efficiently.

But still you should keep this in mind, that no cover is 100% waterproof. (If you find any, contact me).

And you should avoid putting any rain/water sensitive cargo in your truck (during rain), no matter what cover you run.

If we talk about their durability…

The MX4 comes with powder coated aluminum panels which provide you the protection against UV rays (sun) and against dents/scrapes and scratches.

These panels are aircraft grade composition and offers enhanced injection-molded bolt housing components that add to their durability. In the case of carrying weight, this cover is slightly less efficient and can carry approximately 400 lbs of weight.

On the other hand, Extang Solid Fold 2.0 is slightly more firm/durable with a weight bearing capacity of 500 lbs (100 lbs more) which is just amazing. And that’s because they are lighter in weight in comparison.

It’s incredible strength is due to its professionally engineered panels that are UV protected as well and can withstand all sorts of natural high pressure/damages.

The cover’s polypropylene core provides great deal of heat and dent resistance protecting your cargo and truck against severe weather conditions and other “acts of God”.

This tonneau cover features Extang’s exclusive, solid polymer rubber corners, Snap-On seals, and hinge caps.

Both covers don’t come with a lock, as facing upward lock can get damaged overtime with rain), and instead the clamps and the cable (in case of MX4) can only be made accessible by lowering the tail gate.

So What’s the verdict?

Extang Solif Fold should be the top choice of truck owners who focus on both the design and durability/security features.

So looks wise, they simply are amazing. And durability wise, they are built like a tank. The cover looks cool with its 1 inch think EnduraSheild Panels (which don’t get too hot in summer). And it’s way easier to install.

On the other hand, the Bakflip MX4 provides you with all sorts of typical features, including coated aluminum rustproof panels that last a long time. And these covers a well known for their sleek low profiled design…

But their selling point to me is their customer service. Its the best.