BAKFlip G2 vs Extang Encore

Both these covers are great, They give you a good deal of protection with their durability. And at the same time, they also pay you back with their aerodynamic design (so you save on fuel money). Speaking of these two…

On one side, we have the BAKflip G2 which is their top of the line cover, provides you with good overall protection and design.

And on other, we have Extang Encore, which is one of the toughest covers out there in the trifolds category.

Let’s check out both of these boys…

Starting with their Design

The BAKFlip G2 is a middle of the road cover by BAK Industries. Where the cover does not feature an exclusive aluminum metal panels and instead the cover is made out of composite material which is covered with “layers” of aluminum alloy (of aircraft grade).

These covers are then coated with matte black finishing which gives it a semi glossy look besides providing with UV resistant layer.

BAKflip was one of the first one to come up with flushed looking hard folding cover, so yes the cover overall, looks great and sits low profiled and flushed. And the overall quality also seems durable enough.

But what really sets this company apart form others is their customer service. It’s much better than others, but still all of them are getting very good lately.

(And I don’t really have any complaints against any of them).

Other than this the BAKFlip cover comes with EPDM seals and drain tubes, automatic latching system and dual action tailgate seal (not applicable to 05-15 Tacoma or 05-16 Ridgeline).

Also you can access the partial and whole of your bed with it.

If we move towards the other one here. The Extang Encore, the cover is simply amazing.

This cover does everything right.

Instead of aluminum, the cover comes with a thermo grade plastic material which is layered on a polypropylene core on each side, making these panels 1 inck in thickness.

But since the cover sits only half inch above the bed caps, it still looks very streamlined, and flushed.

With it’s material the cover is one of the most durable trifolds out there. And where its cover may seem heavier, its also one of the lightest covers out there as well, weighing only under 60 pounds (in a packed box).

(FYI, the G2, also weighs the same but is really less durable comparatively here).

The Encore looks great, it has matching color, so it really matches the OEM bed caps.

Other than this, its panels are also caged with aluminum frames which are equipped with hinged caps, rubber corners, snap-on seals and, EPDM multiple lip seals (for the best weather protection).

One of the most amazing feature this cover provides is giving you the bed access with blocking the rear view mirror of the middle brake light.

It allows you to open the cover from both sides, where the back side, can be accessed by unlocking the tail gate first, and the other (the one near to the driver/cabin side), there is a rotatory lock and key mechanism, and you can unlock it and access the cover that way.

Both sides can also be accessed at the same time.

Also the lock facing upwards is properly covered, so no water or dirt can get in.

Other than this, this cover can still be removed in minutes, 2 minutes literally, and it takes almost the same time to get them installed as well.

Durability and Protection:

In terms of protection both covers are very different.

Where the BAKFlip G2 comes 300 lbs of weight bearing capacity, and the Extang being better, comes with a whopping 600 lbs of weight bearing capacity. So twice as much as the BAKflip G2.

Encore highlights a tough and sturdy aluminum construction with a durable matte-black topping. Its surface is further wrapped in EnduraCoat Vinyl layering which promotes its resistance against all conditions.

Both covers other than this provide you protection against UV rays with their coating. But again with Extang’s Encore its better. Its composition does not allow outside elements to damage the panels and with more gaps between molecules in its composition, the cover also makes a very nice heat insulator.

So in summers things also stay more cooler underneath.

And since this cover does not deal with metal, you don’t have to worry about corrosion. And yes with the thermo grade plastic it is also able to absorb more bumps so the cover gives a overall quieter ride.

However, both cover would provide you with equal protection against water leakage if G2 is not better.

The BAKflip G2 has EPDM rubber sealing and drainage system missing in Encore, so if properly installed, the cover may be better able to provide protection against water leakage.

You can say Extang here keeps almost 80% of the water out while G2 does 85%.

But still a con here for BAKflip G2 is that you have to install the rails and the drain tubes that collect the water and show it the way out. While the Extang offers you a easy drill free install method.

Performance/ Working:

The BakFlip G2 is equipped with latches that slam shut and “pull the string” opening system.

Where the Extang encore provides you with rotatory latches to access the panles.

In case of G2, you can access your whole bed and at the same time can secure these panels to partial access positions.

It has buckle straps (like the Extang Encore) where you can fold the panels and hold them there.

And for full access, you can secure them in a vertical position with prop rods.

On the last position (when all panels are open and standing) they make a right angle and block the rear view.

But G2 still does not cover the 3rd middle brake light.

It has rear bumpers which rest with your truck, so you can rest your heavy stuff with the opened panels and drive around with them with out hurting your truck, as they would be the ones taking any sort of impact.

But the Encore is overall better in the performance area. The cover seems more premium, and also gives you a better accessibility with its unique working mechanism where you can open the cover from both sides simultaneously.

So Whats the verdict?

Both of these covers are very different. But the Extang Encore provides you with almost twice as much durability and better overall protection combined with accessibility thanks to its unique design’s working mechanism.

And if we consider the price, the cover is also not that expensive, given its feature, I mean it’s really worth the value for your money.