BakFlip FiberMaX vs Extang Solid Fold

You’ll be amazed to see how much you spend on gas each year. And a tonneau cover can really help you with that, as their aerodynamic design make them fuel efficient. But which of these covers to get?

Here on one side, you have the Extang’s newest update to its cover, the Solid Fold 2.0, which really stands unique from the crowd of trifolds with its one of a kind bulky design.

And on the other side, the famous BAKflip’s FiberMax is also worth looking at, as this cover provides you with a great deal of protection with its “Fiber” coating.

Let’s see what else both of these covers bring to the table.

Let’s check out their designs:

With such a fat construction, the Solid Fold 2.0 really gives out a unique look which is not seen anywhere else.

Its bulkier panels also seem heavier, but they are actually really light in weight (with their box only weighting 50 lbs when fully packed). On average trifolds weigh about 60 lbs.

It’s panels are actually made out of polypropylene core which is layered/sandwiched with 2 top thermo-plastic layers. And together they form 1 inch thick panels (which only sticks half an inch above the bed caps).

The cover is also then layered with a powdered coating which gives it a very nice matte look that matches the OEM bed caps of the truck (in most cases).

On the other hand, if we look at BAKflip FiberMax, the cover sits low profile and also provides you with decent durability.

It features thin aluminum plates (of aircraft grade) and they are also very light in weight (compared to other aluminum panels) and can withstand a lot of abuse.

And yes, it provides you with fiber glass polymer, as its name suggests “Fiber”Max.

Its referred to FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polymer) coating, and this layer provides your truck with extra protection from elements like dirt, moisture and they are no able to penetrate the material, so it lasts longer.

The cover is also equipped with EPDM seals and drain tubes. But note that you may have to install them by drilling, in some trucks.

And where the Extang Solid Fold, is not able to give you a complete bed access, (and for that you have to remove the whole cover), here on Fibermax, you can prop up the panels and use the whole bed for you stuff.

They lean against the rear of your truck with rubber bumpers, protecting the cabin from any heavy cargo that may fall on and damage the truck, by taking the impact instead.

And, although they block the rear view (like all trifolds in that position) they still make sure that they don’t block the 3rd middle brake light.

What about Protection & Durability?

The Bakflip Fibermax offers a good deal of protection. The cover offers you with flush hinges which are placed between the plates/panels and they makes sure that the panels remain straight and don’t bow in the middle (which would make a water puddle instead and would leak).

The cover also offers tough core aluminum panels but they are just okay in the durability department, providing you with just 300 lbs weight bearing capacity (which is almost the lowest, when it comes to trifolds).

On the other side, the Extang Solid Fold provides you with 600 lbs of weight bearing limit. (So no match here).

The Fibermax simply can’t match the composition of Encore’s EnduraShield panels (as they like to call them, and they are not exaggerating), No other cover in trifold category, provides you with greater weight rating then this (in this price range).

But the FiberMax still provides you with good protection against UV, with its FRP coating. So it makes a good heat insulator keeping your cargo underneath cool (in summers). This also prevents corrosion.

Where on the other side, on Extang Solid Fold, you don’t have to worry about corrosion at all as they offer you with hard automotive grade plastic.

Basically the molecular structure of Extang’s polypropylene has a lot of gaps between particles and so heat is no easily transferred from one end to another, making the cover a very good insulator to heat.

Another pro for this composition is better ride quality in terms of noise. The cover really dampens any (rattling) noise from your truck. But it would have been even nicer, if they both had carpeting underneath their panels (as it really helps with noise, and at the same time protects the panels from inside as well, so when you drive with them open, they don’t look as bad).

Other than this, both covers provide you with leakage protection but Fibermax with 2 robust seals combined with 2 draining tubes provide you with better efficacy here.

But note that no cover is total water proof and there’s always some leakage in all these trifolds.

Performance/ Working:

Both of these covers can be installed easily and quickly. But nothing beats the time of Solid Fold.

These covers are literally installed within 5 minutes (and can be removed in the same time).

On the other side, for Fibermax, it can take you up to 50 minutes to get them installed as you have bed rails, panels, clamps, drain tubes… and so on… all to be installed separately.

In terms of working, Solid Fold is fairly simply. Its a pure folding cover without any kind of distractions.

Other than this, both covers have dual action tail gate locks sealing, so you can close your cover despite any position of the tail gate.

And yes, both covers also have automatic latching mechanism and they lock automatically on closing panels. But Solid Fold does provide you with better quality (where latches are nylon coated).

Both covers can also be be locked at 2/3rd partially open position (with the help of buckles/straps and you can safely drive your truck with partially.

And in case of FiberMax, you can also secure the panles in the last position where they are held up with prop rods and they lean against the rear of truck (without blocking the brake lights).

And in Solid Fold 2.0, for complete bed access, you simply remove the cover.

So Whats the verdict?

Both of these covers are a great pick. And although both are trifolds, their looks and operation is surely different.

When compared, the Extang Solid Fold provides you with twice as much durability and almost similar protection against weather.

And FiberMax with its FRP provides you with greater UV resistance.

But for me personally, their best selling point is their customer service.