BAKFlip MX4 vs Extang Encore

Tonneau covers bring you the security and protection, sure that’s out there… But do you know, you also spend less money on gas with them? Their aerodynamic design makes your truck less resistant to air (when driving) and so you increase your fuel economy… So these covers pay you back, and with two, you can never go wrong.

Here the BlackFlip, being one of the first company ever to come up with hard folding covers, has its famous MX4, which comes with a strong panles having a matte finish design.

And on the other side, we have Extang Encore, which is also a low profile cover (1-inch thick panel resting over ½” above the bed rail) and gives an overall sleek and flat look.

Lets check out both these..

Design Comparison:

With Extang Encore, like with almost all its covers, here you also see a matte finish that resembles that of the truck. So these covers look like they are part of the trucks (OEM).

Its an inch thick cover, where most of its thickness is from the polypropylene core, which is than covered with thermo-plastic top layer (of automotive grade).

Its panels are also surrounded aluminum frames which feature hinge caps, rubber corners, snap-on seals and, EPDM multiple lip seals for the best weather protection.

Also another unique feature about Encore’s design is that you can open the cover from both sides. Where the backside of the cover can only be opened up if you open the tail gate first. While the rear side has a rotatory lock / key mechanism, and you can open it that way.

(The key has a cover, so as no water can seep through and damage the locks, a traditional reason why mostly covers don’t have locks facing up).

You can also access both simultaneously as well.

But note that these covers can’t be opened up to the last standing position (like the MX4), and if you want to use/access the whole bed, you have to remove the cover.

But that’s the things about this cover, its very quick and easy to install it (especially if we compare it with BAKflip MX4 here). Removing the cover can be done in literally 5 minutes. And it also weighs lighter compared to MX4 as well.

On the other side, the BAKflip MX4 is not as design-oriented but still covers essential categories here.

It features a strong air craft grade aluminum sheets which is layered with the matte finish, giving its panels and semi glossy look.

And its accessories (like hinges and the end caps) are also coated with matte color which really brings up its looks.

Other than this, it also features EPDM seals that get installed on rails, 3 fin seals that are under the cover and a drain tube that you have to install as well.

Each panels has a rubber bumper underneath so you won’t damage the cover while opening the cover in each position, but with time they get damaged and then they further damage the cover.

Opening/closing of the cover is easy and there’s a pull release cable underneath (each panel) when you open the tail gate.

It can be locked at the 3rd position with a buckle strap, or can be opened all the way (strat bar with prop rods) where it has d shaped rubber bumpers at the back protecting the truck.

(Also helps in shifting cargo that can damage your truck).

Note: Extang Encore does not provide prop rods and can’t be opened in the last position in a similar manner.

So with Bakflip MX4, you can have nearly total bed access by folding all three aluminum panels. there is a tool box (but you can still use entire bed),

Both covers provide you with dual-action tailgate seal where you can close the cover, despite the tail gate position. Also both covers come with 3 years warranty.

Protection / Durability:

Durability Wise, the Extang Encore with its 1 inch thick cover is more stronger. Its weight-bearing capacity is up to 600 lbs compare to Bakflip MX4’s 400 lbs.

In terms of protection, the cover can survives tough weather conditions due to its strong fiber-glass reinforced plastic texture.

Its 3 aluminum coated panels have EnduraShield construction as they call it (made out of polypropylene core) and it helps the cover against cuts/dents/dings and so on.

It’s polymer rubber closets and hinge caps combine with snap on seals (blade styled) act as a barrier against extreme weather conditions.

And to prevent accumulation of water on the side rails the drain hoses are installed at the front end, that efficiently evacuates water.

But if we compare it with MX4, its still less efficient against water leakage.

However, note that no cover is completely water proof and there is always some sort of leakage. But still with EPDM rubber pivots and seals and drain tube this cover is able to keep almost 90% of water out, compared to Encore’s 80%.

The MX4 is equipped with a drain tube with one end pierced into the side rail and the other into the wall of the truck bed.

Its side rails channel the upcoming water towards the drainage tubes that then funnels it out of your truck bed easily.

Other than this the cover’s tough aluminum material is more effective in absorbing accidental effects as they are more flexible. And its coating also provides you with more UV resistance but the Extang Encore has overall better scratch proof surface.

Ease of Use

MX4 also offers a drilling-free process (mostly) for its installation and you just have to fix and tight the clamps at different sites.

And its working is fairly simple. To access the bed you simply open the tail gate and then can start piling up the panels as you fold them one after another.

It offers pull strings beneath each panel that are to be pulled to unfold the desirable panel.

All three panels are piled one by one from the tailgate side towards the rear window.

For total bed access, the prop rods are provided which supports your piled bed covers at an angle of 90° just behind the rear window.

Moreover, its dual-action tailgate seal makes it easy to use up to some extent as you can shut your bed cover with opened or closed tailgate.

Also, you don’t have to lift your cover to close the tailgate.

On the other side, the Extang’s Encore is also quite easy to use as it offers only 3 aluminum panels that can be folded from both sides.

Its installation is also drilling-free, you just need to fix the clamps below the side rails in such a way that the mid panel remains unfixed.

It offers self-locking pins which efficiently fix the cover at each fold. It can be easily detached by folding the front and the rear panel over the mid panel.

The mid panel is detachable and can be removed effortlessly.

Moreover, it offers a bolt breakthrough key lock above the front panel and a pin lock at the bottom of the posterior panel.

If you want to uncover the rear panel you have to open the tailgate first, whereas the front panel can be latched or unlatched by using a key lock.

For full bed access, all three panels can be piled together in the middle and can be removed.

So What’s the Verdict?

So, is the Extang Encore being more expensive here justifies its price tag?

Well for some people yes.

For people who want a cover they can remove and install within minutes. And for people who still want durability combined with unique features.

On the other side, BAKflip may have a traditional classic design, but they still provide you with better weather protection overall.