BakFlip FiberMaX vs Extang Encore

If you are in the market looking for a new cover, both of these are great options when it comes to trifolds and they hold up pretty good in terms of durability and protection.

Here on one side, you have FiberMax, with its Fiber coating protecting the cover to a great extent, but is the cover worth a grand?

On the other hand, we have the Extang Encore, with its unique features and amazing looks. But how do this cover hold up against the BAKflip’s?

Well, let’s find out.

Design Differences:

Although, looks are subjective, I really like thick panels on Encore. They give your truck a very hardcore look.

But I can understand why some like the low profile design of FiberMax.

But with such bulkier design, you probably won’t find any other cover like this one (other than Extang I mean, they also have Extang Solid Fold which looks just like it).

The cover also comes with a matte black top layer and it matches the OEM bed and tail gate caps so the cover looks like its a part of your truck and not something you installed later on.

And with such big panels these covers sure are light in weight. In fact, they are one of the lightest in all other tri folds I’ve reviewed so far (weighing only 60 lbs with a packed box).

And this also further aids the cover in yet another one of its unique feature, which is its installation time. These covers can be installed with in 5 minutes (and can be removed as easily as well).

The best thing about Encore Extang is that these covers really provide with a good accessibility thanks to its unique feature, which allows you to open the cover from both sides.

To open the cover from front side, there is a rotatory lock and key mechanism (on the drivers side). So you simply unlock it and access the cover from the front side.

Where the backside of the cover can only be opened up if you open the tail gate first.

Both covers can be accessed simultaneously as well. And the lock (facing upwards) is properly covered so no water can get in.

The cover is made out of polypropylene core which takes up most of its thickness (where the rest is aluminum and the top coating).

Basically, the cover has inner construction of thick polypropylene material core which is then covered with thermo plastic automotive grade layer. And together they make 1 inch think panels.

So this cover may not be as flushed as the FiberMax but as you’ll see in the durability section below, it does not compromise on durability at all.

Note: These panels are surely a whole inch thick, but only half of it sits above the truck caps.

Other than this, its panels is surrounded with a cage of aluminum frames which adds to its durability further.

These frames are equipped with hinged caps and rubber corners with snap on seals (EPDM) along with multiple leap seals and they all help against harsh weather conditions.

On the other hand, if we look at BAKflip FiberMax, the cover sits low profile and has a overall good quality.

It features thin aluminum plates (of aircraft grade) and they are very light in weight and at the same time can withstand a great deal of scratches and dents.

And yes, it provides you with fiber glass polymer, as its name suggests “Fiber”Max.

Its referred to FRP (fiberglass-reinforced polymer) coating, and this textured surface gives off an elegant look in your truck bed while also providing extra protection against outside elements like dirt or moisture since they cannot easily penetrate this material’s tough skin.

The cover is also equipped with EPDM seals and drain tubes. (That you have to install, probably by drilling).

And where the Extang Encore, is not able to give you a complete bed access, (and for that you have to remove the whole cover), here on Fibermax, you can prop up the panels and use the whole bed for you stuff.

They lean against your cabin and have rubber bumpers. And with it they protect your truck from any damage from heavy cargo by taking the impact instead of your truck.

And, although they block the rear view like all other trifolds, they still don’t block the 3rd brake light.

Protection Comparison – Which Is Better?

Here the Bakflip FiberMax offers you with flush hinges (between each plate), so the panels sit straight and don’t bow in the middle (the covers that do, make a water pool in between in rain).

And it tough core panels provide you with 300 lbs weight bearing capacity, which is the lowest the BAKflip offers in its panels, but if you ask me its not good enough, especially if you consider the price.

The Extang Encore on the other hand, offers you with twice as much weight limit rating, 600 lbs.

So Fibermax can’t match the durability that comes with Encore’s EnduraShield panels.

But the FiberMax still provides you with good resistance against UV, with its FRP coating. So it makes a good heat insulator keeping your cargo underneath cool (in summers). This also prevents corrosion.

Where on the other side, on Extang Encore, you don’t have to worry about corrosion at all as they offer you with hard automotive grade plastic.

The structure of polypropylene has a lot of gaps b/w its molecules and that does not allow heat to get transfered easily. So these covers are also very good insulators.

Another benefit that comes from its composition is the overall ride quality. As it dampens the noise better, so less overall “rattling” is heard, if you carry “noisy” stuff.

However, speaking of ride quality, both of these covers don’t have any cushioning underneath and it’s a great little feature to have (you can check it out in UnderCover Ultra Flex).

Encore also provides you with good water leakage protection, but the cover does not come with drain tubes.

Where on Fibermax the cover has 2 robust seals and a drain tube in between. The top EPDM seals prevents water to leak in, and any water that still leaks in goes to the draining rail and out of the drain tube. The 2nd seal sits between this tube and your bed.

Overall both covers provide you with similar performance here, where FiberMax maybe a little bit better (but this depends on so many factors).

Also no cover is 100% water proof. They are all water “resistant”.

Working of these covers?

Both of these covers can be installed easily and quickly. But nothing beats the time of Encore. I mean they must be in some kind of record of “Fastest Tonneau Cover Installation” or something.

These covers can be installed / removed with in 5 minutes.

On the other side, it takes abut 30 to 40 minutes to get FiberMax installed. It comes with bed rails with draining system and 3 clamp system and of course hard panels and you have to set those all up separately.

In terms of working, Encore has a unique working mechanism where you can open the cover from both sides simultaneously. One side has a key locked style rotatory release and the other side can be accessed through opening the tail gate.

Other than this, both covers have dual action tail gate locks, where you can lock your cover even when the tail gate is open.

And yes, both covers also have automatic latching mechanism and they lock automatically on closing panels.

Both covers can also be be locked at 2/3rd partially open position (with the help of buckles/straps and you can safely drive your truck with partially.

And in case of FiberMax, you can open the whole cover and prop up the panels with the help of struts and rods and lift up the panels vertically without blocking the middle brake light (which most covers do).

And in Encore, For complete bed access, there are no prop rods but, you can easily remove the panels within minutes and use the whole bed that way.

So What’s the Verdict?

Encore highlights a tough and sturdy aluminum construction with a durable matte-black topping. Its surface is further wrapped in EnduraCoat Vinyl layering which promotes its resistance against all conditions.

That’s why these panels are very durable (you can say almost twice as durable and tough compared to FiberMax).

The cover also comes with great accessibility where you can open both sides of the cover (even simultaneously).

FiberMax is also a good option on the other hand, and provides you with good durability/security and protection, but the best selling point of these covers for me is their customer service.

Other than this, out of the two the Extang provides you with better value for you money.