BAKFlip F1 vs Extang Encore

Both these covers are great, simply put. They protect. They are durable. And of course they save you money (as you spend less money on gas). Their aerodynamic design allows your truck to become more fuel efficient. So they pay you back and its always a great investment. Speaking of these two…

On one side, we have the BAKflip F1 which is their top of the line cover providing you with good durability and overall protection. I am personally a big fan of their customer service. It is just exemplary. I’ll talk about it more in a minute.

Here on the other side, we have the Extang Encore, and I love the unique features this cover brings to the table too, besides having great tank killer looks.

Let’s check out both of these boys…

Starting with their Design

The Extang Encore is equipped with an industrial-grade plastic formation which is capable of bearing a lot of pressure. It has matte black finishing to it that awards it a great sleek patented and streamlined look.

Basically, its panel has a inner construction of thick polypropylene core which is then covered with thermo plastic automotive grade layer. And together they get 1 inch thick.

So these covers may not be as flushed as the other cover here but as you’ll see in the durability section below, they do not compromise on durability at all.

Now you must be wondering, if they are heavy… Well that’s the thing, they are not, the complete box comes under 60 lbs (where its almost same for BAKflip F1).

Other than this, its panels are also caged with aluminum frames which are equipped with hinged caps, rubber corners, snap-on seals and, EPDM multiple lip seals (for the best weather protection).

Encore’s design features a very unique construction where you are able to open the cover from both sides. Where the backside of the cover can only be opened up if you open the tail gate first. While the rear side (closer to driver- side) has a rotatory lock / key mechanism, and you can open it that way. You can also access both simultaneously as well.

FYI: The lock is covered properly so no water can get in…this is also a classic reason why mostly tonneau covers don’t have locks facing upwards.

Another unique feature about this cover is how fast they can get removed in order to access the whole panel.

On the other side, on BAKflip F1… you get a cover which also comes in a high end tonneau range.

And this cover is made out of tough aluminum panels with FRP coating so it has that glossy/black finish on it. (FRP is fiber-reinforced polymer and its helps the covers in many ways, I’ll talk about it in protection below).

And like mentioned these are also light weight about 50 to 60 lbs in weight (of the box they come in).

The tonneau comes with drain tubes (that you have to install by drilling), EPDM seals and rails.

And there are cable latches to trigger the opening/closing of covers. And of course there are those buckle straps (for 2nd last position opening of the covers) that you see common with all tri-folds.

Other than this the covers have bumpers so you can rest them on the rear of your truck when opened. And since they rest at an angle there, they don’t cover the 3rd brake light, which is great. Other than this prop rods and strats are also fine and durable and show good quality.

If we talk about the things they should improve (in design)…

The biggest design con for me for this cover is that these absorb water with time. And they start getting heavier and heavier with time, to the point where you can’t even lift the covers with single hand.

And this affects the hinges and the seals.

Durability and Protection:

In terms of protection both covers are good enough.

But the matte black polymer in the BAKflip F1 provides you with better UV resistance. And its layering also ensures that the cover does not fake easily.

It also fight against corrosion and make its panels resistant to dents. Where on the other side, on Extang Encore, you don’t have to worry about corrosion at all as they offer you with hard automotive grade plastic.

The cover also absorbs more bumps again because of their material of polypropylene. They are also less prone to scratches as well.

And speaking of ride quality, there is no underneath cushioning in the Bakflip F1 so they are going to rattle more in comparison.

But in terms of protection against water this cover is better. As it has EPDM rubber seals and a drain tube which directs the accumulated water out of your truck bed.

You can say Extang here keeps almost 80% of the water out while this cover does 85%.

But still a con here for BAKflip F1 is that you have to install the rails and the drain tubes that collect the water and show it the way out. While the Extang offers you a easy drill free install method.

If we talk about toughness. Extang is better, with its 600 lbs weight bearing capacity compared to 400 lbs in BAKflip F1.

Encore highlights a tough and sturdy aluminum construction with a durable matte-black topping. Its surface is further wrapped in EnduraCoat Vinyl layering which promotes its resistance against all conditions.

Performance/ Working:

The BakFlip F1 is equipped with latches that slam shut and “pull the string” opening system.

It’s pull cable locks/latches can be triggered from either side when you open the cover. And you can fold these panels and secure them in positions for partial and full bed accces (with prop rods).

On the last position (when all panels are open and standing) they make a right angle (blocking rear view), these covers have a rubber bumpers. So you can rest your heavy stuff with the opened panels and drive with out hurting your truck.

Note: These covers also don’t cover the 3rd brake light.

But given the fact that these panels go heavy with time. I think the Extang Encore is better in terms of performance.

Encore has a unique working mechanism where you can open the cover from both sides simultaneously. One side has a key locked style rotatory release and the other side can be accessed through opening the tail gate.

For complete bed access, there are no prop rods but, you can easily remove the panels within minutes.

Both of these covers have a dual-action tailgate seal which ensures the safety of your gear when the tailgate is closed.

So Whats the verdict?

Well, both covers are great, and both cost almost the same and provide good protection, sure.

But Extang Encore provide you with more features. It’s lightweight and at the same time more durable and more scratch resisitant

On the other side, the BAKflip F1 provides you with better UV resistance and water drainage system.

But the most important selling point of this cove is their customer service. Its simply great. They respond to you in no time. And if you have any issue, they are going to replace your cover and give you a new one instead.